A & A Trading Corp.
CT 1125/1226 OR

Acme Designs Corp.
CT 1140/1142 BR

Acomo Jewelry / Global Sterling, Inc.
CT 1309/1406 G

African Art Imports
FT 2123 PU

African Bead Man
FT 2129 BR

Alexanders Inc.
CT 1229 PU

All Star Gems
CT 1115/1216 BL

All That Glitterz/Fashion Sharp
CT 1531 O

Anantara Jewelry
FT 2121 PU

Ande Jewelry Manufactory
FT 2108 BL

Annie's Boutique
CT 1341/1438 BR

ANS Fashion
CT 1418 BL

Antique Collection / Venus Gems
CT 1528 PU

Arthur Gem & Jewellery Co.
CT 1235, 1334-35, 1432 BR

CT 1228 PU

Asian Imports, LLC
FT 2039 R

Avance Accessories
CT 1135/1139/1236/1240 BR

Bali Bay Trading Company
FT 2425/2427 PU

Bead Goes On, The
FT 2132 R

Bead On Beads, LLC
FT 2103/2105 PI

Bead Plus International Ltd.
CT 1134 PU

Beads N Vogue/Atlantic Gem & Silver
FT 2001 G

Beads Source, LLC
CT 1605/1606 R

Beijing Xulongyi Gongmei Corp. Ltd
FT 2004/2006 G

Beijing Yue Xiu Sheng He Xian Co./Stardom Co.
FT 2321 PU

Best Solution
FT 2204 PI

Boys Silver, The
CT 1417/1516 BL

Bright Gems & Beads, Inc.
FT 2403/2405 BR

Brijwasi Gems
CT 1412 PI

Brilliant Gems & Arts Mfg., Co.
CT 1200 G

C & I International, Inc.
CT 1543/1545 BR

CT 1405 GR

Chi Shing Jewelry, Ltd.
FT 2101 G

Chico Silver Findings
CT 1537 PU

China Mountain Gem, Inc.
CT 1237/1336/1337/1434 BR

China Mountain Turquoise, Inc.
FT 2013/2015 BL

China Resource
FT 2305 PI

Choa's Trading
CT 1422 O

Choy Int'l
FT 2421/2423 O

Coffer Int'l Corp.
CT 1503 G

Creative Beads NY, Inc.
CT 1519 BL

CY Lin Company
CT 1120 BL

D & C International Co.
CT 1521/1523 BL

Da Beads
FT 2003 G

Dakota Stones
FT 2209 BL

Davinci Collections, Inc.
CT 1435/1534 BR

Deluxe Co.
FT 2302 PI

Direct Diamond Importers
CT 1321 BL

Discover Asia
CT 1311 PI

DK Designs India
CT 1304 G

DK Fashion Trading
FT 2309 BL

Dominican Gem / Caribbean Larimar
CT 1211 PI

CT 1423 O

Dukureh Import
FT 2126B PU

DZI Creations, LLC
CT 1101/1202 G

Eagle International
CT 1306 G

Ebrima Sillah African Imports/Kabba Brothers
FT 2035 BR

Emerald Fox Company/Mt. St. Helens Gems & Jewelry
CT 1203 G

ET Imports
CT 1502 G

Ethiopian Heritage
FT 2227 BR

Evergreen Gems Co.
CT 1233/1332 PU

Evergreen Gemstone/Star Gemstone
CT 1136 PU

Evergreen Trading Co.
FT 2025/2027/2029 PU

Fine Stones, Inc.
FT 2409/2411 PI

Forever Creations NY, Inc.
FT 2201 G

Frank Import Trading
CT 1122 BL

Fu Kai Gems Jewellery Co.
FT 2019/2021 O

G & E Mfg., Int'l, LLC
FT 2110 BL

Garnet Impex
FT 2106 PI

Garnet Impex Inc.
CT 1522 O

Gem & Bead Mall, Inc.
CT 1525 O

Gem House USA, Inc.
FT 2211/2213 BL

Gem Stone USA, Inc., NY
CT 1317/1414 BL

Gemme D'oriente Srl
FT 2323A PU

Gems Ocean, Inc.
CT 1533 PU

Gemstone & Co., Ltd.
CT 1307/1404 G

Gemstone Of Africa, Inc.
FT 2413 BL

Golden Highway Jewelry
CT 1510 PI

GS NM Silver Mfg., Co.
FT 2002 G

Hands Of The Hills, Inc.
FT 2041 R

Hangzhou Yi Yi Investment Co., Ltd.
CT 1127 PU

Himalayan Essentials
CT 1102 G

Hindukush Int'l, Inc.
FT 2130 BR

HJ Constellation, Ltd.
CT 1104 G

Hoiman Gems & Jewelry Co.
CT 1138 PU

House of Agate
FT 2325B PU

Imperial Gems
CT 1213/1312 PI

Instinct Jewelry
CT 1315 PI

International Gems & Minerals/ IGM/ RMC
FT 2700 R

Intrinsic Trading
CT 1219/1221/1318/1320 BL

Jacky Gems Co.
FT 2419 O

Jadefield Hong Kong Ltd.
CT 1303/1400 G

Jai Jinendra Jewels
CT 1431 PU

Jane's Pearl World
CT 1401/1500 G

Jewel Creations, Inc.
CT 1411

CT 1532 BR, FT 2111 BL

Joe Loux
FT 2133 R

Jola Designs, Inc.
CT 1103/1204 G

Jomar Jewelry
CT 1539 BR

JP Imported
FT 2120 PU

JP Pearl & Jewelry, Inc.
FT 2415/2417 BL

JPI Display, Inc.
CT 1607 R

JR Apparel
FT 2222A PU

Kamal Trading Co., Inc.
FT 2015/2016 BL

FT 2429 PU

Karma Arts & Crafts
FT 2307 PI

Kashmir Moon
CT 1420 O/ FT 2324B PU

Kathmandu Jewelry
CT 1326/1327/1424 O

Kay's Accessories, Inc.
CT 1223/1322 O

KC NY Trading
CT 1144 BR

KI Import
CT 1514 BL

CT 1319/1416 BL

Lanshang Co.
CT 1108 G

Little Angel Enterprises
CT 1207 G

Majestic Pearl
FT 2005/2007/2009/2011 PI

Mang Tat Gems Co.
CT 1119/1220 BL

Maniar Trading Co.
CT 1302 G

Marsland Imports
FT 2109 BL

Mays Beads
FT 2115/2117 O

Momeni's Gallery Corp. / Asian Int'l Imports
FT 2235 R

MT Jewelry Mfg.
CT 1114 PI

Multi Creations NJ, Inc.
CT 1107/1208/1209/1308 G

National Facets
CT 1121/1222 OR

Natural Gems Co.
FT 2433/2435/2437/2439 R

Naveen Art Gallery
CT 1325 O

New Century Int'l Wholesale
CT 1527/1529 O

New Prosperity Gem Ent., Co. Ltd.
FT 2023 O

Nikki Beads, Inc.
CT 1419/1518 BL, FT 2306 PI

Nimaga Imports
FT 2223 PU

Odie's Bead It
FT 2304 PI

Ole Trading, Inc.
CT 1111/1212 PI

Omar Trawally Brothers
FT 2037 BR

OP Silver, Inc.
CT 1520 O

Opals Mine Factory, Ltd.
CT 1425 OR

Original Kashmir/Evergreen Gems
FT 2225 PU

Pakmail #452
CT 1547 BR

Pankaj Arts
FT 2233 R

Pearl Concepts, Inc.
CT 1110/1112 G

Pegasus Imports
CT 1301 G

Pema Arts
CT 1403 G

Perfect Pearl HK Co., Ltd.
FT 2407 PI

PF Jewelry, Ltd.
FT 2113 BL

PG Gemstone, Inc.
CT 1146/1148 BR

PK Accessories
CT 1106 G

Plata Tribla Jewellery, LLC
CT 1508 PI

Puka Creations
CT 1113/1214/1215/1314 PI

Quality Dia Jewels, Inc.
FT 2303 PI

Rakhi, Inc.
FT 2401 G

Raven's Journey, Inc.
CT 1515/1517 PI

Roally Gems, Inc.
CT 1524 O

S Tunkara & Brothers
FT 2033 BR

Sam Davis Designs
CT 1116/1118 PI

Sami Gems & Jewellers
P 526/528

San Wai Gems & Jewellery Fty. USA Co., Ltd.
CT 1217/1316 BL

Sandy Schor Company
CT 1509 G

Sawariya Jewels
CT 1413 PI

Semi Gems/Mohan Gems
CT 1330 PU

Shelley Enterprises
CT 1408 PI

Shimla Enterprises
FT 2107 PI

Shree Ganesh Handicrafts/Village Crafts
CT 1129/1230 PU

Shyam Gems N Arts
CT 1328 PU

Silk Road Treasures, The
FT 2125 PU

Silver Planet, Inc.
FT 2311/2313/2315 BL

Silvervision, Inc.
FT 2217/2219 O

Silvex Images India Pvt., Ltd.
CT 1131/1232 PU

Silvex Images/Arvino
CT 1225/1324 OR

Singaraja Imports
FT 2127 BR

Siu Cheung Jewellery Fty. Ltd.
CT 1130/1132 O

Sona, Inc.
CT 1105/1206 G

Special Concept, Inc.
CT 1513 PI

Star Gems & Beads, Inc.
CT 1501 G

Starborn Creations
FT 2301 G

Stone Pearl Creations
FT 2215 O

Stone Town
FT 2000 G

Sumit Gems
CT 1410 PI

Sun Yiu Gemstone Ltd.
CT 1415 BL

Sunrise Millennium, Inc.
CT 1117/1218 BL

Sunrise USA Trading, Inc.
CT 1505/1507 G

Sunshine Turquoise Co.
FT 2205 PI

Super Time Int'l, Co.
CT 1126/1128 O

TA Pearls
FT 2207 PI

Tai Woo Pearl Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
FT 2203 PI

Tandon Gems & Jewelry, Inc.
CT 1109/1210 PI

Tibet Craft, Inc.
CT 1305/1402 GR

Tibetan Arts & Handicrafts
CT 1123/1224 OR, FT 2119 OR

Tosco International
CT 1409 PI

Turquoise Jewelry Mfg., Inc.
CT 1407/1506 G

Twin Palace, LLC
CT 1541 BR

Unusual Creations
FT 2214 OR

Uruguay Minerals LLC
CT 1205 G

Value Arts Co.
CT 1201/1300 G

Van Fun Gems
CT 1124 BL

Via Murano
CT 1313 PI

Victory Gems & Beads, Inc.
FT 2317/2319 O

Wild Things Beads
CT 1504 G

Wing Lee Gems Co.
CT 1512 PI

Yee On Gems & Jewellery Fty.
CT 1600/1601/1602/1603/1604 R

Zeppo Merchandisers, Inc.
CT 1310 PI

Zeyzey Jewelry
CT 1421 OR

Floor Plans:
Image Description Key
Floorplan BR = Brown CT = Cactus Tent FT = Fiesta Tent BR = Brown BL = Blue G = Green O = Orange PI = Pink PU = Purple R = Red