2020 Vendors (231):

Kino Gem & Mineral Show
Abdalla Imports
Location: OS C1-C3
Products: Crystal Prisms - Egyptian Perfume Bottles - Essential Oils
Africa Minerals
Location: OS J2 / T35-#15
Products: Suede Cord
African Mineral Treasures LLC
Location: T 35-#1
African Trading
Location: P 93-94
Products: African Jewelry
Agates by Rock of Ages
Location: OS SS 21
Al Peyron
Location: OS
Alaska Sea Glass by Redington
Location: P 27
American Greenland Gems
Location: P 110
American Oriental Rug
Location: OS H6
AMI Corp.
Location: OS B7
Ampac International
Location: P 14-18
Products: Carving Wood - Specimen Storage Boxes
Angelic Healing Crystals
Location: OS J3-4
Antero Minerals & Jewelry
Location: P 60-63
Products: Minerals
Aradon Pty. Ltd. Australia
Location: T 31
Products: Australian Gemstone Beads - Collector Australian Specimens - Gemstones - Wholesale Australian Rocks
Ariana Gems & Jewelry
Location: P 74
Products: Gemstones
Arlette Overseas
Location: OS E1
Products: Brazilian Agate Slices - Onyx Decor - Woven Baskets
Armando & Sons Custom Rock Cutter
Location: OS L7
Products: Jewelry Craft Cabochons - Mata Ortiz Pottery - Stone Carvings
Art Africa & Mineral
Location: T 32
Products: Malachite - Mineral Specimens - Rough Minerals
Art of Decor/Rare Earth Gallery
Location: T 35 - #3
Products: Buffet Tables - Custom Bathtubs - Custom Chandeliers - Custom Lighting - Custom Slabs - Cylinder Luminaries - Dining Table - End Table - Fountains - Hand Carved Bowls - Hand Carved Fountains - Hand Carved Sculptures - Home Decor - Illuminated Coffee Table - Illuminated Slabs - Onyx Bathtub - Onyx Bowls - Onyx Chandeliers - Onyx Coffee Table - Onyx End Table - Onyx Fountains - Onyx Luminaries - Onyx Sculptures - Onyx Slabs - Onyx Spheres - Onyx Wall Panels - Sofa Tables - Square Luminaries - Wall Art - Wall Decor
Australian Mineral Mines
Location: T 19
Products: Rough Rock
Baker's Blades
Location: T 35-#9b
Bali Bazar
Location: T 35-#4
Bali Designs, Inc.
Location: P 19-20
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Beads You Need
Location: P 127
Location: P 73
Bellpoint Gems
Location: T 29
Berber Rugs
Location: OS SS17-18
Best Moroccan Mineral & Fossils
Location: P 58-59
Betty's Curios
Location: OS E5
Products: Borosilicate Beads
Blake Brothers
Location: P 1
Products: Silver Jewelry
Blue Bead & Rock Shop LLC
Location: OS ES9
Bohannon Fossils
Location: T 22
Products: Dinosaur Fossils
Brazil Imports
Location: OS D1
Products: Crystal Quartz
Bright Star Jewelry
Location: P 104
Products: Gold Jewelry
Brightrising, Inc.
Location: OS H5
Broken River Mining Pty. Ltd.
Location: T 31
Products: Australian Opal Gemstones - Boulder Opal Rough - Opal Specimen Rocks
Bronson Inc. / Impressions of Santa Fe
Location: P 75-76
BS Rocks & Gems
Location: P 32
Buffalo Dancer
Location: P 77
Products: American Indian Jewelry
C & I International, Inc.
Location: P 21-22
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
California Shells & Corals
Location: P 111/130

Products: Coral - Marine Specimens - Seafans - Seashells - Shark Teeth
Camara Import & Export
Location: OS C6/D7
Caruso's California Fossils
Location: P 139
Casablanca Export Minerals & Fossils
Location: OS B5-6
Products: Moroccan Minerals
Chavez Minerals
Location: OS D3-4 / ES6
Covington Engineering
Location: T 2D-E
CRS Grippers
Location: OS E2
Products: Rock Saws
Crystal Allies Inc
Location: P 86
Products: Home Decor - Mineral Specimens - Raw Materials
Dale's Amethyst
Location: OS K1-3
Deki Jewels
Location: OS B1
Products: Chakara Products - Meditation Bells - Silver Jewelry
DeLeone Jewelers
Location: P 51
Dennis Brand
Location: T 23
Products: Borosilicate Pendants
Desert Fire Designs
Location: T 31
Designs By Alex Simkin
Location: P 81
Products: Climbers - Ear Vines - Smoky Quartz
Designs by Ehmar
Location: P 31
Diamond Pacific Tool Corp
Location: T 2

Products: Lapidary Equipment - Rock Saws - Tumblers
Dioum Basket Jewelry
Location: OS SS 19
Driftstone Pueblo
Location: T 14
Products: Black Hills Gold Jewelry - Knives - Native American Pottery - Stone Beads
Earth Elements
Location: T 35 - #5
Earthly Endeavors
Location: P 147-149
EIJ Jewelry
Location: P 71
El Magdaleno Mexican Product
Location: OS F7b
El Rancho Mesquite Furniture
Location: OS D2
Emrat Afghan Gems Trading Co.
Location: OS D8
Enter The Earth
Location: T 21, OS G7a-b

Products: Ammonite - Fossils - Minerals
Essance of Tibet
Location: P 25-26
Products: Designer Jewelry - Scarfs - Shawls - Socks
Everything Tibetan
Location: P 92
Products: Tibetan Jewelry
Flying Marlena's Leather Goods
Location: P 133
Products: Handmade Leather Bags - Handmade Leather Journals - Leather Goods
Forever Gems & Jewels
Location: P 89-90
Four Seasons Gems
Location: OS L1
Products: Coral
Freedom Valley Gems & Minerals
Location: P 96-97
Products: Faceted Gemstones - Rogerley Mine Fluorite - Rough Cabochons - Rough Gemstones
Freeland's Jewelry
Location: P 34-35
Products: Turquoise Jewelry
Fu Cheung Jewelry
Location: P 91
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
Furs For Fun
Location: OS C5
Products: Furs & Fur Products
Gem Center USA, Inc.
Location: T 12
Products: Geodes
Gem Fire Agates
Location: OS ES8b
Gem Nest
Location: P 98
Gemimex Minerals, Inc
Location: OS H1-2
Products: Chalcopyrite - Chrysocolla - Hyalite
Gemini Saw Company
Location: P 165
Products: Apollo Ring Saw - Revolution-XT Ring Saw - Taurus 3-Ring Saw
Gemstone UK
Location: OS SS15
Geosource LLC
Location: T 26
Global Products
Location: T 35 - #16
Products: Hand Thrown Pottery
Gold In Quartz
Location: P 102-03
Products: Gold Quartz
Goldnik, Inc
Location: P 95
Good Ground Trading
Location: T 13
Products: Beads - Bronze Dragons - Metal Dinosaur Sculptures - Skulls Carved Stone
Gruta Minerals
Location: OS H3-4 / SS6 /SS8
Gunther Diamond Tools
Location: P 122
Hans Griss Stone Carvings
Location: T 16
Products: Fluorite Crystals
Hardrock USA
Location: OS A4-5
Hausen Rock Treasures Wholesale Inc.
Location: OS ES10
Healing Nature LLC
Location: T 35-#2
Highland Park Lapidary Co.
Location: T 33
Himalayan Gift House
Location: T 35-#13
Products: Gold/Silver Gemstone Jewelry - Handwoven Antique Rugs - Jewelry with Gemstones
Huichol Heart of Obsidian Coop
Location: P 45
Idaho Bling Bling
Location: P 109
Indiana Rock Farm
Location: OS L5
Products: Boulder Opal Bolas & Pendants - Boulder Opal cabs - Turquoise & Variscite - Wire Wrapped Pendants
Island Connection
Location: P 10-13
Products: Silver Jewelry
Location: P 2-3
Products: Wind Spinners
Jennifer Gem Stone
Location: P 40-43
Jennifer Gems
Location: P 4-6
Jennifer Gems A
Location: P 105-06/124-25
Products: Beads
Jewel Brite
Location: P
Jewels by Jeanne
Location: P 32
Jewels Of India
Location: P 79-80
Products: Exotic Silver-Gold - Unusual Gems - World Gems Gallery
Jim's Gems
Location: OS ES5
John Heusler - Slabs to Cabs
Location: OS A6-7
Products: Faceted Gemstones - High Quality Cabochons - Original Design Jewelry - Slabs
Johnson Brothers Lapidary
Location: OS B4
Products: Display Supplies - Grits & Powders - Tools & Equipment
JoJo Jewelry
Location: P 84
Products: High-end Fashion Jewelry - Oregon Opals - Unique Hair Accessories
Jomar Jewelry
Location: P 152
Jonathan & Associates
Location: P 101
JP Intl. Rough Mining & Colored Gemstones Inc.
Location: OS SS 12/14
JR Apparel
Location: T 35-#10
Kala Imports
Location: OS E6-7
Products: Designer Jewelry
Karma Crystal Creations
Location: P 87-88
Products: Carvings - Indian Minerals - Metaphysical Products
Kegan Inc.
Location: P 129
Kelly Styles
Location: P 123/142
Khorasan Gems & Mineral Supplier
Location: OS B8-9, C8-9
Products: Cabochons - Gemstone Beads - Rough Gemstones
Kristall Ocean Export
Location: OS ES11
Products: Himalayan Quartz - Quality Polished Material - Unusual Indian Minerals
Lapidary Mastery
Location: OS SS5
Products: Bisbee Natural Cabochons - Natural American Turquoise - Variscite Rough
Le Raphia Vert
Location: T 11
Products: Fossils from Madagascar - Labradorite Polished Stones - Premium Quality Minerals
Leon: Minerals of the World
Location: OS SS 16
Life Stones Gems & Minerals
Location: OS SS 13
Los Laureles Fire Opals Mexico
Location: OS C7
Products: Fire Agate Jewelry
Lucky Handicrafts
Location: OS SS 2-4
Products: Handmade Crafts
Malachite & Gems of Africa
Location: OS A1
Products: Malachite Carvings
Maritime Jewelry
Location: P 117-118
Products: Estate Fine Jewelry - Montana Sapphires - Rare Color Gems
May Wu Company
Location: P 37-39
Products: Carved Antlers - Quality Carving Knives - Smoky Quartz - Unique Jewelry
Mayan Art
Location: OS A12
Products: Hats
Mecca Gems & Jewelry
Location: T35-#7
Mex Agate
Location: OS SS9
Michal & Company, Inc.
Location: T 7
Products: Amethyst
Midwest Minerals
Location: T18
Products: Minerals
Mike's Blades
Location: P 57
Mikon Minerals - Germany
Location: OS L3-4
Products: Rough Rock - Tools - Wholesale Minerals
Minec Expresso Mineral Ltd
Location: P 150-151
Products: Brazilian Crystals - Brazilian Minerals - Fine Minerals
Location: T 8
Products: Fluorite Bowls - Mexican Onyx Lamps - Mexican Specimens
Monkey Temple
Location: OS A3
Moroccan Desert
Location: P 85
Products: Morocan Selenite - Moroccan Fossils - Moroccan Minerals
Moroccan Minerals & Fossils
Location: T 5
Moussa Minerals & Fossils
Location: T 26

Products: Agate - Ammonite pairs - Bulk Fossils - Crinoids - Devonian Fossils - Druzy - Fluorite - Fossil Shark Teeth - Fossils - Fossils by kg - Fossils for Jewelry - Fulgurite - Lapis - LED mini microscope - Libyan Desert Glass - Meteorite - Minerals - Moroccan Fossils - Moroccan Minerals - Moroccan Trilobites - Museum Grade Fossils - Nephrite Jade - Orthoceras - Quartz - Quartz geode pairs - Selenite - Selenite products - Septarian Nodules - Shark Teeth - Stone giftware - Trilobites - Vanadinite
MP Products
Location: OS ES1

Products: Agua Nueva Agate - Crazy Lace Agate - Laguna Lace Agate
Nadri Gems Inc.
Location: T 35-#11, OS
Products: Cabochons - Gemstones - Wholesale Cabochons
Native American Trading
Location: OS I6
Natural Treasures of Morocco Minerals & Fossils
Location: OS SS 10
Nature Designs
Location: T 35 - #12
Nature's Works
Location: T 35 - #17
New West Gallery
Location: OS F5-6, G5-6
NM Koch Company
Location: T 25
Norcross-Madagascar (US) LLC
Location: T 30
Products: Gemstone Tiles, Sinks - Petrified Wood - Tumbled Stones
North Lake Trading Co.
Location: P 99-100
Products: Dichroic Glass Beads
Old West Traders
Location: OS E3
Products: 18-22k Handmade Chain
Opalos Lara
Location: OS I5
Oriental Gems Corp.
Location: OS SS 7
Orr's Trading Company
Location: T 25
Products: American Indian Jewelry
Oscar Torrecellas
Location: OS C4
Otteson's South of Santa Fe
Location: P 82
Ouro Prento Brazilian Stones
Location: P144-145
Pameer Gem & Jewelry
Location: P 114
Panjsher Gems Ltd.
Location: OS J5-6, K5-6
Pap's Place
Location: T 2A
Peru Minerals
Location: T 17
Products: Minerals
Peruvian Spirit
Location: P 163-64
Products: Fluorite Crystals
Porcupines Unlimited
Location: T 24
Products: Skulls
Location: P 47
Prentiss Campbell
Location: OS I7
Products: Lead Free Elements
Puka Creations
Location: P 67-69
Purple Dragon Jewelry Incense
Location: OS
Quasar Gems & Jewelry
Location: T 9, OS I1-3
Products: Himalayan Salt Products - Minerals - Rough Rocks - Worldwide Stone Varieties
Rainbow Gems, Inc.
Location: OS ES7
Products: Gemstones
Rainbow Gifts
Location: T 34
Products: Gemstone Globes
Rare Rock Shop, LLC
Location: OS I4
Products: Dinosaur Bones - Fordite - Surfite
RB Davidson Company
Location: OS A10
Products: Wood Art
Revelations in Stone
Location: OS ES8c
Products: Charoite - Jade - Polished Stone Products - Seraphinite
Richardson Adnane Imports LLC
Location: OS ES15, T 4
Rimrock Gems
Location: OS H7
Rock Star Gallery, The
Location: T 27
Location: OS K4
Location: T 18
Products: Agatized Florida Coral - Rough Turquoise - Selenite
Samora Minerals & Amber Co.
Location: P 116/135

Products: African Minerals - Amber - Amber Jewelry - American Minerals - Blue Amber - Cabochons - Fine Mineral Specimens - Fine Minerals - Jewelry - Metaphysical - Mexican Fire Opal - Mexican Obsidian
Santa Fe Silver & Stones
Location: T 17
Products: Jewelry
Sarilapis LTD
Location: OS SS1
Selenite Mining Productions
Location: T 5
Serenity Tibet
Location: T 2B/C/F
Products: Crystal Singing Bowls
Shop 4 Gifts
Location: OS ES2-4
Products: Crystal Skulls
Silica Gem Co Ltd
Location: T 35-#6
Products: Metal Template - Pendants - Purple Jade - Special Turkish Gemstones - Stick Agate
Silver Rainbird
Location: P 167
Products: Beads
Silver Streams Northwest
Location: OS A6-A7

Products: Moonshine Jasper - North Ridge Plume - Owyhee Picture Jasper
Snow Region Gifts
Location: OS J7, P 140-41, 166
Products: Jewelry
Southwest Wholesale Arts
Location: P 54-55
Products: American Indian Jewelry
Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop, LLC
Location: OS A6-A7

Products: Eggzilla Thundereggs - Lava Cap Thundereggs - Thundereggs
Star Gems
Location: OS B3
Sticks n Stones
Location: P 158-62
Products: Minerals
Stone House Rock
Location: OS K4
Stone Room
Location: OS B10-11
Strong Rock, The
Location: T 20
Products: Fluorite
Style Gems & Jewelry
Location: P 52-53
Products: Jewelry
Sunset Beach Products
Location: OS C10
Products: Soaps & Lotions, Natural
Sunwest Silver Co., Inc.
Location: P 23
Products: Cabochons - Handmade Turquoise Jewelry - Native American Jewelry - Rough Stone - Sterling Silver Charms
Sweet Medicine Drums
Location: OS ES8a
Tenzing Collections
Location: P 24/65-66
Products: Batik Wooden Stamps - Classic Minerals - Organic Cotton Clothes - Singing Bowl
Location: OS C11
Tex Mex Importing
Location: T 6
Location: OS J1
Thunder One
Location: P 44/64/143
Products: Beads
Tibet Horizon
Location: OS L2
Products: Tibetan Jewelry
Tie-Dye Mafia
Location: OS L6
Tony Kassebaum
Location: OS
Treasure Of Tibet
Location: P 83
Products: Himalayan Sterling Silver Jewelry
Trinity Gem & Minerals
Location: T 28
Products: Collection Gem Pieces - Polished Minerals - Rare Minerals
Tsering Jewelry
Location: OS B2
Products: Tibetan Jewelry
Turquoise Mining Co.
Location: OS A9
TW Wholesale
Location: OS K7
Products: Beads
Twin Palace, LLC
Location: P 28-30/48-50
Products: Charms
Unconventional Lapidarist, LLC
Location: OS A2

Products: Designer Cabochons - Lapidary Slabs - Rough Turquoise
Location: P 108
Unique Gem & Jewelry
Location: P 78
Products: Designer Jewelry
Village Originals
Location: T 3

Products: Amethyst - Brazilian Agate - Pendants - Pyrite
Wade's Wood & Rocks
Location: OS D5-6
Products: Beads - Dinosaur Bones - Jewelry - Turquoise
Walter Lee Bennett
Location: P 7-9
Products: Handcarved Bone Jewelry - Mammoth Ivory - Moose Mammoth Carvings - Wood Totems Masks
Watan Inc.
Location: P 137
White Rhino Silver
Location: P 115/134
Products: Silver
Wildcat Opal
Location: OS E4
World Bead Mine
Location: P 153-156
Wrap-N-Rock Gems
Location: OS A8
Products: Wirework Jewelry
WY Trading
Location: P 36/56
Yukon Jade
Location: OS F7A
Location: T 10
Products: Art Work
Zeyma Collection
Location: OS A11, 121
Zibo Hans Super Abrasive Materials Co LTD
Location: P 70
Zion Prospectors
Location: T 15
Products: Gemstone Hearts