2019 Vendors (249):

22nd Street Show
A Flair for Fashion
Location: B1
ABZ Gemstone Export
Location: E22
Adamas Gems - Adama Fofana
Location: C32b
Aerolite Meteorites, Inc.
Location: SC - Platinum #2
AF Gems
Location: NW#3, F1
Afghan Gems / Asad Khushhall
Location: D47
Products: Jewelry
African Arts & Minerals, Inc
Location: C1
Products: Minerals
Agates Ocean LLC
Location: A4
Alaska Scrimshaw Connection
Location: E44
Amber America
Location: SC-B4
Products: Baltic Amber
Amber International
Location: B12
Ampac Int.
Location: BB
Ancient Lake Fossil Co.
Location: E27
ANJ Enterprises LLC (Himalaya Unlimited)
Location: AC
Arkenstone, The
Location: SC-C1/C2/C3

Products: Gem Crystals - Natural Interior Decor - Rare Fine Minerals
Art of Decor/Rare Earth Gallery
Location: B25, C27/C28, F26
Products: Buffet Tables - Custom Bathtubs - Custom Chandeliers - Custom Lighting - Custom Slabs - Cylinder Luminaries - Dining Table - End Table - Fountains - Hand Carved Bowls - Hand Carved Fountains - Hand Carved Sculptures - Home Decor - Illuminated Coffee Table - Illuminated Slabs - Onyx Bathtub - Onyx Bowls - Onyx Chandeliers - Onyx Coffee Table - Onyx End Table - Onyx Fountains - Onyx Luminaries - Onyx Sculptures - Onyx Slabs - Onyx Spheres - Onyx Wall Panels - Sofa Tables - Square Luminaries - Wall Art - Wall Decor
Arte Crystals, LLC
Location: North Tent
Artesanias Loyola
Location: D26/E26
Arts Kingdom Jewelry Co., Ltd. / Lucky Gems
Location: AE
Products: Gemstone Globes - Silver Jewelry
Asfaw Kidane Opal & Emerald Gem Stone Export
Location: E15
Auric Enterprises
Location: DF
Avant Mining LLC
Location: SC-C6/C7
Avian Oasis
Location: D20-21/E20-21
Products: Faceted Gemstones - Fresh/Saltwater Pearls - Gemstone Beads
B & R Rock Shop
Location: A14
Bali Silver Jewelry
Location: D7/E7
Beautiful Leaves & Things
Location: E43
Becker Stones
Location: B20/C20/C21
Products: Homedecor Amethyst Specimens - Uruguayan Amethyst - Wholesale Geodes
Bella Boutique
Location: A17
Best Solution
Location: C8
Beve LLP
Location: E24
Bezim Gems Ltd.
Location: SC-B2
Products: Rockhound Equipment
Big Bear
Location: D50
Birds in Stone Carvings by Daniel Venturini
Location: SC-B3
Blue Ridge Gallery of Fine Arts
Location: D17
Bright Star Gemstones
Location: C32a
Products: Designer Cabochons - Gemstone Inlay Knives - Gemstones
Brilliant Gems & Arts Mfg., Co.
Location: F20
Products: Precious Gemstones
Broken Arrow Mining Co.
Location: B15
Bruce Wood Minerals
Location: A10
Butterflies By God
Location: F32
Products: Butterflies Insects Frames - Fossil Bones - Skulls, Skeletons
Candice Rojas
Location: D23
Carneiro's Crystals
Location: SC-D11
Caruso Design
Location: D45-46
Chandan Agate Arts
Location: B9/C9
Products: Agate Manufacturer
Chibukisho Mining & Trading in Gemstones
Location: A33b
Choice Gems Company
Location: SC-D1
Classic Gems
Location: SC-B3
Cleopatra Gems
Location: E35
Creare Collective
Location: SC-B1
Products: Cut Gemstone - Metalwork - Rough Gemstone - Wirework Jewelry
CristalM & Sungaialife Co.
Location: A8
Crystal Minerals
Location: DE
Crystalline Gems & Jewelry
Location: A19
Location: E40
D Ratana Co Ltd
Location: EB
Daniel Kinfe Ethiopian Rough & Cut Opal
Location: C23a
David Meelheim Designs
Location: SC-B6/B7
Products: Fine Jewelry
David R Freeland Designs
Location: B6
Products: Opals
DCI - Spice Mixers
Location: D11
Deen Malik Inc.
Location: D41
Del's Opals
Location: C33a
Dinosaur Brokers, LLC
Location: SC - Platinum #1
Products: Dinosaur Fossils - Dinosaur Skeletons - Fossil & Mineral Adhesives - Fossil Art - Fossils
Dinosaurs & More, LLC
Location: SC - Platinum #1
Dinosaurs of America
Location: F27/F28
Dioum Basket Jewelry
Location: D14
Discovery Gems & Jewellery
Location: SC-B8/B9
Dust Devil Mining Co.
Location: B17
Earth Art Gallery
Location: NW1/NW2, A1
Elegant Designs LLP
Location: DG
Elzouhry (Eqyptian Jewelry)
Location: E14
Emerald Fox Company
Location: SC-B10
Eons Expos
Location: Food Court
EraMineral & Company
Location: F25
Ethio Gems Mineral Export
Location: C30
Location: E50
Products: High Voltage Euphoralite - Red Dragon Euphoralite - Snowball Euphoralite
Ezzaoui Mineral
Location: B31
Faizan Gems Mine
Location: EE/EF
Fashion Accessories International
Location: D34/D35
Products: Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
Felipe Barrera
Location: D6
Fina Minerals EIRL
Location: B10/C10
Fine Gemstones
Location: F4
Fossiles d'Erfoud
Location: A24
Fossilien Galerie Bad Homburg
Location: A2
Location: D19
Four Seasons Rainbow Trading Co. Ltd.
Location: A23
Four Winds Lapidary
Location: C33b
GCP Jewelers
Location: D31/D32, SC-D3
Gearloose Lapidary LLC
Location: AD
Gems & Crystals Unlimited
Location: E31/E32
Gems Mart, LLC
Location: F13
Products: Himalayan Salt Products - Polished Minerals - Rough Minerals - Selenite products
GeoDecor Inc.
Location: SC-A10
Location: FA
Products: Ammonite, dinosaur - Dinosaur Fossils - Fluorite madagascar - Fossils - Madagascar Minerals - Polished Stone Products
Gerard Pope / Full Spectrum
Location: C15
Globe Minerals India
Location: E26
Goldnik, Inc
Location: C8
Gostafe Minerals & Fossils
Location: A25
GSP Pedras do Brasil
Location: C5
Guanzhou Donjiudu Jewelry Co Ltd
Location: E8
Guilin Jindian Minerals Co. Ltd.
Location: D40
Guilin TingYuan Mineral Shop
Location: A6
Hafiz Gemstones & Minerals
Location: EE/EF
Hagar's Fossils & Minerals
Location: F5
Hennycon Company Limited
Location: B22, A12
Hiba Minerals
Location: A18
Himalaya Handmade
Location: A9
Himalayan Gem Jewelry
Location: D10
Houghton Estate Sales
Location: E40
Products: Michigan Native Copper
Howling Moon Traders
Location: B5
Products: Native American Jewelry - Turquoise Jewelry - White Buffalo Jewelry
I Love Rocks.com
Location: SC-A5/A6
Idaho Bling Bling
Location: B11/C11
Ikon Mining & Exploration
Location: SC-C4/C5
Imperial Gems
Location: F21
Products: Bone Sculptures - Wholesale Pearl Gemstone
In The Beginning Fossils
Location: NW3, F1
Products: Dinosaur Fossils - Dinosaur Gembone Jewelry - Petrified Wood
Indian Village Inc
Location: D53
International Fossil Co
Location: F7
International Gems LLC
Location: D49
Jacksonville Gems & Jewelry
Location: A15
Jallow & Brothers
Location: C23b
Products: Mineral Specimens
Jennifer Gems
Location: BE/CE
Products: Beads
JH Stone Galleria
Location: D3
Joryel Vera Collections
Location: SC-D4
Products: Designer Sterling Silver
Juno Design
Location: E53/E54
K2 Gems & Minerals (Pvt) Ltd
Location: E9
Khan Gemstone
Location: EG
King Garnet Ltd
Location: D18
Kleber Stones
Location: F12
Larbi Import
Location: A33a
Lauratas Inc.
Location: E42
Leighton & Sons Minerals
Location: SC-D5
Life Stones Gems & Minerals
Location: B13/C13
Like International
Location: C22
Los Laureles Fire Opals Mexico
Location: E4
Products: Fire Agate Jewelry
Lost Art
Location: F24a
Luxor Imp. Exp. Inc.
Location: SC-A8/A9
Madagascar Galet & Mineraux
Location: D35-36
Madagascar Import SEAM, Inc.
Location: B34-35,C35

Products: Ammonites - Black Septarian - Carnelian - Celestite - Crystal Quartz - Kambaba Jasper - Labradorite - Madagascar Fossils - Madagascar Minerals - Moonstone
Madagascar Specimens
Location: A30
Mahzar America
Location: E22
Malachite & Gems of Africa
Location: C31
Products: Malachite Carvings
Mandala Handicrafts
Location: D12
Products: Nepali Hand Crafted Statues - Tibetan / Nepali Jewellry - Tibetan Singing Bowls
Mariano Gems
Location: A34
Matrix India Minerals
Location: F8
Products: Indian Minerals
Location: SC-D8
Meteorite Show - Morocco
Location: A5
Products: Artifacts - Fossils - Minerals
MIB / CollectGems4You
Location: SC-C10
Mibladen Mineraux
Location: B23/B24
Mimona Selenites & Fossils
Location: F22/F23
Minas Cristais SWX
Location: D5
Minas Minerals
Location: C24
Minerales Alpamayo
Location: D22
Products: Minerals
Location: Not set
Mohammed Fentaw Zegeye Gem Exporter
Location: EA
Momminia Beads & Jewelry
Location: B32
Mondavi Marketing Inc.
Location: E34
Montana Sapphire
Location: D52/E52
Morning Sun Jewelry
Location: F6
Products: Bracelets - Earrings - Pendants - Rings - Tourmaline - White Gold - Yellow Gold
Moroccan Agate & Fossil
Location: E49
Morocco Minerals
Location: A27-28
Mosselin Stones
Location: BC/BD/CC/CD
Natural Expressions, Inc.
Location: E11
Products: Arizona Apache Tears - Crushed/Pulverized Minerals - Pennsylvania Jet Fingers
Naturel Art
Location: E46
Nayab Gems & Minerals
Location: E19
Products: Lapis
Nett Traders
Location: SC-D1
New York Mineral & Fossil
Location: D42
Nichilin Corp.
Location: A13
Noema Gems
Location: SC-D6
Noral Diamond Jewelers
Location: D36
Northeast Gems
Location: D16
Northwest Montana Fossils
Location: F2
Nouhayla Minerals
Location: B27-28
Nutmeg Treasures Antiques
Location: B8
NZ Bismuth
Location: E6
Products: Bismuth Crystals - Blue Lace Agate - Cactus Quartz
Oceanic Linkways, Inc.
Location: North Tent
Products: Pakinstan Onyx
Location: A31
One Of A Kind Designer Cabochons
Location: F10
Products: Canadian Ammolite Gemstones - Custom Cabochons - Wirewrapped Jewelry
Opal Art Australia
Location: E5
Opalos & Obsidian / Arte Limon
Location: D33
Opalos Y Obsidianas Mexicanas
Location: D15
Orca Gems & Opals
Location: D8
Products: Boulder Opals - Nevada Opal - Opal Jewelry
Oregon Sunstone Guide
Location: AD
Ouhaddou Freres
Location: F15
Oura-Decoration & Antiquities
Location: E45
Ouro Preto Gem Stones
Location: F9, DB
Ozzie Boulder Opals
Location: E12
Pacific Minerals
Location: D30
Pak Afghan Gems & Minerals
Location: E17
Pak Afghan Gems & Minerals
Location: E18
PAK Designs Inc.
Location: C6
Products: Custom Gold Jewelry - Estate Jewelry - Fine Rare Gemstones
Paleo Minerals Company
Location: FB
Location: SC - Platinum #1
Products: Fossil & Mineral Adhesives
Pamela's Jewelry
Location: SC-A7
Pangaea Industries, Inc.
Location: F18-19
Products: Madagascar Fossils
Panizza Minerales
Location: B21
Pearl Creation Trading
Location: B29/B30
PG Gemstone, Inc.
Location: B4/C4
Products: Beads
Quality Minerals
Location: E25
R. Stratton Knives
Location: SC - Platinum #1
Rainbow King Solomon Mines
Location: F34
Products: Rough & Cut Opal
Rainbow Rocks & Gems
Location: D3839, E38-39
Rare Earth Mining Co.
Location: C29b

Products: Agate - Agate Drusys - Agate Manufacturer - Agatized Coral - American Minerals - Amethyst - Ammonites - Aquamarine - Astrophyllite - Azurite - Blue Owyhee Jasper - Boulder Opal cabs - Brazilian Gemstones - Bumble Bee Jasper - Cabochons - Carved Onyx - Charoite - Cut Stone Turquoise - Dendritic agate - Designer Cabochons - Dinosaur Bones - Druzy - Druzy Cabochons - Faceted Gemstones - Fine Gemstones - Fine Jewelry - Finished Jewelry - Garnet, Green - Gemstone Cabochons - Imperial Topaz - Jasper - Kingman Turquoise - Labradorite - Larimar - Lightning Ridge Opal - Loose Gemstones - Malachite - Meteorite - Mexican Fire Opal - Ocean Jasper - One of a Kind - Onyx - Opal - Petrified Wood - Quartz - Rainbow Pyrite - Rare Fine Minerals - Seraphinite - Shells - Sugilite - Tourmaline - Transvaal Garnet - Turquoise
Ravenstein Gem Co.
Location: A20
Relics II
Location: C18-19
Rio Grande Pedras
Location: F3
Robbins Jewelry
Location: B2/C2, SC-C11/C12
Rock Art
Location: C17
Products: Cabochons - Faceted Gemstones - Scrimshaw Fossil Ivory
Rock Biz
Location: B3
Location: F35
Products: Agate Slices
Rojas Minerals y Artesanias
Location: E41
Rove Morocco LLC
Location: EA
S & S Gold & Diamond Exchange
Location: B14/C14
Products: Jewelry
Schwartz Fine Minerals
Location: C3, D4
Shafkat Gabitov (Ildar Gavitov)
Location: E16
Sherpa Ko, Inc.
Location: A22
Show Off Lighting
Location: C6
Products: Jewelry Lighting - LED display Light - LED Track Lights - LED Trade Show Lights - Mineral display - Sales and Rentals
Smilodon Resources, LLC
Location: F14
Some Distant World
Location: D1-2
Soul Currents LLC
Location: A29
Sparco International
Location: C25
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Stone By Shelly Birch
Location: E10
Products: Handmade Contemporary Jewelry - Retail Wholesale Jewelry - Silver Copper Jewelry
Stone Styles
Location: D37
Stone Throne LLC
Location: E51/Outside
Products: Custom Mineral Mounting - Custom Stickers/Labels - Display Stands - Display Supplies - Displays - Fossil & Mineral Adhesives - Mineral Display Stands
Suncrystal Mining
Location: B17
Products: Loose Cut Oregon Sunstone - Nevada Turquoise - Oregon Sunstone - Oregon Sunstone Beads & Carvings - Oregon Sunstone Jewelry - Rough Oregon Sunstone
Super Time Int'l, Co.
Location: SC-A3
Products: Cloisonne Beads
Location: D25/E25
Products: Agate Specimens
Tamara Michelle Jewelry
Location: A35
Tibetan Souvenir
Location: A3
Tiger Tiger Beads, Inc.
Location: A36
Products: Antique Ancient Asian Beads
Treasure Chest Mining LLC
Location: DA
Treasure Island Jewelry
Location: D13
Triebold Paleontology, Inc.
Location: F17
Trinity Gem & Minerals
Location: D48
Products: Collection Gem Pieces - Polished Minerals - Rare Minerals
True Frequency Products
Location: E1-2
UKS Quartzo Import Export Ltda
Location: F29-31, E47/E48
UPS Global Freight
Location: Not set
USA Mined Gems and Minerals
Location: C34
Utah Dump Digger
Location: FD, AB
Products: Dinosaur Gembone - Fossil Teeth - Rough Slabe Cabuchons
VitaJuwel USA
Location: D24
Vter Young
Location: SC-D1
Wari Designs
Location: C12
Way Too Cool
Location: A21
West Rock Co
Location: B33
Location: D54
Products: Jewelry
Wild West Rock & Jewelry Co.
Location: F33
Wimax Crystals LLC
Location: F11
Location: SC-D9
World Stones & Art LLC
Location: B18
Location: E3
Location: A32
Your Needs Company
Location: B2/C2
Yowah Opals of Australia
Location: D51
Zambian Gemstone Integrated Trade Association
Location: B19
Products: Crystal