Miles Martin, Miles of Alaska - 8/17/2021

“Is the Tucson Showcase a 'go' for this upcoming season in 2022?” As one of the Ice Age fossil dealers at the Days Inn Fossil & Mineral Alley show, I am getting asked this question often by my customers and fellow venders. 

“Absolutely!” I add. “I attended the 2021 show, even though it was way late in April! Those of us who attended did well.” No one got sick, it was all safe, and much took place outdoors. Many of us set a lot our goods out on the sidewalk and parking lot. There were not a lot of out-of-state customers, and fewer from overseas, but those who arrived were serious sellers and buyers. Stores around the country were able to personally select inventory for their shops. Money is getting spent, a majority want to get away and at the same time feel safe. I’m hearing the whole situation should be even better this 2022 season! 

Fellow venders are telling me they have product and will be set up in Tucson in January or February 2022 with new materials they have had to stockpile. Most with whom I speak have been vaccinated. Most fossil hunters live rural and somewhat isolated lives away from others. Fossils are generally not found in crowded areas. Most have personalities of enjoying being alone, out with nature. Most are healthy and health conscious. J.T. from dives alone, the meteorite guys were off on remote digs. The few shows they have attended this year were low in attendance, but good money was made anyway. Word is that the shows have not been a source of COVID issues. Show managers have been concerned and involved in prevention to the extent that all the Tucson  shows have been safe so far. The routine might be different for our protection. I missed the communal breakfast banquet, vendor discussions around the pool at our show. There are fewer organized big group meetings. But enough inventory trades and time for knowledge exchange between individuals.

Those venders who could not make a late April show last year tell me they are eager to be here in 2022, ready to make deals. Airline tickets are good deals now. I already have appointments with both wholesale vendors and my regular customers. I myself even need two rooms this year. I have a 400-pound mammoth skull with matching tusk. I have 300 pounds of fossil ivory for knife makers and display, 50 custom knives, 275 new hand made necklaces. My Alaska fossil friends say they have a lot of mammoth teeth this year. I expect to trade for a lot of shark teeth, and the meteorite people have a dozen nice slices to deliver to me, as well as the fossil fish guy. The amber people have material with bugs. It’s late summer and I am already gearing up for Tucson 2022.  This should be a good year to attend the show! See you there. I’m at Days Inn on I-10 and St Mary’s, Room 127!