Brad Hicks, Xpo Press Owner & Publisher - 1/18/2022
With just eleven days remaining until the official opening of the 2022 Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase, here's an update of show closings and new shows that are premiering in Tucson in 2022.

A few shows have cancelled their 2022 Tucson dates — Best Bead Show, Grant Gem & Jewelry Show, and Whole Bead Show. And shows that were open in 2020 but didn't show last year (the 2021 Covid year) that are also not showing this year are Executive Inn Mineral & Fossil Show, JCK Tucson, SRGJ Show, Sonoran Glass Art Show, Tucson's Hidden Gem Show, and the Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show. AMFS is permanently closed, and the others we just haven't heard from, but their websites (if they have one) do not mention that they're doing a show in 2022.

As of today, this leaves 42 Tucson shows that are still open for the 2022 Tucson Showcase. New shows premiering in 2022 are two RMGM Mineral & Fossil Shows — one on Oracle Road, the other at La Quinta Inn Reid ParkThe Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery at 465 W. St. Mary's Rd., and Enter The Earth Wholesale Warehouse Show, 4620 S. Country Club Rd. One other show that Xpo Press has added to our official Tucson Showcase list, though they've had a venue in Tucson for a few years, is the La Fuente de Piedras Show that includes an impressive group of fine mineral dealers.

Like everyone, I'm hoping the best for the 2022 Tucson Showcase, praying that all the shows stay open and that many thousands will flock to Tucson for what we at Xpo Press have dubbed The Greatest Shows Unearthed!

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