Brad Hicks, Xpo Press Owner - 8/25/2021

The rumor of our demise has been widely exaggerated. Xpo Press is fully alive and well after several months of having to “close shop” due to the Covid shutdown of gem and mineral shows and, consequently, the stoppage of income to us from advertisers after it was announced that the Tucson Showcase was rescheduled for April 2021.


It was a fact, however — though this has now changed — that we were not going to publish or distribute printed EZ-Guides any longer and only provide advertising on our website and our Tucson Gem Show mobile app. But so many of our advertisers, since we reopened Xpo Press for business in May, have greatly encouraged us to keep publishing EZ-Guides, as they didn’t want to be forced to advertise in other printed guides during the shows. So, in early August, we decided that Xpo Press, along with our effective online and mobile app advertising offerings, will continue to print and distribute — and offer advertising in — EZ-Guides for the Tucson Showcase in January-February 2022 and for the Denver Showcase in September 2022. We will publish an EZ-Guide for both showcases each year thereafter, God willing and barring pandemic or political interferences.


In April 2021, I filed for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, and my debts were discharged in July. I owed a few advertisers money that they prepaid in 2020 for 2021 advertising, and though those debts were discharged, I have been contacting each advertiser offering them compensation in advertising to satisfy the debt. If you are one of those advertisers and we haven’t spoken yet, please contact me.


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Let me know if you’d like to advertise your company, the products you sell, and your presence at a show. Xpo Press has a wide variety of advertising options in our EZ-Guides, on our website, and on our Tucson Gem Show mobile app.


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