Lowell Carhart - 11/15/2017
Introducing the new upscale SHOWCASE tent at the Tucson 22nd Street Mineral, Fossil, Gem & Jewelry Show. This new venue will be sited immediately south of the familiar 750-foot long Main Tent, but the SHOWCASE tent will be a higher-end experience for buyers and sellers. It will feature wall-to-wall carpeting, full climate-control, larger booths, custom lighting, modular walls and a spacious lobby with an Aerolite + Dinosaur Brokers special exhibit. The intent is to create a space with heightened elegance in a quieter, less-rushed environment.  This is the perfect new home for mineral, gem, jewelry and fossil dealers who offer better material and wish to be part of Tucson's most-attended show. The SHOWCASE debuts in 2018 with just (28) 12' x 20' booths and will expand every year until it reaches 300. Free entry and open to the public.

Dealers! The booth fee in the SHOWCASE is the same low cost as in the Main Tent (on a square foot basis) which is by far the lowest cost of all climate-controlled shows in Tucson. As of this writing booths are still available for the heavily advertised 2018 debut. This 18-day show includes all three critical weekends of the Tucson event so you can maximize your sales. Each carpeted 12' x 20' booth is delineated with pipe & drape. The modular hard walls and concert lighting are optional upgrades that add elegance and comfort.  Website: www.22ndStreet.Show or email Heather@EonsExpos.com