Tucson Show Criteria

Xpo Press Qualifications & Criteria To Be Published as a "Tucson Show"

1) A "show" must have at least four dealers, vendors or exhibitors, two of which are not subsidiaries, dba's, or trademarks of the owner or president of the company promoting said "show." These dealers/vendors/exhibitors must sell gems, minerals, fossils or beads in the form of specimens, rough, unfaceted or strands, for the purpose of furnishing buyers, retailers and artisans with product, supplies and inventory for their store, craft or personal collection.

2) A "show" cannot sell the same merchandise year-round in what they claim to be their "show" venue. Companies selling exclusively their own merchandise during Tucson show dates — the same merchandise that is sold in the same facility year-round — are not considered by Xpo Press to be shows, but stores. 

A "show" must be in compliance with both points 1 and 2 to be considered for inclusion in Xpo Press's complimentary show lists and pages in its EZ-Guides or on its website.