2020 Vendors (46):

Highlands Road Gem Show - May
A&A Rockshop
Location: Not set
African Gems Stone
Location: AGS
Location: AMI

Products: Arielite - Balinese Recycled Glass Art - Balinese Sacred Deity Statues - Boji - Clear Space & Stonessences - Crystal Singing Instruments - GDV Readings - Lemurian Quartz - Lifenhancers / ShungiteAlive! Wearables - Lightning Struck Lemurians - Mayan Artifacts (Jalisco) - Mouth Mud - Rituals of Manifestation Deck & Guidebook - Shungite - Soaps and Candles - StonesAlive! Book Series - Structured Water Units - SuperHero Rings! - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Vibrational Jewelry - Vibrational Wands - Wrapped Jewelry - Yeh Ming Zhu
Alchemy of Earth
Location: AE
Ancient Artworks
Location: AA
Angelic Healing Crystals
Location: Not set
B & R Rocks
Location: Not set
Berber Minerals & Fossils
Location: BM
Blue Earth Traders
Location: Not set
Products: Discount Gemstone Jewelry - Discount Minerals, Fossils - Himalayan Salt Crystals - Wholesale Amethyst Cathedrals
Driftstone Pueblo
Location: Not set
Products: Black Hills Gold Jewelry - Knives - Native American Pottery - Stone Beads
Elevated Wisdom, LLC
Location: EWL
Excellence America LLC
Location: EAL
Free Bird Concessions, LLC
Location: FBC
Gem Finders, Inc
Location: GFI
Gems Mart, LLC
Location: GML
Products: Himalayan Salt Products - Polished Minerals - Rough Minerals - Selenite products
Gina's Gems
Location: GG
Howard Merk Minerals
Location: HMM
Imperial Pewter
Location: IP
Jewelry Gems & Stones
Location: Not set
Jim's Gems
Location: Not set
Location: JTW
JP Intl. Rough Mining & Colored Gemstones Inc.
Location: Not set
Ken Dodd
Location: KD
Kerby Rock & Gem
Location: KRG
LowCountry Geologic
Location: Not set

Products: Agatized Coral - Ammonites - Dinosaurs - Fish - Fossil Leaves - Fossil Shark Teeth - Insects - Marine Mammals - Megalodon Shark Teeth - Shells - Stone Carvings - Trilobites
Moroccan Fossils Inc.
Location: MFI
Nature's Elements of Glassy Mountains
Location: Not set
Nightjar Minerals
Location: NJM
Location: O
Opalescent DayDreams, LLC
Location: ODL
Opalos Romero
Location: ORI
Pangaea Industries, Inc.
Location: Not set
Products: Dinosaur Fossils - Meteorites - Moroccan Fossils
Peace Love & Rocks
Location: N/A
Products: 100+ Different Minerals - Hemp Jewelry - Stone Carvings
Quasar Gems & Jewelry
Location: Not set
Products: Himalayan Salt Products - Minerals - Rough Rocks - Worldwide Stone Varieties
Relics Gems & Minerals
Location: N/A
Royal Gem
Location: N/A
Silk Road Treasures, The
Location: SRT
Products: Ancient Beads - Antique Jewelry - Spice Boxes
Smilodon Resources, LLC
Location: Not set
Southern Gem Supply, Inc.
Location: Not set
Sterling N Stone
Location: SNS
Tex-Mex Inc.
Location: Not set
Three Kings Investements
Location: N/A
Throwin' Stones
Location: TS
TJ's Rocks
Location: TJR
Village Originals
Location: Not set

Products: Amethyst - Brazilian Agate - Pendants - Pyrite
We Rock Rocks
Location: Not set