Robyn Hawk - 11/21/2016
Earlier this year, Krystle Dorris was selected "Ms. Colorado, United States 2016." Fans of "Prospectors" on The Weather Channel know why I refer to Krystle as "our own." She's the daughter of Joe Dorris and Susan Dorris, owners of Pinnacle 5 Minerals, and Joe is a regular on "Prospectors." Krystle often accompanies her father and brother, Tim, into major dig sites and is no stranger to getting down and dirty on their claim.

Via Krystle's Facebook page: "So thankful I was able to purchase four turkeys for our troops and welcome the 4th ID home. God Bless America!!! One of the greatest experiences was meeting some wonderful Vietnam Vets! Such amazing men who sacrificed so much. Also, thank you to the Mrs. Colorado America system for supporting our troops. Spending time with these beautiful women was perfect and I always love when pageant systems can come together for the greater good of their community."