Marti Sondgeroth - 1/13/2022
Plans are in the works for Yakima Rock & Mineral Club's 2022 rock show — the 59th Annual Parade of Gems — April 22-24. The theme this year is "A Blast From the Past: 40+ Years After Mount St. Helens Blew” as we remember, celebrate, and reflect on this spectacular phenomena that occurred in our region in 1980. Featured displays will include memorabilia collected by members as well as others who have a desire to share what they witnessed. You will be amazed at the artwork and presentation of former local residents as well as those people who have remained in the Yakima area. Our region was greatly impacted by the blast of ash and darkness that was experienced during the first few days of the eruption as well as the impact that it had on our local agriculture base and its effects throughout the state and around the world.

The show will be held at the Central Washington State Fairgrounds, Modern Living Building, 1301 S Fair Ave, Yakima, Wash. We are in need of volunteers. (We'll train ya!) It takes a lot of helping hands to put on a rock show as good as ours. We have some dealers already signed up. Advertising is in the works and committees are being formed. We need lots of help. Please call for 509-910-3484 for further information or updates.

Due to the Covid-19 virus, we have not been able to meet or have a show for a few years. We are now beginning to have meetings while following CDC recommendations. The show committees and (I hope) you all are looking forward to our annual show. We realize the world is now experiencing a new normal (whatever that is), and hopefully we will be in a position to have our show. Plans are being made in a positive way, hoping for the best results for all.