Link your website, one of the most important assets of your business, from Xpo Press's website by purchasing and posting your banner ad on the Xpo Press web pages of your choice. There are over 10,000 pages on which you may place your banner ad, combining for nearly one million annual pageviews. This site is visited annually by over 400,000 viewers, making it the most visited site in the world by audiences who want updated and accurate gem show and vendor information. 

Banner Ad Sizes & Web-Ready Specifications

If you’re creating your online banner ad it must be created at 72 dpi static .gif or .jpg files. Though a few animated banner ads are posted on this sit (files in Adobe Flash or files with rotating frames) we do not recommend them. Static banners, we believe, are more likely to be clicked through. All files must be RGB, not CMYK. Three banner ad sizes are offered:

Banner Ad Sizes


430 pixels x 90 pixels = 5.972" w x 1.25" t 

180 pixels x 180 pixels = 2.5" w x 2.5" t 

180 pixels x 90 pixels = 2.5" w x 1.5" t

Send questions about ad design or your web-ready ad(s) to Lee Ann.

Banner Ad Rates

Rates vary depending on what size ad you select and on what web pages you place your ad. Rates are determined by the number of Annual Pageviews a web page receives. Rates are for 12 months, in other words, your ad is placed on the web page for one year for the rate you pay. Each web page has a limited number of banner ads that may be placed on the page, for instance, only four banner ads are permitted to be posted at the tops of each page.

Up to 50% off is awarded in discounts. Email Brad for questions about sales. Go to ad rate calculator to see what discounts you qualify for.

Email Brad for questions about banner ad sales.