Paradox Publishing

Xpo Press owner, Brad Hicks, owned a company before Xpo Press called Paradox Publishing, LLC, incorporated in Colorado in 1993. How Brad got into Rocks, Gems, and Minerals is another story. Originally, Paradox published a literature and arts quarterly called Inklings. The first issue was published with a circulation of 5,000 in March 1994, increasing to 10,000 by 1995 and published quarterly through 1998. It was funded by advertising sales revenues, as were all of the publications published by Paradox and now by Xpo Press.
Paradox published the "Official Event Program" for several sizeable trade shows and expos. These Programs became the inspiration and area of specialization for our new company, Xpo Press.
Paradox produced and printed Event Programs and managed advertising sales campaigns for the following clients:

Colorado Center for the Book
Rocky Mountain Book Festival
Children's Book Festival

Humanities Council

Southern Festival
of Books (1998)

Colorado Performing
Arts Showcase

Playbill distributed
to audiences of 30+
performing arts companies

Inklings: Threads of Truth from Art & Story (1993-1999)

Below are cover images of back issues of Inklings that are available for $25 each. Contact Brad Hicks, former publisher of Inklings, to order. Email or call 877-621-6143.

And for a real treat, open the PDF of the last image below and read a fully designed issue of Inklings that was never published for lack of funds. A great read that our readers were never able to enjoy . . .

Vol 1:4, Spring '95
A Celebration of Restoration: Stories of Art & Healing

Featuring "Van Gogh's War with Passion" by Jan Johnson, original articles by Philip Yancey, Frederick Buechner, & Leland Ryken, & an interview with Lyle Dorsett.
Vol. 3:1, Spring '97
Recognizing Artistic Responsibility: Creative Voices Who've Shaped Us

Featuring an interview with Randy Stonehill & "The Burden of Creation: Beyond Self-Absorption & the Deification of Art" by Terry Glaspey.
Vol. 3:2, Summer '97
Comedy & the Paradox of Tragedy

Featuring "To Heep, Woop, & Nyuk with the Three Stooges by Scott Sawyer," "The Simpsons as Art" by Anne Speck, "Merlin's Laugh & the Comic Sense of Life" by Gene Veith, & an interview with Kathryn Lindskoog.
Vol. 3:4, Winter '97-'98
Horror, Mystery & the Grotesque

Featuring "God & the Grotesque: Hope Beyond Reason" by Brad Hicks, "Gargoyles & the Grotesque: Keepers of the Moral Gauge" by Karen Mulder, & an interview with Clive Barker.
Vol. 4:1, Spring '98
Venus Speaks: An Inklings Discussion of Love, Sex & Romance

Featuring Charles Williams' Theology of Romantic Love by Barb Linville, "The Secret Affair of Sister Wendy" by Karen Mulder, & an interview with Philip Yancey.
Vol. 4:2, Summer '98
What If? Science Fiction, Fantasy & Other Worlds

Featuring "Thawing a Frozen River: Tolkien's Appeal to an Imprisoned Imagination" by Mary McDermott Shideler & "The Death of Myth" by Brad Hicks.
Vol. 4:3, Fall '98
Deflowering Success: Unearthing a Hollow Myth

Featuring "Reflections on the '98 Festival of Faith & Writing" by Susan Adams Kauffman, a songwriting seminar with Pierce Pettis, & an interview with The Call's Michael Been.
Vol. 4:4, Winter '99 (Never Published)
Narnia Lives: An Inklings Tribute to C.S. Lewis

Featuring "Six Years of Inklings, 100 Years of 'Jack,'" by Brad Hicks, "The Inklings of Oxford" by Nancy Shideler Hicks, and "Confessions of a Non-Narnian" by Scott Sawyer.

Click here to view the publication.  (7.2 Mb file)