2019 Vendors (229):

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show®
49er Minerals, Inc.
Location: MRDEx 1027-29
A Gathering of Spirits Gallery
Location: GRDA 1932-34
A Savage Life by Brendan Davidson
Location: GRDEx 1503
ABD Inc.
Location: GRDEx 1401-3
Adelaide Mining Co., The
Location: MRDEx 1423
Products: Crocoite Australia
African Trading
Location: GRDEx 1707-9
Products: African Jewelry
Location: GRDA 2125-29
Ajit Roy Designs
Location: GRDEx 1204-06
Akala's Jewelry
Location: GRDA 1935
Alain Martaud Minerals
Location: MRDEx 926-28
Products: Minerals
Alan's Quality Minerals, LLC
Location: MRDEx 1617-19
AM Import
Location: GRDEx 1307-9
Amber Elegance
Location: GRDEx 1500
Amber Gems Company
Location: GRDA 2107
Amerind Museum
Location: NPGAG 129G
Amora Piedra
Location: GRDA 2135-37
Products: Handcarved Semi-Precious Stones
Ancient Gold Jewelers
Location: GRDEx 1305
Arat Jewelry
Location: GRDA 2012-14
Products: Diamond Jewelry
Arizona Gemological Laboratory
Location: GRDA 1823
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Location: NPGAG 112G
Arkenstone, The
Location: MRDEx 814-923

Products: Gem Crystals - Natural Interior Decor - Rare Fine Minerals
Art Rocks Studio
Location: GRDA North 109
Artisan Jade
Location: GRDEx 406
Artisan Made Gemstones
Location: GRDEx 115
Arzawa Mineralogical Inc.
Location: MRDEx 418
Badlands Scientific Expeditions, LLC
Location: MRDEx 1521
Balaam Design LLC.
Location: GRDEx 0508
Big Blue Coin Jewelry
Location: GRDEx 1610-12
Big Rock Minerals
Location: MRDEx 421
Birdseye Woodworking
Location: GRDA 1923-25
Bisbeeborn Minerals
Location: MRDEx 1426-28
Products: Turquoise
Blue Elk Designs / Pedro Jimenez III
Location: GRDEx 401-3
Blue Lace Agate
Location: GRDA 2133
Products: Agate Slices - Blue Lace Agate Specimens - Druzies
Bonita Pearl Inc.
Location: GRDEx 507-9
Boys Silver, The
Location: GRDEx 206-8
Products: Silver Jewelry
Bridges Tsavorite
Location: MRDEx 216-18
Brilliant Design
Location: GRDA 2026-28
Products: Fine Gems Jewelry
Broken River Mining Pty. Ltd.
Location: GRDA 1827
Bruce Wood Minerals
Location: MRDEx 220-22
Buckskin Booksellers
Location: PEx 1721-23
Canyon Colors
Location: MRDEx 1520-22
Caracol Gems HK Limited
Location: MRDEx 227-29
Casa de Lumbre
Location: GRDEx 1711-13
Collector's Edge Minerals, Inc.
Location: MRDEx 904-1011
Collector's Stope, The
Location: MRDEx 327-29
Products: Mineral Specimens
Cornerstone Minerals
Location: MRDEx 1526-1629
Products: Colombian Emeralds
Location: GRDA 1810-12
Crystal Circle, LLC, The
Location: MRDEx 1417-21
Crystal Classics Fine Minerals
Location: MRDEx 914-1023
Crystal Creations
Location: GRDEx 1603
Crystals Unlimited
Location: GRDEx 1600-2
CW Sellors Fine Jewellery
Location: GRDA 1927-29
D & M Rock & Gem
Location: MRDEx 1317-21
Dan Trebesch & Company
Location: GRDEx 607-09
Dave Bunk Minerals
Location: MRDEx 1126-1329
David R Freeland Designs
Location: GRDEx 409-13
Products: Opals
Davir Gems
Location: GRDA 1920
Products: Gemstones
De Natura
Location: MRDEx 616-22
Products: Cabochons
Del Sur Agates
Location: MRDEx 1416-18
Products: Agate
Demantoid Poldnevskoy
Location: GRDEx 1508
Designs By Alex Simkin
Location: GRDA 1914
Products: Smoky Quartz
Location: GRDEx 1501
Doost Gems, Inc.
Location: GRDA 2003-5
Earth Terra Erde Inc.
Location: GRDA 303
E-Bu Jewelry
Location: GRDA 1809
Products: Jewelry
El Dorado Jewelry, Inc.
Location: GRDEx 408
Elite Design Jewelry
Location: GRDA 2126-28
Elle of California
Location: GRDEx 1611
Emergreen Exports
Location: GRDEx 306
Products: Emeralds
Enchanted Minerals
Location: MRDEx 221
Erik Stewart Jewelry
Location: GRDEx 1613
Fall Creek Enterprises, LLC
Location: MRDEx 321-23
Fantastic Stones & Accessories
Location: GRDEx 209-13
Fasano & Co.
Location: GRDEx 1402
Fine Art Minerals Tralee, Co.
Location: MRDEx 1222-1323
Fine Minerals International
Location: MRDEx 826-929
Products: Classic Minerals - Collector Quality Minerals - Fine Minerals
Freeland's Jewelry
Location: GRDEx 1406-8
Products: Turquoise Jewelry
Friends Of Mineralogy
Location: NPGAG 131G
Galaxy Gems Brazil
Location: GRDEx 210-12
Gallery of Lapidary Artists
Location: GRDA 2007-09
Gem & Gold Creations
Location: GRDEx 1400
Gem Art Center / Helen Serras-Herman
Location: GRDEx 1601
Gem Center USA, Inc.
Location: MRDEx 1727-29
Products: Geodes
Gem Cutters Atelier, The
Location: GRDEx 307
Gem-A Gemmological Association of Great Britain
Location: MRDEx 320-22
Location: GRDEx 1208
GEOdyssey, LLC
Location: MRDEx 223
Geotrope Minerals
Location: MRDEx 1621-23
Location: NPGAG 128G
Glitters Import
Location: GRDA 2006-8
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone
Golden State Gems & Minerals
Location: MRDEx 120-22
Golden Touch Jewelers
Location: GRDEx 312
Location: GRDA 2016-18
Goldstein Creations
Location: GRDEx 1410-12
Products: Petrified Wood
Graeber & Himes
Location: MRDEx 726-829
Products: Worldwide Wholesale Minerals
Head Lands
Location: GRDEx 1607
Products: Fantasy Sculptures - Gothic Art - Hinged Geodes
Heirloom Enterprises Co.
Location: GRDEx 1205
Products: Beads - Fossil Carvings - Jewelry
High Desert Gems & Minerals
Location: MRDEx 126-28
Products: Tourmaline
Himalaya Quartz
Location: MRDEx 423
Hopi Gold Silver Gems
Location: GRDEx 504
Hopkins Opal
Location: GRDEx 1510-12
Products: Australian Black Opal - Australian Boulder Opal - Australian Crystal Opal - Australian Opal - Black Opals - Boulder Opals - Crystal Opal - Gemstone Cabochons - Gemstone Carvings - Gemstone Hearts - Gold Australian Opal Jewelry - Lightning Ridge Opal - Opal - Opal Beads - Opal Doublets - Opal Specimens - Opals - Rare Opals - Rough & Cut Opal - Rough Opal
Horst Burkard Minerals
Location: MRDEx 1320-22
IC Minerals
Location: MRDEx 1217-19
IL RE Mineral Carving
Location: MRDEx 219
Indus Minerals
Location: MRDEx 416
Janice Evert Opals
Location: GRDA 2002-4
Products: Austrailan Opal - Australian Crocodile Leather - Kangaroo Leather Products
Location: GRDEx 307
Jewelry by LK Enterprises
Location: GRDA 2111-13
Jewelry by WendyLea
Location: GRDEx 1409
Joryel Vera Collections
Location: GRDEx 309-11
Products: Designer Sterling Silver
JP Intl. Rough Mining & Colored Gemstones Inc.
Location: MRDEx 226-28
JS Noor
Location: GRDEx 400-402
Juno Design
Location: GRDA 1834-836
K & K International
Location: GRDEx 511-13
KARP Mining, LLC
Location: MRDEx 426-529
Kosnar Gem Co.
Location: MRDEx 516-22
Location: MRDEx 804-909
Products: Antiquarian Books - Classic Minerals - Crystallized Gold Specialists - Native Elements
Lam's Jade Center
Location: GRDA 2102-4
Legacy Gem & Jewelry
Location: GRDA 1833
Lehigh Minerals
Location: MRDEx 326-429
Lexcel Minerals
Location: MRDEx 317-19
L'ile Au Tresor / Kreoli
Location: GRDA 1922
Products: Larimar
Liliana International
Location: GRDEx 107-9
Lo Rador Gem House
Location: GRDEx 1104-06
Loomis Minerals
Location: MRDEx 521-23
Lost World Fossils
Location: GRDA North 100-101
Lowe Associates - Brazil
Location: GRDEx 410-12
Products: Brazilian Gemstones
Lucine Dirtadian - Ursula Rodgers Jewelry
Location: GRDEx 202
Lucky Star Jewelry Inc.
Location: GRDEx 1502
Luis Burillo Minerals
Location: MRDEx 617-19
Lynch & Kenndy Drygood
Location: GRDEx 1506
M & R Trading, Inc.
Location: GRDEx 201-3
Products: Gemstone Beads
Made From Coins
Location: GRDEx 313
Magic Stone, The
Location: GRDEx 207
Magic Stones
Location: MRDEx 1628
Majesta M's A-Z Jewelry Supply
Location: GRDA 2022-24
Majul & Co
Location: GRDA 1828-30
Malachite & Gems of Africa
Location: MRDEx 1616-18
Products: Malachite Carvings
Merveilles de la Terre
Location: MRDEx 621-23
Michigan Rocks & Minerals
Location: GRDA 65-66
Products: Copper Specimens - Lake Superior Agate - Petoskey Stones
Mike Bergmann Minerals
Location: MRDEx 417-19
Mike Woodward Photography
Location: GRDA BW100-1
Products: Fossil Photography - Photography, Infused Aluminum - Photography, Stone
Millan Marketing
Location: GRDA 1903-9
Location: NPGAG 133G-135G
Products: Mineral Information
Miner K / Gemmes
Location: MRDEx 1527-29
Products: Asian Minerals
Mineral Classics/Kosnar Gem Company
Location: MRDEx 516-22
Products: Collector Quality Minerals
Mineral Enterprises
Location: MRDEx 217
Mineral Exploration Services
Location: MRDEx 326-429
Mineral Miner
Location: MRDEx 420-22
Location: GRDEx 1701-3
Mineralogical Almanac
Location: PEx 1221-23
Mineralogical Association of Canada
Location: NPGAG 130G
Mineralogical Record Magazine
Location: PEx 1326-28
Mineralogical Society of America
Location: NPGAG 132G
Minerals of Arizona
Location: MRDEx 723
Miner's Lunchbox
Location: MRDEx 1126-1329
Modern Antiquarian, The
Location: GRDA North 106-08
Mondrian Collection
Location: GRDA 2023-25
Mountain Minerals Int'l.
Location: MRDEx 1116-22
Location: GRDEx 605
Natural Ammolite
Location: GRDEx 1606-1608
Natural Creations
Location: GRDEx 604-705
Natural Selection Crystals
Location: MRDEx 116-18
Nevada Mineral & Book Company
Location: PEx 1620-22
OB Rocks & Minerals
Location: MRDEx 1517-19
OHCK Natural Hawaiian Jewelry
Location: GRDEx 306-08
Old Pueblo Lapidary Club
Location: NPGAG 120G-122G
Olga's Jewelry
Location: GRDEx 111
One Of A Kind Designer Cabochons
Location: GRDA 1913-15
Products: Wirework Jewelry
Pachamama Minerals
Location: MRDEx 1526-1629
Palm of Hope Jewelry Designs
Location: GRDEx 301

Products: Fashion Jewelry - Natural Stone Jewelry - Pearl Jewelry
Pamela's Jewelry
Location: GRDEx 1507-13
Patagonia Minerals
Location: MRDEx 1523
Products: Fluorite
Pinnacle 5 Minerals, LLC
Location: MRDEx 1316-18
Products: Colorado Topaz - Fine Amazonite - Smoky Quartz
Porte du Sahara - Morocco
Location: MRDEx 1717-19
R & D XTALS Inc.
Location: GRDA 49
Randy Polk Designs
Location: GRDEx 410-12
Red Earth Opal
Location: GRDA 1821
Revelations in Stone
Location: GRDA 1917-19
Products: Polished Stone Products
Roberts Jewelers
Location: GRDA 1908-10
Rock N Spheres
Location: GRDA 2033-2035
Location: MRDEx 1420-22
Products: Agate Slices
Rocks & Minerals Magazine
Location: PEx 1221-23
Rocks of Ages
Location: MRDEx 316-18
Rocksaholics LLC
Location: MRDEx 517-19
Products: Fine Gemstones
S & J Fine Jewelry
Location: GRDA 1902-04
S & S Gold & Diamond Exchange
Location: GRDA 1822-26
Products: Jewelry
S Georgios, Inc
Location: GRDA 2032-34
Samora Minerals & Amber Co.
Location: GRDA 2013-15

Products: African Minerals - Amber - Amber Jewelry - American Minerals - Blue Amber - Cabochons - Fine Mineral Specimens - Fine Minerals - Jewelry - Metaphysical - Mexican Fire Opal - Mexican Obsidian
SARSEF: Southern AZ Regional Science & Engineering Fair
Location: NPGAG 110G
Scott Baron & Assoc.
Location: GRDEx 1300-02
Shows Studios
Location: GRDEx 1407
SJ Pearl, Inc.
Location: GRDEx 300-02
Snapp Bros Trade Co.
Location: MRDEx 1626
Something New - Marietta, GA
Location: GRDEx 407
Something New - Woodstock, GA
Location: GRDA 2101-105
Sparco International
Location: GRDEx 106-112
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Spirifer Minerals LLC
Location: MRDEx 426-529
Stardust by Meelheim & Scott
Location: GRDEx 501-3
Products: Fine Jewelry
Starr Gems
Location: GRDA 2106-8
Sterling Silver From Taxco
Location: GRDA 1803-05
Products: Bracelets - Chains - Crosses - Earrings - Men's Jewelry - Necklaces - Pendants - Rings - Sterling Silver Jewelry
Steve Wolf & Company
Location: GRDA 1815
Stone Quilt Design
Location: GRDEx 1702-06
Location: MRDEx 810-911
Products: African Minerals
Superb Minerals India Ltd
Location: MRDEx 727-29
Products: Fine Minerals
Sycamore Canyon Designs
Location: GRDA 1838
Taiya River Jewelry
Location: GRDEx 1413
Throwin' Stones
Location: MRDEx 1516-18
Tom Wolfe Minerals
Location: GRDA South 100-105
Top Turquoise Inc.
Location: GRDA 1926
Trinity Diamonds Inc.
Location: GRDA 1916
TRS Jewelers
Location: GRDEx 1609
Ultra Tec Mfg., Inc.
Location: GRDA 2116-18
Unique Design Jewelry, Inc.
Location: GRDA 1806-08
Unique Minerals
Location: MRDEx 526-628
Unique Russian Minerals
Location: GRDEx 117
US Department of Agriculture Forest Service
Location: NPGAG 113G-115G
US Geological Survey
Location: NPGAG 109G-111G
Vance Gems
Location: GRDEx 1310-12
Visit Tucson®
Location: NPGAG 117G
Vladimir Pluteshko
Location: MRDEx 119
Walls That Rock / Mountain Sculpture Studios
Location: GRDA BW 102-103
Wayne Locke Antique & Estate Jewelry
Location: GRDA 1928
Weinrich Minerals, Inc.
Location: MRDEx 1026-1129
Well-Arranged Molecules
Location: MRDEx 1216-1220
Wendel Minerals
Location: MRDEx 526-628
Western Minerals
Location: MRDEx 717-21
World of Fine Minerals
Location: MRDEx 1427-29
Yes Hajaa Gems
Location: GRDA 1816-18