2024 Vendors (84):

Tyson Wells Arts & Crafts Fair
A Greenwich Emporium
Location: N 23
AF Silver Design LLC
Location: B&C 15-19
Products: Bracelets - Bumble Bee Jasper - Custom Made Jewelry - Spheres - Tektites - Towers
Location: M 6-7
AZ Gems / Spiritstone
Location: B&C 1-9
Barbara Levine
Location: N 8-10
Barbara Pino
Location: L 5-6
Products: Handmade Crafts
Bargain Smart
Location: N&O 27-33
Products: Hobby Merchandise
Blue Earth Traders
Location: K 26-28
Products: Discount Gemstone Jewelry - Discount Minerals, Fossils - Himalayan Salt Crystals - Wholesale Amethyst Cathedrals
Location: P 20-21
Products: Gold Rhodium Coins
Cape Cod Sunglasses
Location: M 10-13
Cape Silver Jewelry
Location: P&Q 30-131
Custom Paleo
Location: I 20-21
Cut Coins by Randy
Location: J 9
Dale's Rocks
Location: H&I 1-2
David Walblom's Lapidary Tools & Supplies

Location: K 16-19

Products: Display Cases - Jewelry Supplies - Lapidary Equipment
Don Matthew
Location: P 1-2
Products: American Indian Jewelry
Donna Mazat
Location: E 1
Products: Custom Made Jewelry - Dichroic Glass Cabachones - Malachite - Tigereye
Dynamic Distribution
Location: K 7-10
EEZ RV Products
Location: L&M 1-4
Products: RV Supplies
Location: F&G 1-2
Erin Krull
Location: I 3
Feral Fairy
Location: H&I 7
Frank Augugliaro
Location: L 11-13
Frank's Fountains / Bradley Yard Art
Location: N&O 3-5
Gerald Allen
Location: L&M 28-29
Giggles & Grins
Location: K31
Gilded Raven, The
Location: P&Q 11
Good Guys Firewood
Location: A 1-5
Gypsy Trader
Location: J&K 25
Hardge Knock
Location: P 18-19
Hippykid Designs
Location: L 31
Howell Industries
Location: H&I 4
Janet's Featherworks
Location: O 21-23
Jason Houser
Location: L 24
JL Gray Rock Shop
Location: H&I 8-9
Joe Rangel
Location: M 8-9
Johnson Junk, The
Location: N 25-26
K&K Kitchens
Location: R&S 1-4
Kenna's Kreations
Location: M 5
Kenny Vaughn
Location: O 24-26
Kirk, Manley, & Brenda Sargent
Location: H&I 10-12
Ladder Mate, LLC
Location: K 20
Larry Ory
Location: J&K 1-4
Products: Dremel & Drill Bits
Leif Digs It
Location: K 23-24
Licorice Guy, The
Location: P&Q 16
Light Being Creations
Location: H&I 6
Lucis Vinentis Umbra
Location: I 14
Make It Your Bismuth
Location: B&C 24-25
McCutcheon Products
Location: L 14-16
Products: Magnetic Therapy Products
Metal Corral, The
Location: Y 5-8
Michele's Rock Picks
Location: H&I 5
Products: Fine Mineral Specimens - Herkimer Diamonds - Meteorites
Moroccan Imports, Inc
Location: D&E 14-19
Products: Fossils - Meteorites - Mineral Specimens
Location: N 12
Nomadic Graphics
Location: O 17-18
Perfect Products
Location: N&O 1-2, X&Y 1-2
Products: Remote Controlled Aircraft
Primeval Cause
Location: O 10-11
Prisms & Pearls
Location: P&Q 32-33
Quartzsite Good Dog Bakery
Location: I 18
R. Wayne Waddups
Location: N 11
Ravenscroft Esentials
Location: O 16
Root Farms
Location: P&Q 32-33
Rosie's Roadshow, LLC
Location: P&Q 26-27
Roy & April Baker
Location: L&M 32-33
Salt Lake Utah Merch
Location: O 12-14
Sawtooth Signs
Location: D 1
Schafer & Sons
Location: N 17
Single Tree Inc.
Location: P&Q 10
Smile Smithing
Location: J 6
Sock Shop
Location: L&M 26-27
Staunman Construction, LLC
Location: H&I 31-33
Sunset Beach Products
Location: P&Q 28-29
Products: Soaps & Lotions, Natural
This & That Sales, LLC
Location: T&U 1-7
Thomas Lavor
Location: N 6-7
Todd McCutcheon
Location: O 15
Trailer Shop LLC, The
Location: N 13-14
Treasure State Honey
Location: K 6, L 30, M 30-31
Tsering Jewelry
Location: O 8-9
Products: Tibetan Jewelry
Location: K 29-30
Tyson Wells Auction
Location: B&c 30-33
Virginia Lander
Location: P 23-25
Western Woods Inc
Location: D&E 2-13
Products: Amethyst
White Wolf Trading
Location: J 14-15
Location: L 7-10
Products: Beads - Cabochons - Gemstone Jewelry