Chris W. - 3/18/2022

Every attendee and vendor in the Gem Show world knows how tough these last couple of years have been. We’ve waited a long time to get back together with our friends and take in all of those wonderful sights, smells, and sounds that you can only experience at a gem show. The collective excitement in the air of rockhounds buzzing from vendor to vendor like bees on a mission for nectar, searching for a special specimen that is sure to become that golden drop of honey, that sweetest of rewards for years of searching. There’s nothing quite like it!

It’s day 3 of the Spring 2022 edition of the Red Deer Rock N’ Gem Show, and those elated feelings are definitely in the air. Who wouldn’t be excited for 50,000 square feet of gem show! This is the biggest Rock N’ Gem Show that Silver Cove has ever produced in their 17 years of building events. It’s an amazing feat considering that co-owners Chris & Melissa Robak started the company with an initial investment of under $1000 as a tiny traveling farmer’s market stall (toting kids in the back seat in and amongst their wares and all!). 

The show is open through Sunday this weekend, and there is a little something for everyone to enjoy. Even if you just stop by to browse, it’s so nice to be back together again doing what we love… chatting about rocks, gems, and minerals with other rockhounds just like us!

Red Deer Rock N’ Gem Show

March 16-20, 2022

Exhibition Hall, Westerner Park

4847A 19 St

Red Deer, AB

for details visit

Not a local to Red Deer and Area? Silver Cove has you covered with their events that travel across Canada, bringing you the best variety of products and vendors in the Canadian gem & mineral industry. To see where the show is stopping next visit