2018 Vendors (216):

Coliseum Show
A&S Opals LLC
Location: C 65

Products: Australian Opal - Black opal - Boulder Opals - Crystal Opal - Finished Opal - Fossil Opal - Lightning Ridge Opal - Rough Opal
AA Colombian Emeralds
Location: C 24
Products: Emerald Rough - Emerald Specimens - Emeralds
ABZ Gemstone Export
Location: C 85
Adamas Gems - Adama Fofana
Location: R15
Addis-Sea Gemsparkly
Location: C 60
Afghan Gems - Ahmad Zadran
Location: C 1
Products: Lapis Lazuli and Jade - Rough & polish Lapis Lazuli and products
African Arts & Minerals, Inc
Location: A 204
Products: Minerals
Agates Ocean LLC
Location: T S-7
Amazing Obsidian from Jalisco
Location: T 203
Amber International
Location: B 34
Ancient Lake Fossil Co.
Location: A 306
Angelic Healing Crystals
Location: T S-10
Archaeology & Paleontology for Everyone
Location: B2
Arlette Overseas
Location: T S-11
Products: Brazilian Agate Slices - Onyx Decor - Woven Baskets
Art Africa
Location: T F
Art of Decor/Rare Earth Gallery
Location: T 210A
Products: Carvings - Lighting - luminary - Onyx - Sculpture
Arte Crystals, LLC
Location: T 501
Artesanias Loyola
Location: T 603B
Asfaw Kidane Opal & Emerald Gem Stone Export
Location: C 21
Association of Small Scale Miner & Trader of Gemstones
Location: B 39
Atlas Selenites
Location: TBD
Aurora Mineral Corp
Location: A 401
Avian Oasis
Location: C 73
Products: Gemstone Beads
B & M Treasures
Location: C 19
Products: Beads
Badin Stones
Location: T 210D
Bali Silver Jewelry
Location: C 86/C 88
Bekri Tekle Ethiopian Opal Exporter
Location: C 96
Bookbinder LLC
Location: T 201
Products: Agates on Bases - Amethyst - Brazilian Minerals - Crystal - Giant Amethyst Geodes - Quartz
Bright Star Gemstones
Location: A 19
Products: Designer Cabochons
Broken Arrow Mining Co.
Location: C 11
Butterflies By God
Location: A 14
Products: Butterflies Insects Frames - Fossil Bones - Skulls, Skeletons
C & I International, Inc.
Location: C 2, T H
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
Location: R 13
Chenoa Ellinghaus - PaleoArt and Illustration
Location: A 23
Chi Fashion & Jewelry Design
Location: C 43
Chibukisho Mining & Trading in Gemstones
Location: B 1
Colorado Rocks
Location: B 3
Concept Roma
Location: A 20
Coral Tanger
Location: C 45
Creare Collective
Location: C 17
Products: Cut Gemstone - Metalwork - Rough Gemstone - Wirework Jewelry
Crystal City Inc.
Location: B 30
Crystal Mine
Location: T S-5
Location: A 6
Daniel Kinfe Ethiopian Rough & Cut Opal
Location: C 81
David Geiger Minerals
Location: B 32
DCI - Spice Mixers - Ampcoil
Location: A206
Deen Malik Inc.
Location: B 38
Di Grande
Location: T S-4
Dioum Basket Jewelry
Location: C 20
Discover Designs
Location: C 64
Products: 24 Kt. Gold Trimmed Leaves
Discovery Gems & Jewellery
Location: R14
Earth Art Gallery
Location: A 26
Earth Minerals Morocco
Location: T 503
Earthly Endeavors
Location: B 45
Earth's Natural Art
Location: B 48
Eldorado Sapphire Company
Location: C 91

Products: Loose Cut Sapphires - Rough Gems - Wholesale Sapphire Gemstones
Eons Expos
Location: Office
Ethio Gems Mineral Export
Location: R 18
Location: B 41
Excel Gems & Minerals
Location: A 303
Products: Minerals
Farber Minerals - Gunnar Farber
Location: A 202B
Fashion Accessories International
Location: A 103
Products: Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
Felipe Barrera
Location: T 205
Fine Gemstones
Location: B 46
Forest Crystals
Location: R 17
Location: C 94
Four Seasons Rainbow Trading Co. Ltd.
Location: T G
Freedom Touch Ancient Coin
Location: C 89
Products: Ancient Coin Jewelry
Gem Center USA, Inc.
Location: T 204
Products: Geodes
Gem Shop, Inc., The
Location: T 1
Gems Mart, LLC
Location: T B24
Products: Himalayan Salt Products - Polished Minerals - Rough Minerals - Selenite products
Gems Of The Earth
Location: R 12
Products: Designer Cabochons
Gemstone Bridge
Location: A 201
Location: A 402B
GeoScience Industries
Location: T S-15
Geso Gems Nigeria Ltd.
Location: C41
Location: C44/46/48/50
Products: 24 Kt. Gold Trimmed Leaves
Gold & Diamond Exchange
Location: C 84
Goldnik, Inc
Location: C 76
Gostafe Mineral
Location: T S-13
Greatwall Consulting
Location: A 205
Guangzhou Kahkashan Jewelry
Location: C 31
Hagar's Fossils & Minerals
Location: A 104
Hiba Minerals
Location: T S-1
Highland Park Lapidary Co.
Location: T 4
Himalaya Handmade
Location: C 37
Himalayan Gift House
Location: C 18
I Love Rocks.com
Location: C 92
Idaho Bling Bling
Location: B 47
ITSU Fine Minerals & Native Art from Mexico
Location: B 43
Jay Gems N Minerals
Location: T 603A
JB Krystal Art
Location: B 33
Products: Polished Minerals
Jennifer Gems & Stone
Location: C25/C27/C29
Products: Beads
Jentsch Minerals & Rough Stones
Location: A 101
JH Stone Galleria
Location: A 405
John Heusler - Slabs to Cabs
Location: T A
Products: Slabs
Karmic Beads & Gems
Location: C 16
Products: Beads
KD Meteorites
Location: A 1
Products: Meteorites
Khyber Gem Stone
Location: A 505
Products: Pakistan Cut Stones
King Garnet Ltd
Location: B 35, T 209B
Lama Art
Location: C 97
Products: Antique Ancient Asian Beads
Larbi Import
Location: B 44
Lauratas Inc.
Location: C 78
Life Stones Gems & Minerals
Location: T 210C
Light Crystal, The
Location: C 66
Like International
Location: C 58
Lost World Fossils
Location: A 12
LowCountry Geologic
Location: A 504

Products: Agatized Coral - Ammonites - Dinosaurs - Fish - Insects - Marine Mammals - Megalodon Shark Teeth - Shells - Stone Carvings - Trilobites
Mada Vato
Location: R7/R8
Madagascar Import SEAM, Inc.
Location: T 202
Products: Ammonites - Black Septarian - Carnelian - Celestite - Crystal Quartz - Kambaba Jasper - Madagascar Fossils - Madagascar Minerals
Majikku Minerals
Location: C-B/C-C/C-D/C-E
Malachite & Gems of Africa
Location: T 402
Products: Malachite Carvings
Mandala Handicrafts
Location: C 12
Products: Nepali Hand Crafted Statues - Tibetan / Nepali Jewellry - Tibetan Singing Bowls
Mariano Gems
Location: C 39
Maritime Jewelry
Location: C 90
Marquez Mining
Location: A13
Mass N' Tons of Rock
Location: A 4
Matrix India Minerals
Location: A 203
Products: Indian Minerals
Mayan Amber
Location: C 9
Meteorite Show - Morocco
Location: R 9
Mibladen Mineraux
Location: T 602
Mikala's Designs Inc.
Location: C 54/C 56
Products: Silver Jewelry
Minas Brazil Stones
Location: T 207
Products: Crystal - Fire Amphibole - Quartz
Minas Cristais SWX
Location: T 302
Minas Minerals
Location: A 2
Minerales Alpamayo
Location: T 209A
Products: Minerals
Mineralphil Madagascar
Location: T 1
Minerals & Fossils From Morocco
Location: T 9
Moldavite Family (Green Snowflake LLC)
Location: B 42
Location: C 13
Moments in Stone
Location: A 306
Momminia Beads & Jewelry
Location: C8/C10
Morocco Minerals
Location: T 301
Multicolor Gem & Minerals
Location: C 26
Nanak Crystals
Location: B 6
Nature Designs
Location: T 2, T 6
Nayab Gems & Minerals
Location: C 14
Products: Lapis
New York Mineral & Fossil
Location: B 40
Nharo African Art Minerals & Skulls
Location: A 403
Northern Nevada Gold
Location: A 101
Northwest Montana Fossils
Location: B 8
Nouhayla Minerals
Location: T 210B
NZ Bismuth
Location: B 12
Opal Ethiopia
Location: C 32
Opalos Mexicanos
Location: C 52
Opals Romero, Inc.
Location: T 403, R 16
Products: Mexican Fire Opal
Orca Gems & Opals
Location: A 21
Oregon Institute of Geologic Research
Location: A301
Oreodont Fossils
Location: A 18
Other Worlds Educational Enterprises, LLC
Location: B 4
Ozzie Boulder Opals
Location: C 93
Pacific Minerals
Location: A 3
Pak Afghan Gems & Minerals
Location: A 503
Palawan Shell Co.
Location: B 9
Paleo Tex, LLC
Location: R10-11
Pangaea Industries, Inc.
Location: T 3
Products: Madagascar Fossils
Payoja Gems International
Location: C 62
Pearsu Enterprises Ltd.
Location: A 22
Perfect Gem, The
Location: C40/42
Peruvian Spirit
Location: T S-12
Products: Fluorite Crystals
Pikes Peak Rock Shop
Location: B 49
Pissioni Gems
Location: S-14
R. Stratton Knives
Location: A 202A
Rainbow Rocks & Minerals LLC
Location: A 501-02
Rio Grande Pedras
Location: T S-3
Robbins Jewelry
Location: C4, C6
Rock Art
Location: C 36
Products: Precious Gemstones
Location: A 302
Products: Agate Slices
Rojas Minerals y Artesanias
Location: A 402A
Rose's 925, LLC
Location: C 82
Rossi & Souza Quality in Crystals
Location: T 8
Rush County Rocks
Location: R 19
Sacred Cloud Gifts
Location: C 87
Sahara Sea Collections
Location: T C
Products: Suede Cord
Sanchi & Filia P Designs
Location: C 53/55/57/59/61/63
Products: Amethyst Jewelry - Casting Jewelry - Larimar Jewelry
Sandy Schor & Co.
Location: C 68/70/72/74
Products: Vintage Beads
Sarah Designs Jewelry
Location: C33/C35
Products: Agate - Agate Drusys - Alaskan Fossil Coral - Amber Jewelry - Amethyst - Amethyst Jewelry - Ammolite - Ammolite Jewelry - Ammonite Jewelry - Aquamarine Jewelry - Azurite - BELT Buckle - Birthstone Jewelry - Boulder Opal Jewelry - Bumble Bee Jasper - Canadian Ammonites - Charoite - Chrysocolla - Crazy Lace Agate - Dendritic agate - Designer Pendants - Dinosaur Fossils - Earrings - Emeralds - Eudialyte - Fossil Jewelry - Fossil Shark Teeth Jewelry - Gemstone Jewelry - Gemstone Rings - Imperial Topaz - Jasper - Kingman Turquoise - Labradorite - Lapis - Larimar - Lepidolite - Madagascar Fossils - Megalodon Shark Teeth - Men's / Unisex CUFFLINKS - Moldavite Jewelry - Moonstone Jewelry - Morganite - Ocean Jasper - Pendants - Petrified Wood - Pietersite - Pyrite - Rare Gemstone Jewelry - Rhodochrosite - Rubies - Rutile - Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry - Septarian Nodules - Seraphinite - Sugilite - Tektite - Totem Jewelry - Tourmaline Jewelry - Trilobites - Turquoise & Variscite - Turquoise Jewelry - Unset Ammolite Gemstones - Vintage Setting Jewelry - Zeolites
Location: B 31
Seth Maranuk Designs
Location: C 28, 30
Shambary International S.R. L.
Location: T 203
Shannon & Sons Minerals
Location: A 101
Location: A 406
Products: Fossil Shark Teeth - Fossil Shark Teeth Jewelry - Fossil Teeth - Megalodon Shark Teeth - Megalodon Shark Tooth - Megalodon Teeth - Megalodon Tooth - Modern Shark Teeth - Necklaces - Shark Jaws - Shark Tooth - Shark Tooth Necklaces
Silica Gem Co Ltd
Location: T 7
Silver Gallery
Location: C 7
Silver State Turquoise
Location: C 47
SJ Pearl, Inc.
Location: C 67
Smilodon Resources, LLC
Location: A 25
Sokolowski Poland / Stone & Rox
Location: A 102
Southern Sky Opals
Location: B 10
Spiritstone Gems LLC
Location: B 11, B13
Starborn Creations
Location: R1-6

Products: Amber - Artistic Jewelry - Blue Amber - Coating Services - Crystal Quartz - Designer Jewelry - Drusy Cabochons - Druzy - Druzy Cabochons - Fossil Jewelry - Fossil Shark Teeth Jewelry - Fossils - Gold Jewelry - Handcrafted - Handmade - Handmade Jewelry - Lamps - Larimar Jewelry - Lighting - Loose Stones - Metaphysical - Metaphysical Jewelry - Meteorite Jewelry - Meteorite Watches - Meteorites - Moldavite - Moldavite Jewelry - Natural Quality Gemstones - Natural Stone Jewelry - One of a Kind - Peruvian Opal Jewelry - Rare Gemstone Jewelry - Rare stones - Rough Amber - Shark Teeth - Stone Coating - Sumatra Amber - Tanzanite Jewelry - Tourmaline Jewelry - Turquoise Jewelry - Unique Jewelry
Style Art Stone Craft
Location: T S-6
Location: A 201
Products: Agate Specimens
Superb Minerals India Ltd
Location: T 401
Products: Fine Minerals
Tamayo's Opals & Obsidians
Location: C 80
Tibetan Souvenir
Location: C 95
TLZ Enterprises
Location: A 11
Tom Wolfe Minerals
Location: A 305
Top Gem Minerals, Inc.
Location: T 206

Products: Fossils - Gem Crystals - Polished Minerals
True Frequency
Location: C 79
Turquesa Internacional
Location: T S-2
Unite ZYL Int'l, Inc.
Location: C3, C5
Uruguay Amethyst Co.
Location: T 208
Products: Amethyst
Usman Imports
Location: T 603C
Products: Onyx
Utah Dump Digger
Location: R 20
Veronica Matthews Minerals
Location: A 304
Products: Display Cases
VitaJuwel® GmbH
Location: B 14
Products: Gem Water Accessories
Wade's Wood & Rocks
Location: T 5
Products: Beads - Dinosaur Bones - Jewelry
Wari Designs
Location: C 23
Washington Treasures
Location: T S-16
Wimax Crystals LLC
Location: T S-8
Location: C 83
World Circle
Location: A 101
Young Gem Connection
Location: C 75
Zeder Co. International
Location: A 301
Znaniecki Collection, The
Location: A 5
Products: Jewelry