We do a lot of custom work at SilviaFindings. I mean, A LOT. All of it is gorgeous and impeccably made to exacting specifications. To put it bluntly though, not all of it is very artistically exciting (there are only so many solitaire rings you can look at before you say: "Ya OK, I've seen that a one a billion times before"). One of the most fun challenges of doing custom work is that every once in a while, someone has a design concept that's so far out there that we're not even sure if it's possible.

Meet our customer Chrissy (who we've since nicknamed "the Marquesse" because of this ring). Chrissy had a design swirling around in her mind that she just HAD to see realized. So, with a little (ok, a LOT) of back-and-forth with pencil drawings and pictures of other rings with similar design elements, we came up with this design of a ring that I can guarantee is a unique showstopper that turns heads. This one features settings for 12 stones! To me, the best part of this ring is that Chrissy wears a size 5!! The juxtaposition of such a HUGE ring on such a delicately small finger certainly adds to the brash design that keeps you looking for all the stones that are in it.

This is one of those special projects that really pushed the boundaries of jewelry casting. I may be biased, but I was never in doubt of the quality of our custom work. After this ring, I'm also never now in doubt of our ability to meet the needs of even the most outré designs.

It's AFFORDABLE and it's ONE UNIQUE design. We beat any price!

The following short video explains our custom-made jewelry production process.