R. Ford - 2/2/2024

RMGM Promotions Announcement

Denver Rockhounds?! RMGM Shows Shine On in 2024!


Dear Rockhounds & Rockstars,

While the wind may be swirling around the news of the sale of the Crowne Plaza Hotel to the city of Aurora, let's raise a toast to brighter news: RMGM Promotions' Denver Spring and Fall shows are still rockin' this year!

We heard your concerns about the recent developments, and we want to assure you: that your gem-tastic adventures are confirmed! We're actively exploring alternative venues in Denver if necessary, and we're confident you'll enjoy the same vibrant event experience you've come to expect.

For Attendees:

  • Get ready to unleash your inner sparkle! Your favorite vendors, workshops, and dazzling displays will be waiting for you.
  • We'll keep you updated on the new venue location and any other adjustments you may need to make. Keep an eye on your inbox and our social media for the latest news.
  • Get ready to experience Denver in a whole new light! The venue change might even offer some exciting surprises.

For Vendors:

  • Mark your calendars for the scheduled Spring and Fall show dates! We'll announce the new venue, if needed, as soon as it's finalized.
  • Stay tuned for updates on booth layout and logistics. We're working to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.
  • Reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We're here to support you during this change.

Together, we'll turn this change into a sparkling opportunity! We're committed to making your RMGM Denver experience unforgettable, no matter the setting. Let's support each other and keep the gem community shining brightly throughout the year.

In the meantime:

  • Follow us on social media (@RMGMPromotions) for the latest updates.
  • Sign up for our email list on our website for exclusive content and early access to information.
  • And most importantly, keep your enthusiasm polished! We can't wait to see you sparkle in Denver this year!

Shine on,

The RMGM Promotions Team

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