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Crystal Allies is your A-to-Z shop for mine direct sourcing of raw materials, mineral specimens, and home/office decor. Are you a business looking to grow with a steady supply of rare quality specimens? Perhaps you're a stone collector looking for that one-of-a-kind specimen? Maybe you're a craftsperson needing the right materials to get the job done? Visit us to learn how we can help you.

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Mineral Specimens - Raw Materials - Home Decor
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At the Tucson Shows I Realized the Opportunity Awaiting Me
At the Tucson Shows I Realized the Opportunity Awaiting Me
Crystal Allies Inc
Kai Xie, Founder/Owner Crystal Allies® - 7/16/2021
In my early days of collecting stones, I found myself eagerly researching bookstores and the internet to learn all that I could. I browsed every retail store far and wide, looking for the next unique specimen to add to my collection. But just as my o...
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