Lowell Carhart - 3/2/2017
This is a new Denver show for 2017!  Mid-to-Premium-Level mineral and gem dealers are invited to receive a FREE 10’ x 10’ booth for the first TWO YEARS of the inaugural Fine Mineral & Gem Show at the National Western Complex (NWC for short). The NWC is one of two historic buildings now making up the huge Denver Coliseum Mineral, Fossil, Gem & Jewelry Show. This new show-within-a-show will be located in the airy Hall of the West (but most often called Level 3) of the NWC. Level 3 is one floor above ground level, reached by two passenger elevators and four stairways (there is a third freight elevator, as well). Dealers at this new show will be right in the middle of the action — but one level above it all.

The show dates are Saturday, Sept. 9 to Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017. These six days were selected because the first weekend of the 9-day Coliseum Show is usually the busiest, and we also want dealers to be free to exhibit at The Original Denver Gem & Mineral Show at the Denver Mart if they choose; which runs Friday-Sunday, Sept 15-17, 2017.

This FREE offer is valid only for mid-to-premium dealers who will exclusively offer minerals (includes amber, opals, meteorites and UV specimens), gems, gemstones and related high-value / elegant items in a retail-like environment. Sorry, no jewelry, fossils, or wholesale. (There are other parts of the Coliseum Show for those items) Further, items must be lit with upscale light fixtures (e.g. desk lamps are not acceptable) and be well presented behind glass or other as-appropriate displays. Minimum selling price is $50 per item.

The 400,000 square foot National Western Complex has three floors:

Level 1 into which the Coliseum Show is expanding. It has a ground-level west entrance.
Level 2 which is Jim Gehring’s Denver Expo Gem Show, which has a ground-level east entrance.
Level 3 (aka Hall of the West) is one level up from the ground floor, reached by three elevators and four stairways.

This photo will help you get oriented.

To ensure a successful event from the very first year, we’re making this free booth offer to every qualified mineral dealer in the world. If desired, additional booths for the first year are $250 each and $500 the second year. Capacity is 120 booths. Other dealer costs are for tables ($50 each from us or bring your own), electricity ($150), and showcase rentals from the supplier of your choice (or bring your own).

The Coliseum Show is the largest single show in the USA with more than 5 miles of tables and 400,000 square feet of inside space. There are separate sections inside and outside for fossils, rough, wholesale, jewelry, miner's finds, and now: fine minerals and gems. We expect 45,000 visitors in 2017 and anywhere from 350 to 450 dealers, in modest 10x10 booths all they way up to 3,500 sq. foot tents.

Are you a super high-end dealer? Then you should know that this new show also contains the super high-end Coors Art Room, which is literally a museum space that sports thick high-end carpet, about 150 overhead spotlights, a snazzy built-in receptionist desk / area, and enhanced security. During the National Western Stock Show (every January for the last 100+ years) this is where the rancher millionaires buy art. At approx 4,000 sq. feet, the super high-end Coors Art Room can fit only 10 – 12 dealers, each in 100 sq. foot booths. The rest of the dealers will be on the main sales floor of Level 3. Dealers who choose to be in the Coors Room will pay a $1,000 upgrade fee for the first two years and $2,000 after that.

In the below schematic you can see that Level 3 also has the Centennial Room (a blissfully quiet low-key bar), large rest rooms, three interior airy stairways, one exterior stairway, two passenger elevators, and one freight elevator.

This new show (and the entire Coliseum Show) is supported with 2,000 spaces of free parking, a $150,000 billboard / newspaper / magazine / on-line advertising campaign, and two digital signs on the roof of the NWC, and two more on the adjacent Coliseum. Yes, of course, this new show will be featured in a full page ad in the Mineralogical Record.

We’ll create the booth plan by March 15, 2017 and dealers can select their booth(s) in the order that you reserved by sending an email to Lowell Carhart. We’ll have an official contract for dealers to submit at that time as well. But simply sending an email to LowellCarhart@yahoo.com will save your place in the queue when it comes time to select booths.

The following photos were taken during the January 2017 National Western Stock Show, which gives you a feel for this new show location, except that we expect to have carpet where you see just a concrete floor.

This is the upscale Coors Art Room. The walls are movable / optional upgrade and offer superb privacy for those special deals.

Reserve now if you are a reputable and successful mineral and/or gem dealer!