Robyn Hawk - 9/29/2017
So the whirlwind of Denver is took almost as long to get home as it took for 12 shows to run throughout the city of Denver!

VENDORS - if you want to make it easier for show attendees to find you - claim your page on our website.  There are several reasons to do this; 1. your clients can find you online; 2. your info will be immediately uploaded to our Vendor Database; and 3. your page will tell your customers every show you will be at on your page.

SHOW PROMOTERS - SAME THING - you and your vendors will be visible to those who made it to the show AND those who didn't.

How do you find your page?  EASY!

Go to your showcase page

Find your show in the list

Find your name on the vendor list

You will see a page that looks like claim it now and follow the directions.