5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Consider Advertising in the Show's "Official Show Guide"

1. Show attendees are generally your prime target customers who make purchase decisions throughout the year. Increase your chances of

getting their attention by advertising in the Event Program.

2. Drive customers to your booth space! You paid good money to be there... increase your chances of important customers inquiring at your booth.

3. The Event Program is taken home by many attendees and read after the event. Increase the chances of your prime customers contacting you after the day of the event by placing an ad.

4. Just one new customer driven to your booth because of your ad in the Event Program will likely cover the cost of the ad.

5. A tradeshow or expo is highly competitive. Look for every possible way to distinguish yourself from the competition. A well-done ad in the program communicates more to your customers at the show than what they may be able to see by simply walking by your booth.