Tomasz Praszkier - 9/25/2017
The special exhibitions of Crystal Days 2018 in Luban.

There will be 6 different exhibitions to visit during the 2018 Crystal Days in Luban (short descriptions below). The exhibitions will be presented at the Regional Museum in the Luban City Hall and the historic Bracka Tower and will include a few thousands of unique specimens from Polish and foreign collectors from Austria, Germany, USA and Italy.

”Gold Fever” - The exhibition of gold specimens from the private collections from the USA and Poland.

Gold is a precious metal – ore that has been searched and desired for centuries. It has had an important impact on the culture and history on numerous societies worldwide. In spite of its unique appearance, gold in its dispersed form is not very rare but large concentrations occur rarely. Gold crystals that are visible to the naked eye and even large sizes are especially unique. The vast majority of macroscopic gold found in nature is formed as secondary concentrations with rounded shapes known as nuggets. They are usually found in the river deposits. The crystalline gold specimens, primary aggregates of gold crystals that occur in the host rocks are rarer and much more valued by collectors and museums. The Crystal Days’ special exhibition, Gold Fever, will be devoted to showcase the well developed rare gold crystals that are found only in few places on Earth. One of the native gold matrix specimens is from Nevada (USA), about 30cm in size, is estimated value over one million US dollars. It will be the biggest specimen of crystalline native gold that has ever been displayed in Poland! The other specimens, even though smaller, will also be of the highest quality. The visitors will see impressive nuggets from the USA as well as gold crystals from the alluvial deposits of the Lower Silesia. These specimens are from the collections of Scott Werschky (USA) and several domestic collectors.

”Agates of the World” - The best agate specimens from the collection of Dietrich Mayer (Germany)

Dietrich Mayer has been collecting agates for most of his life and created one of the best and most famous collections of agates in the world. His collection consists of thousands of specimens and has been shown in numerous books and publications including a 2000 pages album! At the 2018 Crystal Days, Dietrich Mayer will present over 100 best, most spectacular and colorful agates from his collection. It will be the first time such a large exhibition of Dietrich Mayer’s excellent pieces and a great viewing opportunity for agate collectors.

”Flying Jewels – Minerals and Insects” - Exhibition from the collection of Piotr and Wieslaw Stróz

”The flying jewels” will be a spectacular and very colorful exhibition showing the incredible resemblance of colors, patterns and textures that occur in the world of nature shown with an example of mineralogical specimens and insects (mainly butterflies). At this exhibition, there will be 60 species of minerals with a striking resemblance to meticulously chosen insects. All the specmens are from the fusion of two Stróz brothers’ collections – Piotr who collects minerals and Wieslaw who collects insects. This exhibition shows the amazing coincidence exisiting in the nature which shows the spectacular colors and patterns that exist in ”natural art”.

”Agates and Prasiolites from the Katzbach Mountains”
- Exhibition from the collection of Slawomir Bladek

Slawomir Bladek is a known agate collector from Luban – the home of 2018 Crystal Days. He has been collection minerals for 40 years, and focusing on agates for 30 years. He has gathered an enormous collection, and will present about 300 best specimens from surrounding areas such as Plóczki Górne, Bystrzyca and other localities of the Katzbach Mountains. Many of the pieces have been found and polished by Slawomir Bladek himself.

The Competition Exhibitions

Over 20 exhibition showcases from private collectors will take part in the competition for the best exhibition of Crystal Days 2018.
During the 2018 Crystal Days, a competition for the best exhibition from private collectors will take place. The private collectors will display their showcases with their selected minerals under a chosen exhibition theme. The international jury will then evaluate the quality of specimens as well as their visual arrangements and the contents. For the public participation, visitors will vote for their favorite showcases and the collectors will receive audience awards and also valuable prizes. There will be abundant of specimens of gemstones, agates and rare minerals displayed in this exhibition from Poland as well as abroad.

Minerals of the West Sudetes - Exhibition by the Regional Museum in Luban

This exhibition, showing the mineralogical abundance of the West Sudetes including the region of Luban, will be presented in Bracka Tower. There will be over 500 mineral specimens in display in 18 cabinets with quartz, calcite, fluorite as well as agates and unique Fe quartz specimens from the region of Jelenia Góra, and recently discovered high quality calcites from a basalt quarry in Lesna near Luban. This exhibition will be prepared by the Regional Museum in Luban and will become the museum’s permanent collection.