2021 Vendors (68):

Big Gem Show, The
AAA Minerals Int.
Location: tbd
Adelaide Mining Co., The
Location: n/a
Products: Adelaide Mine Crocite - Crocoite Australia - Mixed Mineral Specimens
Location: room 223
All Minerals
Location: 123
Alvaro Lucio Minerals
Location: room 116 and room 117
Andrey's Spectrolite LTD
Location: tbd
Australian Minerals & Fossils
Location: Room 320
Products: Azurite - azurite suns
Barrios Amethysts LLC
Location: grass lot 2 (20x80)
Products: Agate - Amethyst - Jasper
Carlos Menezes Minerais
Location: 122
Chinese American Art Craft
Location: 232
Products: Chinese American Art Carvings
Cristal Sources
Location: 120
Crystar Gem Minerals China
Location: room 310
Del Sur Agates
Location: 421
Products: Agate
Ejaz Enterprises - The Miners
Location: lobby southwest corner
Enrico Rinaldi Minerals
Location: 120
Exotic Minerals
Location: tbd
Farber Minerals - Gunnar Farber
Location: room 265 and room 266
Feldman Custom Knives / Bullshot LLC
Location: ballroom 8x15
Fine Art Minerals
Location: room 168
Gem Connection, Inc.
Location: room 156 and room 157
Products: Precious Gemstones
Geofil - LDA
Location: room 146
Geometa Ltda - Brazil
Location: tbd
Globe Minerals India
Location: tbd
Gold Bugs Trilobites
Location: tbd
Products: Museum Quality Minerals - Pyritized Trilobites - Trilobites
Gold Nugget Exports
Location: Lobby office
Green River Stone Company
Location: lobby southwest corner
Products: Fish Fossil Art - Fossil Interior Design - Museum Quality Fossils
Gruta Minerals
Location: ballroom southwest corner
Horst Burkard Minerals
Location: room 176
Huan Qiu Crystal Mineral Museum
Location: tbd
Inside Passage Arts
Location: ballroom
Products: Gem Stone Carvings - Native American Silver - Native Crafts
Japheth Boyce Fossils
Location: tbd
Products: Ammonite Fossils & Specimens - Jurassic Dinosaur Fossils - Mammal Fossils
Jeanne's Rock Shop
Location: mission/pershing room
Products: Collection Display Supplies - Display Stands - Display Supplies - Fluorescent Minerals - Mineral Display Stands - Plastic Bags
Jewel Tunnel Imports
Location: gold ballroom

Products: Amazonite - Amethyst - Blue Calcite - Carnelian - Fossils - Labradorite - Obsidian - Pyrite - Smoky Quartz
John E. Garsow Gems & Minerals
Location: tbd
Products: Cabbing Rough - Faceted Stones - Faceting Rough
Jungle Buyer, The
Location: 165

Products: Gold Crystals - Rough Diamonds
La Concha
Location: room 152
La Memoire de la Terre
Location: 307
Products: Pallasites - Rare Meteorites - Roman Coins
Lindgren Fossils LLC
Location: Ballroom
Products: Fossil Fish Murals - Fossil Specimens - Green River Fossils
Little Big Stone
Location: room 304
Products: Madagascar Minerals - Star Rose Quartz - Tourmaline Slices
LowCountry Geologic
Location: tbd

Products: Agatized Coral - Ammonites - Dinosaurs - Fish - Fossil Leaves - Fossil Shark Teeth - Insects - Marine Mammals - Megalodon Shark Teeth - Shells - Stone Carvings - Trilobites
Malachite & Gems of Africa
Location: room 311
Products: Malachite Carvings
Mayan Amber
Location: Ballroom
McCarthy’s Fossils
Location: room 212
McNeil’s Minerals
Location: tbd
Location: 167
Meteorite Collection
Location: tbd
Mineral Club of Chamonix
Location: 250
Mineral Decor USA
Location: 172
Mineraux Redouane
Location: 102
Mountain Mark Trading
Location: Ballroom
Moussa Minerals & Fossils
Location: 134

Products: Agate - Ammonite pairs - Bulk Fossils - Crinoids - Devonian Fossils - Druzy - Fluorite - Fossil Shark Teeth - Fossils - Fossils by kg - Fossils for Jewelry - Fulgurite - Lapis - LED mini microscope - Libyan Desert Glass - Meteorite - Minerals - Moroccan Fossils - Moroccan Minerals - Moroccan Trilobites - Museum Grade Fossils - Nephrite Jade - Orthoceras - Quartz - Quartz geode pairs - Selenite - Selenite products - Septarian Nodules - Shark Teeth - Stone giftware - Trilobites - Vanadinite
Nature's Altar
Location: ballroom (shawns booth)
Nooristan Crystals
Location: 125
Nord Fossil Inc.
Location: tbd
Onyx & Antler Gallery
Location: Ballroom
Pak Afghan Gems & Minerals
Location: room 228
Rare Stone
Location: tbd
Location: Tent
Products: Agate Slabs - Citrine Specimens - Rose Amethyst
Russian Stones
Location: room 185
Products: Ammonites Polished Rough - Russian Canadian Ammonites
Southern Minerals Inc.
Location: room 174 and room 175
Stone Art Studios
Location: concrete pad courtyard (10x10)
Products: Geodecor Sculpture - Hand Carved Sculptures - Mineral Sculpture
Top Shelf Minerals
Location: Ballroom
Valenzuela’s Minerals
Location: tbd
Vasconcelos - Brazil
Location: 138
Vasconcelos - Multigemas
Location: middle east wall
Products: Brazilian Quartz Crystals - Elestial Quartz - Tourmaline
Woodland Minerals
Location: tbd
World of Fine Minerals
Location: tbd
Yi Jing Mineral Jewelry Shop
Location: tbd