What Qualifies as a Gem Show

Does Your Show Qualify To Be Listed on This Website?
1. The event cannot be a local business or company that sells or buys gem, jewelry and lapidary products year-round, and calls itself a “show” during Showcase dates — like in Denver or Tucson when multiple shows set up in town at the same time — or when the local business is having a special sale or hosting a guest exhibitor or speaker.
2. The event must have a minimum of four registered vendors who are unaffiliated with the event promoter. In other words, these vendors cannot be separate entities — DBA’s, LLC’s, corporations, etc. — of the same company. The vendors must have their own booth or area of the event facility where they are exclusively selling their products only during the event (not perpetually in the same facility year-round) and not merely displaying or exhibiting their products without selling them.
If your show meets these qualifications, and you’d like to be included on Xpo Press’s gem show calendar, please E-mail Us with this info about your show, and we’ll create a profile page for your show and list it in the calendar.
  • Name of Show
  • Name of Show Venue
  • Address of Show Venue
  • Date of Show
  • Promoter’s Name, Email, and Phone #
  • Show Website
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