2019 Vendors (273):

JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show
Location: S9
Abbey's Treasures Inc
Location: W618
Abduaziz Mohamed Yousuf
Location: E307
Absolute Jewelry Mfg.
Location: W715, W717
Products: Sterling Inlay Jewelry
AF Design Group NY
Location: BR W2
AF Silver Design LLC
Location: Tent Outside G1
Products: Custom Made Jewelry
Aldemir e Polina Minerals
Location: T G7
Al-Zuni Global Jewelry
Location: BR W4
Products: American Indian Jewelry
AM Jewelry
Location: N920
Amber 999 -UAB Devyni Gintarai
Location: W210
Amber Alex / UAB Alekso Gintaras
Location: BR W201
Amber Apple Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.
Location: W410
Amber Art / Unique & Company
Location: W103
Amber by Baco
Location: W407
Amber Dreams
Location: W203, W205
Products: Amber Jewelry
Amber Elegance
Location: W208
Amber Light Inc.
Location: W409
Amber Seaside
Location: BR W26
Amber Spring-Robert Stroyk
Location: N1022
Amber-Kewa / PSC Dorota Wasilewska
Location: W311, W212
Location: W308, W310, W312
Products: Baltic Amber
Amulete Gems Inc.
Location: E604-05
Amy Simon Corporation
Location: W8
Products: 18 Kt. Diamonds
Anna King Jewelry
Location: W721
Products: Hand Painted Stone Jewelry
A-One Stones (HK) Limited
Location: W706
Products: Iolite
Location: W307
Arihant Gems
Location: E508
Aristiya Silver Bali
Location: W510, W512
ARNAVA Gemstone Jewelry
Location: S303, S305, S307
Art Africa
Location: Tent outside G10
Art Deco
Location: W408
Artesanias Urin Huanca SA
Location: N917
Arthur Gem & Jewellery Co.
Location: S209-S108 Ballroom
Products: Gemstones
Ascade International
Location: W616
Asi Abir Diamonds
Location: W13
Astrabrands LV
Location: N3
Balaam Design LLC.
Location: N916
Bali Designs, Inc.
Location: N1015-N1018, N1020
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Balinesia Jeronini, LLC
Location: W522
BB Zaveri Inc.
Location: W424, W426, W523, W525
Beads Creation, Inc.
Location: BR S509-S515, S508-S514
Products: Beads - Findings
Beads Resources Corp
Location: BR W1
Bella Boutique
Location: N723
Bennett Imports
Location: S401, S403, S405, S407
Best In Gems, Inc.
Location: S5-6
Products: Colombian Emeralds
Best Solution
Location: N2
Beyond The Rocks
Location: Tent outside T109
BH Group Gem Co., Ltd
Location: S200
Bijou Amani
Location: N808, N809
Products: Designer Jewelry - Gold Vermeil Jewelry - High Quality Slabs
Black Pearl Gallery
Location: N715
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Blake Brothers International
Location: Ballroom N1
Blue Gems Supplier
Location: W810, W812, Tent outside T112
Blue Star Gems (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Location: W7
BMG NY, Inc.
Location: W10
BnB Crafts Inc, The
Location: N514, N516, N518, N520
Boys Silver, The
Location: N11
Products: Silver Jewelry
Brilliant Design
Location: W11
Products: Fine Gems Jewelry
Buddha & Beads - BDShows
Location: BR E19
Buffalo Turquoise
Location: N921
Chaney's Turquoise Direct
Location: N10
Chanour Jewelry
Location: N620
Charles Albert, Inc.
Location: N15
Charlie's Leather
Location: N703
Chimney Butte Gallery
Location: S207
Chinese American Art Craft
Location: E7-8
Products: Chinese American Art Carvings
Classic Jewelers
Location: W14
Corporation Angelli
Location: N721
Dara Jane Jewellery
Location: N822
Dazzling Jewelers
Location: S101-S103
DC, Inc.
Location: W5
Desert Fire Designs
Location: W718
Designer Gem Stone
Location: Tent outside T100
Designs By Alex Simkin
Location: N20
Products: Smoky Quartz
Devano Silver
Location: N14
Dineh Native Arts
Location: N807
Diva Jewels
Location: N17, E501
Don Yaz Creations
Location: Table #10
Drg Kuyumculuk San Ve Dis Tic LTD STI
Location: W619, W621
Products: Silver Jewelry
Eldorado Sapphire Company
Location: E411

Products: Loose Cut Sapphires - Rough Gems - Wholesale Sapphire Gemstones
EMV Trading
Location: N616, N618
Enchanted Imports
Location: N7-8
EnjoyaBowls LLC
Location: FC
Location: W304
Location: TBA
F.Xaverius Silver
Location: W218, W220
Fashion Jewelry LA
Location: N709, N711
Products: Designer Jewelry
Findings & Beads LLC
Location: N2005
Fine Cut Lapidary
Location: S203
Fine Global Arts
Location: S306
First American Traders
Location: W623-626
Fivestar Jewelry Inc.
Location: S16
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Forever Silvers Inc.
Location: BR E15
Forever Young
Location: N219, N221
Gaja - Silver & Jewelry
Location: W507
Gemini Gems
Location: S17
Gems Art Studio
Location: W415
Geni Gems
Location: E9
Genuine Gems & Jewellery
Location: E511
Gielo s.c
Location: W309
Location: BR N5
Products: 24 Kt. Gold Trimmed Leaves
Golden Highway Jewelry
Location: S308, S310
Products: Italian Gold
Good Medicine Shop, The
Location: E210
Guanghou Yoqoot Pamir Consulting Ltd.
Location: E602
Gupta Impex
Location: W1
Hans Koser
Location: Tent outside T114
Hasti Gems
Location: E401
Location: N612
Hezekiah Pool
Location: N216, N218, N220, N222
Himalayan Zen Cashmere
Location: N2006-07
Hong Factory
Location: S4
Hunarmand Bukhara Jewels
Location: TBA
IB Gems Co., Ltd.
Location: W12
Products: Rubies
In Style Trading
Location: W223-226
Products: Septarian Nodules - Sterling Silver Jewelry
Indarti Silver
Location: W509
Products: Designer Jewelry
India Gourmet
Location: FC
Indian Touch of Gallup
Location: W723-726
Inner Circle Gem, Ltd.
Location: E406, E408
Intogems Pty Ltd.
Location: E510
Iris Auva LLC
Location: E409
Isva Stones
Location: E2A
Location: N706, N708
Janice Evert Opals
Location: N710, N712
Products: Austrailan Opal - Australian Crocodile Leather - Kangaroo Leather Products
Jeff Gems Company Limited
Location: TBA
Jewelry Making Classes
Location: Soth Hall Registration S106
Jewelry Sky Diamond LLC
Location: W222
Location: S1, S2, S100-106
Products: Soldering & Bench Tools
Jewelum India Pvt. Ltd
Location: BR W6
Location: W524, W526
Products: Sea Shell Jewelry
John Kessler
Location: Tent outside T103
Joryel Vera Collections
Location: N16
Products: Designer Sterling Silver
Location: W404, W503
Products: Amber Jewelry
Judy Brandon Jewelry
Location: S304
JVW Enterprises, LLC
Location: TBA
Products: Pearls
Location: BR S5
Kameyab Imports, Inc.
Location: BR W5
Products: Lapis - Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
Karma Bijuteri
Location: N622
Kidus Gemstones PLC
Location: E407
Kielwin S.p. z.o.o
Location: W209
Kings Beads Inc.
Location: BR N3
KKA Company
Location: TBA
KTM Crafts
Location: N603, N605
Kybele Sterling
Location: W617
Products: Handmade Oxidized Sterling Jewelry
Lanna Silver CM Co., LTD
Location: S10
Larimar Gem Shop
Location: Tent outside T116
Leo Silver
Location: W506
Lucoral & Luperal Corporation
Location: S18
Machu Picchu Jewelry Co.
Location: N816, N818
Location: E228, E230
Majestic Eyewear
Location: N717
Majul & Co
Location: W720, W722
Manihar Int'l Co., Ltd.
Location: N19
Products: Precious Gemstones
Meng Pov Gems & Jewelry
Location: E306
Mexico 925
Location: W4
Mibladen Mineraux
Location: Tent Outside
Michael Gems Co.
Location: S204-S206
Products: Fire Amphibole
Milsi Gems LTD.
Location: N12
Minerales Alpamayo
Location: E2
Products: Minerals
Mineralphil Madagascar
Location: Tent outside G9
Minerals Mania
Location: TBA
MK Gems
Location: W707
Modern Tibet, Inc.
Location: W417, W419, W421
Products: Tibetan Jewelry
Momeni Gallery Inc.
Location: N601, N701
MS International, Inc.
Location: N922
MTM Silver Studio / Tomasz Debowski & Maciej Szjucimowicz
Location: W403
Muluye Gemstone Export
Location: TBA
Myra Gumus Ve Kuyumculuk LTD
Location: S205
Location: N4
Nadri Gems Inc.
Location: BR E215-E227
Products: Cabochons - Gemstones - Wholesale Cabochons
Nativa Gems
Location: BR E13
Products: Brazilian Gemstones
Natura Crystals Peru S.A.C.
Location: S205
Natural Creations - Texas
Location: N2000-N2004
Products: Silver Jewelry
Nature's Forms, LLS.
Location: Tent outside T101
Neotric Gems Inc.
Location: E509, E512
Products: Diamond Jewelry
Nepal Crystal Legend Links
Location: N2009
NK Silver Co., Ltd.
Location: N918
Nomination-Antys USA Corp
Location: N610
North Star Turquoise
Location: E13
Products: Indian Minerals - Museum Quality Minerals - Wholesale Rocks
Omsa Silver
Location: N21
Onofri Gems
Location: T G8
Opal Mine Ltd.
Location: E404
Opals Mine Factory, Ltd.
Location: W811
Products: Gold Australian Opal Jewelry
Oriental Crest, Inc
Location: BR W3
Oued Zem Fossil
Location: Tent Outside
Palawan Shell Co.
Location: E232, E234
Pandora's Box
Location: BR N33
Panjsher Gems Ltd.
Location: E301-304
Paramount Gemexco
Location: S105
Passione Gioielli Co., Ltd
Location: S13-14
Patania Jewelry
Location: N929
Pema Arts, Inc.
Location: N1021, N1023
Products: Custom Made Necklaces - Custom Rings - Handmade Tibetan Pendants
Perfect Gem, The
Location: N615, N617, N619, N621, N623
Petri Gems Inc.
Location: W2
Piritas de Navajun
Location: Tent Outside
Plum Colors
Location: S15
Pracownia Zlotnicza
Location: W207
Precious Treasures
Location: N716, N718, N720, N722, N815, N817, N821, N823
Prima Gems USA, LLC
Location: S309, S311, S408, S410,
Prisms Gems & Jewelry
Location: S8
Putera Silver Bali
Location: W508
QQ Gems
Location: E202, E204, E206, E208
Queenly Global Trading
Location: E201, E203, E205, E207, E209, E211, E213
Products: Crystal
Rainbow Gems, Inc.
Location: Tent outside T105
Products: Gemstones
Rajbhandari Trade Links Nepal
Location: N2008
Rakhi, Inc.
Location: E505-506
Rare Stone
Location: E5
RAS Gems International Co., Ltd.
Location: E402
Location: W411
RDF-Ind.Com.Exp.Pedras (Sunset Minerals)
Location: BR E21
Red Mountain Outpost
Location: W615
Road Running Wood Fired Pizza
Location: FC
Rojas Minerals y Artesanias
Location: E6
Rosny & Co., Inc.
Location: W423, W425
Products: RV Park
Rukin's Silver
Location: W511
Rusgems Ltd.
Location: E600-601
Location: W211, W213
Sai Brazil
Location: N915
Sam Davis Designs
Location: N607, N609, N611
Products: Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewelry
Sanchi & Filia P Designs
Location: BR S7, BR S9, S11

Products: Amethyst Jewelry - Casting Jewelry - Larimar Jewelry
Sarhad Gold Gemstones
Location: TBA
Sarilapis LTD
Location: Tent outside G5
Select Lines Jewelry & Displays
Location: W516-5201, Tent Outside T107

Products: Copper Jewelry - Findings - Native American Jewelry
Shahjee International Trade Limited
Location: E305
Shelter of the Sun
Location: W6
Location: W303
Location: W412
Silver Fantasy Inc., DBA Creative Jewelry
Location: W9
Silver House
Location: BR W24
Silver State Turquoise
Location: W809
Silverrocks Inc.
Location: W716
Singing Bowl Sound & Craft
Location: N705, N707
Sino Arts
Location: W711
Sitekol Refining SAS
Location: BR W27
Siu Cheung Jewellery Fty. Ltd.
Location: BR E18, E1, E1A
Skyline Business Ltd
Location: W215, W217, W219, W221

Products: Astrophyllite - Beads - Cabochons - Charoite - Charoite cabochons - Charoite jewelry - Charoite pendants - Charoite slabs - Charoite spheres - Dendritic agate - Dianite - Elite shungite - Eudialyte - Nephrite Jade - Noble shungite - Petrovsky shungite - Rainbow Pyrite - Rough - Rough astrophyllite - Rough charoite - Rough eudialyte - Russian Semi-precious Stones - Seraphinite - Seraphinite cabochons - Shungite - Shungite beads - Shungite bracelets - Shungite jewelry - Shungite merkaba - Shungite pendants - Shungite pyramids - Shungite spheres - Silver shungite - Strawberry quartz - Tumbled charoite - Tumbled shungite - Tumbled Stones
Smith Turquoise
Location: E12
Soko Gems
Location: E603
Sonatona Limited
Location: E308
Spencer Opal Mines
Location: E11
Products: American Opal
Spiritstone Gems LLC
Location: BR E20
Starborn Creations
Location: BR S8, BR S11, Booth S12

Products: Amber - Artistic Jewelry - Blue Amber - Coating Services - Crystal Quartz - Designer Jewelry - Drusy Cabochons - Druzy - Druzy Cabochons - Fossil Jewelry - Fossil Shark Teeth Jewelry - Fossils - Gold Jewelry - Handcrafted - Handmade - Handmade Jewelry - Lamps - Larimar Jewelry - Lighting - Loose Stones - Metaphysical - Metaphysical Jewelry - Meteorite Jewelry - Meteorite Watches - Meteorites - Moldavite - Moldavite Jewelry - Natural Quality Gemstones - Natural Stone Jewelry - One of a Kind - Peruvian Opal Jewelry - Rare Gemstone Jewelry - Rare stones - Rough Amber - Shark Teeth - Stone Coating - Sumatra Amber - Tanzanite Jewelry - Tourmaline Jewelry - Turquoise Jewelry - Unique Jewelry
Starr Gems
Location: Tent outside T118
Starwest Ent.
Location: W216
Sterling Creations
Location: S400-S408
Sterling Silver From Taxco
Location: N18
Products: Bracelets - Chains - Crosses - Earrings - Men's Jewelry - Necklaces - Pendants - Rings - Sterling Silver Jewelry
Studio DF
Location: W204
Products: Amber Jewelry
Sunny Gorgeous Creations Pvt. LTD.
Location: TBA
Sunshine Wholesale Jewelry
Location: S7
Products: Diamond Jewelry
Sunwest Silver Co., Inc.
Location: BR E12
Products: Silver Charms
Super Shine Gems
Location: S107
Super Time Int'l, Co.
Location: E309-312
Products: Cloisonne Beads
Supreme Gems Corporation
Location: S302
Takat Gems USA, Inc.
Location: C1-2
Products: Emeralds
Location: E405
Terra Marris by Miöel
Location: N9
TG Trade Inc.
Location: E3-4
Tikka Opals
Location: E507
Products: Black Opals
Location: N805
Top Turquoise Inc.
Location: W800
Tops Fine Jewelry & Watches, LLC
Location: W710, W712
Tulu Co. Inc
Location: W620, W622
Twan Kee Co., Inc.
Location: N5-6
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Universal Color
Location: E503-504
UPS Shipping Services
Location: N802
Vaibhav Int'l. Co.
Location: E10
Vanfun Gems Company
Location: N215, N217, N219, N221
Vera Wolf
Location: N13
Products: Custom Made Jewelry
Viet Gift
Location: N820
VitaJuwel USA
Location: N1
Western Woods Inc
Location: BR E17
Products: Amethyst
Wild Things Beads
Location: E403
Products: Czech Glass Beads - Czech Glass Buttons - Czech Glassware
Yani Silver Bali
Location: BR W28
Yianni Creations Inc.
Location: W708-709
Zarghon Gems Co. LTD
Location: TBA