2019 Vendors (24):

American Indian Arts Exposition
Abraham Begay, Jewelry Custom/Repair
Location: 4
Products: Custom Jewelry Repair
American Indian Chamber Of Commerce
Location: 25
Antone, Anthony (AZ) T/O Basket Demo **
Location: 10
Black Wolf Art & Beads
Location: 7-8
Products: Beads
Buffalo Hides & Skulls
Location: 25
Products: Buffalo Hides
Casa Martinez (Mexico) / Fine Rugs/Weavings
Location: 18
Products: Fine Rugs
Charlotte Cut Beads
Location: 24
Products: Cut Beads
Chu-Chu Fetishes (NM) / Zuni Fetishes
Location: 1
Debbie Sakiestewa
Location: 21
Products: Beadwork
Don Ward / Primitive Stone Works (WV)
Location: 22
Products: Primitive Stone Works
Indian Information and Trade Center (Tucson, AZ)
Location: 12
Jackson, Tommy (AZ) / Fine Custom Jewelry
Location: 14
Products: Designer Jewelry
McCabe Family/Tradional Navajo Jewelry (AZ)
Location: 13
Products: American Indian Jewelry
Morris Family/Custom Navajo Jewelry (AZ)
Location: 16
Products: Custom Navajo Jewelry
Native American Co-op (AZ) / 80+ Tribal Crafts
Location: 21
Native American Directory
Location: 12
Native American Display Showcase Company
Location: 12
Native American Events: AZ, NM, UT, NV & CO
Location: 21
Northrup, Ernie, Jr.
Location: 2
Products: Hopi Crafts
Red Earth Spirit
Location: 4
Products: Designer Jewelry
Shosone Cut Beadwork (ID)
Location: 23
Products: Beadwork
Turquoise Stones/30 year collection / 60 Mines
Location: 24
Products: Turquoise
Yazzie, Elsie (AZ) / Pottery & Jewelry
Location: 11
Products: Pottery
Zuni Co-operative (NM) / Fetishes & Jewelry
Location: 10
Products: Fetishes