The Gem Show Directory

The Rock, Mineral, Fossil, Jewelry, Bead & Gem Show Directory (formerly the International Gem Show Directory) is the most complete, comprehensive, updated and accurate printed database in the world — a biannual almanac — of shows that sell and exhibit "shiny rock treasures." These shows truly "rock," and they'll probably never die, unlike the demise of many other kinds of trade shows and expos due to the internet takeover of countless marketplaces where we used to attend and buy products. Why? Because folks need to see, touch and bond with their stones before they buy 'em. An internet purchase just won't do! So, 20,000 Directories are distributed annually at hundreds of shows in the U.S. (i.e. Tucson, Denver, Quartzsite and many smaller "club shows") and at a few top shows in Europe and Asia as well (i.e. Munich, Sainte-Marie, Hong Kong and Tokyo) — 10,000 are distributed January through June, then another 10,000 are printed in June with updated show dates and are distributed June through December. If you know of a show that we haven't included in the Directory, let us know. We hope to one day truly become the world's only truly Complete Gem Show Directory.

What's the difference between a "Show" and a "Showcase"?

THE GEM SHOW DIRECTORY Annual Distribution

January - June Edition (10,000 circulation)
Quartzsite Rock & Mineral Showcase (Jan.-Feb.), 1,000 
Tucson Gem & Mineral Showcase (Jan.-Feb.), 7,000
• NY/NJ Gem & Mineral Show, Edison, NJ (April), 600
Denver Spring Gem & Mineral Showcase (April), 200
Franklin, NC, Gem & Mineral Showcase (May), 500
West Coast Gem & Mineral Show, Santa Ana, CA (May), 200
TIMA-Tokyo International Mineral Fair, Japan (June), 500

June - December Edition (10,000 circulation)
Sainte-Marie-aux Mines Mineral & Gem Expo, France (June), 1,600
Franklin, NC, Gem & Mineral Showcase (July), 500
East Coast Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show, West Springfield, MA (Aug.), 300
• Tucson Fall Gem Shows (Sept.), 300
Denver Gem & Mineral Showcase (Sept.), 2,400
The Munich Show, Germany (Oct.), 4,200
West Coast Gem & Mineral Show, Santa Ana, CA (Nov.), 200
Expominer, Barcelona, Spain (Nov.), 500

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