Tucson Show Guides (Feb.)

71000 circulation

Xpo Press publishes four gem show guides that are distributed during and prior to the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase in January and February. These publications have a combined circulation of 71,000, each promoting in full-color the 40 shows, the nearly 4,000 vendors, and, of course, the advertisers in each guide. No other publisher distributing their publications, brochures or literature during the annual Tucson Showcase of Gems, Minerals & Jewelry can boast of this volume of circulation. Even better for advertisers, Xpo Press guides are PICKED UP AND READ during their distribution period — we cannot keep enough of them on the racks! If you're selling your products in Tucson this year, advertising in these Xpo Press guides is your best investment to ensure your success at the gem and mineral world's most important show.


Tucson EZ-Guide (Jan.-Feb.)

After two years (2015 and 2016) of experimenting with publishing two separate Tucson EZ-Guides (one for mineral/fossil shows, the other for jewelry/bead shows), we went back to just one edition in 2017, as we originally had been from 2004 to 2014. Now, the Tucson EZ-Guide is a 35,000 circulation full-color guide that is distributed at all 40 shows in Tucson, on the shuttle routes, and at Tucson International Airport. The guide features articles by writers like Robyn Hawk, Helen Serras-Herman and Lisa Marie Morrison who have been selling and buying in Tucson and journalistically covering the show for many years. Buyers and sellers alike have been enjoying the Tucson EZ-Guide since 2004, as it quickly became Tucson's best, most engaging, easiest to read show guide, and also the most affordable to advertise in.

Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show Program

This is the official guide of the Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show, the largest strictly mineral and fossil show during the annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Showcase in January and February. This 6,000-circulation publication is distributed annually at the three Martin Zinn AMFS locations in Tucson:

• Hotel Tucson City Center at 475 N. Granada
• Mineral & Fossil Marketplace at 1333 N. Oracle Rd.
• Ramada Ltd. Hotel at 666 N. Freeway

Arizona EZ-Guide / Wall Street Journal Insert

Xpo Press publishes a 52-page gem show guide for TWO 10,000-piece insertions in the Tucson and Phoenix editions of the Wall Street Journal, on the fourth Saturday in December and third Saturday in January. This insert promotes both the Tucson and Quartzsite rock, gem and mineral shows taking place in Arizona in January and February, and provides great exposure for advertisers to a high-income demographic that is statistically reported to make luxury item investments — such as jewelry, mineral specimens or unusual home decor items.

International Gem Show Directory (formerly International Gem Show EZ-Guide)

The International Gem Show Directory is the most complete, comprehensive, updated and accurate "printed database" — a binannual almanac — of gem, mineral, rock, fossil, jewelry and bead shows in the world. 20,000 directories — 10,000 distributed January through June, and another 10,000 June through December — are distributed at the largest and most important gem and mineral shows in the world, shows that attract the world's best sellers and buyers of gemstones, minerals and fossils. Distribution of the Directory begins each January with 1,000 distributed at the Quartzsite Rock & Mineral Showcase and into February with 7,000 distributed all the top shows in Tucson. 

Distribution of the Gem Show Directory continues for the following 10 months at the most important gem and mineral shows in the world. 

January - June Edition (10,000 circulation)
Quartzsite Showcase (Jan.-Feb.), 1,000 
Tucson Showcase (Jan.-Feb.), 7,000
• NY/NJ Show (April), 300
Hong Kong Mineral Fair, China (April), 500
Franklin, N.C., Showcase (May), 500
West Coast Show, Santa Ana, Calif. (May), 200
TIMA, Tokyo, Japan (June), 500

June - December Edition (10,000 circulation)
Sainte-Marie-aux Mines, France (June), 1,600
Franklin, N.C., Showcase (July), 500
East Coast Show, West Springfield, Mass. (Aug.), 300
• Tucson Fall Gem Shows (Sept.), 300
Denver Showcase (Sept.), 2,400
The Munich Show, Germany (Oct.), 4,200
West Coast Show, Santa Ana, Calif. (Nov.), 200
Expominer, Barcelona, Spain (Nov.), 500