In December 2018, Xpo Press started a membership program for Gem Shows and Vendors called GEM-AD that provides highly discounted advertising rates in a multi-media ad package, specially designed for non-profits and companies with small advertising budgets. Vendor Members get $750 worth of advertising for only $150! That’s 80% off our rates! (Read Discount Overview* at bottom of this page.)
As a GEM-AD VENDOR MEMBER you’ll receive
these advertising benefits for 12 months:


• We'll create and post a profile page on our site for your company. View sample page. We can manage your page for you (if you don’t have the time) or we can give you log-in info to manage the page yourself, upload unlimited photos, link your social media pages, add products you sell, and post news articles and press releases about your company.
• Your profile page can be searched from the Vendor-Product Search Page by your products or the name of your company.
• The Xpo site received 1.4 million pageviews from over 600,000 users in the past 12 months. How many of these visitors might view your profile page and buy your products?


• 180 X 90 pixel banner ad posted under your vendor listings on all of your show pages on the Xpo Press site. Click here to view a vendor list, and notice how the banner ads get your attention. 


• Your company endorsed and your photos posted on Xpo Press's Facebook and Instagram.


• Your company profile page downloaded from the website to Xpo Press’s mobile apps. Currently, this is for Tucson show vendors only, whose profile pages are downloaded to Xpo Press's Tucson Gem Show mobile app. In the near future, every vendor at any gem show in the U.S. and Canada (and Mexico, if it ever hosts a show) will be downloaded to Xpo Press's North America Gem Shows mobile app.



• As a GEM-AD member, you may purchase a 1/8-page ad for only $100 more* or a 1/4-page ad for only $200 more* in any Xpo Press guide of your choice PLUS! receive the same-size ad  FREE  in another Xpo Press gem show guide of your choice — view all 12 guides — boosting the value of your ad package to $1,404 - $1,816!
* Tucson EZ-Guide (Jan-Feb. Edition) does not apply.
• Your company listed as a “Featured Vendor" on your show’s floorplan page in any guide you're listed in, with your booth or room number on the floorplan highlighted in yellow.
• Your vendor listing highlighted in yellow in any guide you're listed in.
• Your company listed in the Products & Services Index in any guide you advertise in (listed under 3 products).
• The page number of your ad included in your vendor listing in any guide you advertise in.

* Discount Overview. The value for this package is $750 (not including the value of the optional print ads in the guides). The $150 cost is 80% off the full value (78% off GEM-AD member discount and 2% off, early-pay discount if you pay within 7 days after invoicing). If you choose one of the packages with the print ads, the average discount is approximately 78% off the full value (76% off GEM-AD member discount and 2% off, early-pay discount if you pay within 7 days after invoicing). There is also a one-time $50 fee if you would like Xpo Press to create your ads.