2019 Vendors (124):

Desert Gardens International Rock, Gem & Mineral Show
Aaron Banks Minerals
Location: G21
Adamas Gems - Adama Fofana
Location: I12
Afghan Gems - Faraidoon Hamidy
Location: G7
Products: Master Alloys
Africa Selenite Et Minerals
Location: H15-16
Amazing Obsidian from Jalisco
Location: F22-23
Anderson's Rock & Gemstone Design
Location: G17-18
Area 54
Location: D15-16
Ariel Treasures
Location: I7-9
Arlan's Greek Food
Location: A13
Armando Custom Rock Cutter
Location: G22-23
Products: Cabochons
Art Africa & Mineral
Location: H13-14
Products: Malachite Carvings
Asian Express Food
Location: A12
Asmac IV Creations
Location: D5-6
Location: A15-16
Australian Outback Mining
Location: I 5-6, J5-7
Australian Rough & Tumble
Location: G & H 5-6
Aztec Silver
Location: A4
Badlands Agates & Fossils
Location: F 13
Beads & Crafts, Inc
Location: E1
Products: Gemstone Beads - Swarovski Crystals - Unique Jewelry Findings
Black Hat Trading
Location: J11-12
Blue Crystal Mines
Location: H22-23
Products: Azurite
Blue Gem Agate Shop
Location: C4
Blue Rabbit Collectibles
Location: A & B7
Bruce Wood Minerals
Location: K & L12
Campitos Canania
Location: L14
Catherine Green
Location: J20
Caveman, The
Location: E3
Chavez Rocks & Minerals
Location: J9
Products: Cabochons
Location: B 9-10
Craft Stones, Inc.
Location: G 3-4
Crank & Harria
Location: E15
Crystal Kid Andy
Location: K13-14
Dale's Rough
Location: I1, J1
Day Dream Designs
Location: E6
Del Sur Agates
Location: D 3-4
Products: Agate
Designs For You
Location: H7
DNA Minerals/Queens Playground
Location: G15-16
Dogs & Burgers
Location: A11
Duchscher's Rock Shop
Location: C20, D19-20
Egyptian Jewels
Location: H 10
El Dorado Jewelry, Inc.
Location: H12
Emrat Afghan Gems Trading Co.
Location: E9-10, F9-10
Freedom Arts
Location: C2
Gem Fire Agates
Location: H9
Location: I 13-14
Get Your Rocks Off
Location: B17
Gostafe Mineral
Location: K4
H & I Lapidary
Location: B19-20, A20
Harex International
Location: K & L 11
Hiba Minerals
Location: J2
Idaho Rock Shop
Location: A21-22, B22
Ignacio Mejorado
Location: H11
Jane of Oregon, LLC
Location: C7-8
Jay's Bonanza
Location: D12
JB Rocks
Location: C3
Jim's Gems
Location: B12
Jim's Rough Rock
Location: J21-22
Products: Little Snakeskin Agates - Annie's Rock Shop Rough Rock (Old Stock) - Black Butte Res./ Stoney Creek Jasper - Blue Owyhee Jasper - Cougar Mt. Utah Jasper - Cut Gemstone - Madras, OR Rock Shop Rough Rock (Old Stock) - Ocean Breeze Jasper (Brand New Find) SW Oregon Coast!! - Ochoco Res. Jasper - Ochoco Sunset Dendrite Agate - Oquirrah Green Calcite Chrystals - Oquirrah Mts Utah Aragonite Onyx - Petrified Wood Rough, Many Types - Rough Rock
Joe & Kathy Snyder
Location: B2
John Heusler - Slabs to Cabs
Location: C & D 21
Products: Slabs
Jose Nunez
Location: A & B 8
K & K Minerals
Location: B3
Khorsan Gems & Minerals
Location: G9-10
Krismas Eve Journeys
Location: C 17
Larry's Rock & Gems
Location: D22
Louie's Rock & Onyx Shop, Inc
Location: A & B 5-6
Malachite & Gems of Africa
Location: C13-14
Products: Malachite Carvings
Mamoun Minerals
Location: K6
Manager's Office
Location: C12
Manning's Rock Shop
Location: E20
Location: I2
Martell & Martell
Location: E21
Mexican Fire Agate
Location: F17
Mikey Rocks
Location: D17-18
Minas Stones
Location: H 8
Misty Mountain Gems & Minerals
Location: C 19
Moon & Star Gem & Mineral
Location: K & L3
Products: Polished & Natural Quartz Specimen - Rose Quartz - Rutile - Smoky Quartz
Moroccan Fossils & Minerals
Location: E & F19
Products: Suede Cord
Mostly Twisted Things
Location: C15-16
Nadri's Gems
Location: D13-14
Nature Little Stone
Location: C9
Natures Neons
Location: D 9-10
Natures Treasures
Location: C 11
No Stone Unturned, LLC
Location: C6
Opals Romero, Inc.
Location: J13-14
Products: Mexican Fire Opal
Original Way, The
Location: I 15-16
Oscar Torrecillas Minerals
Location: I10
Owy Hee Sunset Mines
Location: B11
Pak Afghan Gems & Minerals
Location: G 13-14
Paul Brauns
Location: F21
Location: A17
Prana Reiki
Location: G20
PV 's Rocks
Location: D2
Rainbow Connection
Location: E2
RB Excavation & Demolition, LLC
Location: N20-21
Rock Castle Lapidary
Location: F3-4
Rock Garden, Inc.
Location: F 12
Rock Shop, The
Location: A23
Rockin Robin's Rock Shop
Location: A & B 18
Rocks By Deigo
Location: H 17
Rocks, Slabs & Cabs
Location: C22
Location: E17
Runnin' Boar Minerals
Location: B4
Location: A 2
Sheldons Arrowheads
Location: C18
Silver Hill Lapidary
Location: H3-4
Products: Lapidary Slabs
Silver Moon
Location: I 21-22
Sonoran Lapidary
Location: F2
Sticks & Stones, Blacksmithing
Location: F 11
Stone Styles
Location: E 11-2
Sulla Stone
Location: B 14
Suncrystal Mining
Location: E 7-8
Products: Loose Cut Oregon Sunstone - Oregon Sunstone Beads & Carvings - Oregon Sunstone Jewelry - Rough Oregon Sunstone
Sunstones & Such
Location: G11-12
Terapias Tnergeticas
Location: B 21
Tomlinson Mercantile
Location: B1
Trade Room Beads
Location: B15
Utah Septarian Treasures
Location: C10
Village Morocco
Location: F7-8
Wade's Wood & Rocks
Location: G & H1-2
Products: Beads - Dinosaur Bones - Jewelry
Washington Rocks
Location: B13
Washington Treasures
Location: D11
West Desert Collectors
Location: B16
Wizard Of Auz
Location: K9
Yukon Rock Shop
Location: E18
Zippy's Rocks
Location: D 7-8
Products: Slabs