Xpo Press - 1/23/2022
The 172-page 2022 Tucson EZ-Guide was posted online today and can be viewed here. The printed hard-copy guide will arrive in Tucson on January 21, where they'll start being distributed at Tucson International Airport, local hotels and restaurants, and at each of the 40+ shows a few days before they open for business.

Xpo Press's Tucson EZ-Guide is now the only complete show guide published for the annual Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase, as the longstanding Tucson Show Guide permanently ceased publishing in 2021. 

After not publishing the Tucson EZ-Guide in 2021 due to so many show cancellations, reschedules, and complications caused by the pandemic, we at Xpo Press are excited and fortunate to once again be able to publish, print, and offer you a great show guide chock full of valuable, updated information about the 2022 Tucson shows and accompanying special events, including: 

• A graph of the 2022 Tucson Show calendar, showing you what shows have overlapping dates (p. 27).
• The shuttle routes that will be operating this year. The City of Tucson's GemRide shuttles are cancelled, but there will still be ample shuttle route service at most of the top shows (p. 26).
• Detailed Tucson maps plotting each of the 40+ shows of the 2022 Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase (pp. 30-33).
• A complete vendor list of the over 3,500 vendors exhibiting and selling their rocks, minerals, fossils, jewelry, beads, and supplies (pp. 124-169).
• Colorful, informative ads from nearly 100 vendors and most of the Tucson shows.
• Interesting reading material about the new Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum at the University of Arizona (p. 20), Fossil Hunting with Miles of Alaska (p. 24), and some "memories and shout-outs" from me, as Xpo Press celebrates our 20th birthday in February 2022 (p. 8).

Enjoy the 2022 Tucson EZ-Guide, Xpo Press's 17th Edition. Here's to hoping that the guide makes navigating the "Greatest Shows Unearthed" a little EZ-er! 

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