Here are the kinds of things that await you in our AhhhMuse Gem Shows (Denver in Sept; Tucson in Jan & Feb; Franklin in May; our hometown shop AahhhMaze! In Silver City, by appointment any time!, along with most Saturdays!!!)~

·         Boji ®- We are one of two distributors in the world who always have Boji as soon as they are hand-harvested (and ritually paired and beloved, from Kansas).  Because we listen to the Stones and particularly adore the beautifully CONSTANT balancing and grounding of Boji, the Boji folks love us to share them.  It’s a mutual wonderfulness that we always share. (Boji are amazingly, naturally healing.).

·         ARIELITE™- YIPPPEEE!!!  We are utterly blessed to be the distributor of this meteorite necklace where even the teeniest piece displays (under a microscope) perfect eyes and pyramids and sacred geometries.  Each necklace comes with a listening directly from the heart of Arielite to you.

·         Shungite- This is Stone that supports humans to be strong in the face of any negativity, including toxins, EMF’s, someone else’s bad day, etc., etc.  We have lots of experience with it, happily.

·         Lemurian Quartz-We have stocked them since  ’05 when we went down to the new mine in Brazil and had an incredible vision.  We trust that Lemurian Seed Crystals are connecting humans to the purity of the Earth in the ways we NEED to survive and thrive now.

·         Lightning-Struck Quartz- When in Brazil, we blessedly connected with a family there that knows the types of Stones that speak to our hearts.  They make sure we have all types of LS which overflow with the energy BOOSTS and pure inspiration we need and rightfully crave.

·         “Stones Alive!” Books, Vibrational Jewelry, Wands, Stonessences”-  The Stones asked us to write reference books where we directly shared their messages, ways and Stonecombination recipes, because they WANT  that wisdom to truly support almost-too-rapidly-transforming humans.  The books offer you their hearts; they directly speak to your needs.  The Jewelry/Wands/Essences are the Stonecombination recipes they give us—that we make by hand ourselves—to immediately help you heal whatever you truly choose.

·         Unique, Vibrationally Powerful Stone Specimens- Whatever Crystals ask to come to us are the ones that we share, gratefully.  As it turns out, they are all unique, and profoundly potent Stonebeings that transform your life as you wish.  BONUS!  When you get Stones from us that are not already in our “Stones Alive!” books, give us your email address and we WILL email you the listening from the heart and soul of that Stone.  Happily.  There is nothing like hearing from them directly~

·         Deva’s Gift Quartz Singing Bowls-  We listened to the Quartz Deva who gave us the design for a hand-held bowl that we have been producing—just as she designed it, since the early 1990’s.  You can get them coated with gold, platinum, or both!  BONUS!  Each bowl comes with a Heartsong that we have heard from the heart of that Quartz and its loving service to you~ 

·         Balinese Sacred Art/Deity Statues/Oils/Incense/Herbs etc- We love that Balinese artists and healers imbue their crafts with pure Spirit.  How could we NOT bring them to you?  We know, it’s a LOT bringing life-size Buddhas and Kwan Yins to a Gem Show room, but then we consider our Gem Show room to actually be a temple where every exchange must be utterly blessed for you~

·         Elemental Water Structuring Units- Maybe NOTHING is better than structured water, because we are 70% water, so the finest, vibrational water available  transforms everything in us dramatically.  Each Unit is made with Stonebeings of your choice (up to 3 different Stones/Unit) and yep, a listening from that Stonecombination can be emailed to you.

·         AhhhMuse-Made Herbal Products & Lifenhancers- Our Spirits insist that we fuel ourselves with the purest food/water/herbs/thoughts possible, so we make our own herbal products (face masques, soaps, Mouth Mud, SuperHero candles!) and LIfenhancers, which are locally, respectfully-sewn organic and/or sustainable fabric wearables with pure Lithium clay or Shungite powder inside.

·         Beaded Jewelry and Malas-We found a kind, local artisan who makes the finest stretch bracelets we have ever enjoyed.

·         Hang Drums-  Why NOT?  These hand-made, pounded metal percussion instruments can be played by anybody with hands, intuition and a little practice-right-on-the-spot.  HUZZAH!

·         The Rituals of Manifestation Deck & Guidebook-  These card decks (or phone app) come with the Stone Totem pictures and the 52 qualities that you can learn to embody, consciously, to manifest life as you truly choose, versus repeating old default manifestations that no longer suit you!

·         Yeh Ming Zhu- Yep, these are controversial because some of them are man-made.  The ones that we stock are natural Stones /Carvings that contain alchemical Rare Earth Elements that cause these Stones to both transmit and absorb light.  Since WE (humans) are mostly composed of light, interacting with YMZ spontaneously, exponentially transforms you.  We like to say, “It kicks our butts evolutionarily!”  We love it and it just CAME to us out of nowhere………..


Yep, it’s a lot, but it’s just a preview!!!  Check out our lives year-round:  www.AhhhMuse.com  Revel in the specialty items photos that show off the magic:  www.AhhhMuseStonesAlive.com


Can’t come to the Shows? Check out the web sites.  Feel the rich abundance and then call or email us.  There’s way TOO MUCH available (and we have nothing but options!) to keep it all appropriately contained on web sites, so talk with us, contact us.  We will customize our services and products to fit exactly what you need, to make sure you get what really works for you. We get to do that and we are honored by it!!! 


Once you get Crystals and Goodies from us, stay in touch.  We are here to help you utilize them as richly and as magically as you choose.


And if you want to see us IN PERSON, outside of the Shows, watch our travel schedule on www.AhhhMuse.com  We go all around the world teaching the exact, Evolutionary workshops and offering the precise unique readings and trunk sales that our Spirits lovingly guide us to bring to your doorstep.  Now you have no excuses!!!  Join us~


So many blessings,

Marilyn, Tohmas, Bridgette, Jessa and Lisa

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