2018 Vendors (50):

G&LW Asheville January
AF Silver Design LLC
Location: BOOTH 53
Products: Custom Made Jewelry
Amber Dreams
Location: BOOTH 29
Products: Amber Jewelry
Amber Room Artistic Silver
Location: BOOTH 51
Products: Amber Jewelry
Anil B. Dholakia Inc.
Location: B 6
Products: Fine Jewelry - Precious Colored Gemstones - Semi-Precious Gemstone
Arvino Silver Jewelry Store
Location: Booth 20 & 21
Products: Gemstone Rings - Semi Precious Gemstone - Silver Beads - Silver Bracelets - Silver Charms - Silver Earrings - Silver Gemstone Jewelry - Silver Necklaces - Silver Pendants - Silver Rings - Smoky Quartz - Sterling Silver - Sterling Silver Bell Pendants - Sterling silver chains and necklaces - Sterling Silver Jewelry - Wholesale Silver Jewelry
Avalon Trading Co.
Location: BOOTH 56
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Location: BOOTH 35
Products: Beads
Beads Direct
Location: BOOTH 4
Products: Gemstone Beads
Beads N Vogue/Atlantic Gem & Silver
Location: BOOTH 31
Products: Vermeil Beads
Best In Gems, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 12
Products: 14K Gold Semi-Mounts - Colombian Emeralds - Drops Pairs - Loose Gemstones
Blake Brothers - Charlotte
Location: BOOTH 69
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
C & I International, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 82
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
Location: BOOTH 37
Products: Cabochons
Carolina Displays
Location: BOOTH 75
Products: Display Cases
Choy Int'l Gem, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 26
Products: Manufactured Semi-Precious Stones
Coffer Int'l Corp.
Location: BOOTH 85
Products: Beads
Dominican Gem / Caribbean Larimar
Location: BOOTH 21
Products: Larimar Jewelry
Elysium, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 59
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Enter The Earth
Location: BOOTH 46

Products: Ammonite - Fossils - Minerals
Evergreen Gemstone
Location: Booth 33
Products: Aquamarine
Glitters Import LLC
Location: BOOTH 30
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone
Goldie Tampa, LLC
Location: BOOTH 28
Products: Jewelry
Holy & Pure Gemstone, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 87
Products: Beads
Howard Schlansker Minerals
Location: BOOTH 84
Products: Mineral Specimens
India Gems & Beads/Silver Jewels, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 17
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Intrinsic Trading
Location: BOOTH 61
Products: Stone Beads
Jeman Import
Location: BOOTH 3
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
JP Pearl & Jewelry, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 6
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Karma Arts & Crafts
Location: BOOTH 15
Products: Tibetan Jewelry
Koda Imports, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 72
Products: Fashion Jewelry
Lanshang Co.
Location: BOOTH 8 & 9
Products: Beads
Mary Lou's Jewelry
Location: BOOTH 22
Products: Designer Jewelry
Michael Connor
Location: BOOTH 19
Products: Drusy Jewelry
Moldavite/TW Designs
Location: BOOTH 38

Products: Moldavite - Moldavite Incense Products - Moldavite Jewelry
MT Jewelry Mfg., Inc.
Location: BOOTH 24
Products: American Indian Jewelry
Natural Creations - Texas
Location: BOOTH 23

Products: Silver Jewelry
New Century Int'l Wholesale
Location: BOOTH 45
Products: Beads
Only Beads
Location: BOOTH 49
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
PK Accessories
Location: Booth 18
Purity, Inc./MVP Exports
Location: BOOTH 43

Products: Brass Chain - Metal Beads & Findings - Natural Gemstones - Sterling Silver
Quasar Gems & Jewelry
Location: BOOTH 47 & 48
Products: Himalayan Salt Products - Minerals - Rough Rocks - Worldwide Stone Varieties
Rainbow Gems, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 67
Products: Gemstones
Sandy Schor Co.
Location: BOOTH 63 & 64
Seeds Of Light, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 25

Products: Crystal Healing Wands - Gemstone Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry - Moldavite Pendants
Silk Road Treasures, The
Location: BOOTH 86

Products: Ancient Beads - Antique Jewelry - Spice Boxes
Super Time Int'l, Co.
Location: BOOTH 32
Products: Cloisonne Beads
TA Pearls
Location: BOOTH 50
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Taj Company
Location: BOOTH 10
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Tibet Craft, Inc.
Location: BOOTH 81
Products: Artifacts
Vista Gems
Location: BOOTH 39
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone