2018 Vendors (108):

JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show September
A & A Enterprise Jewelry
Location: W908-914
Absolute Jewelry Mfg.
Location: W516, W518, W615, W617
Products: Sterling Inlay Jewelry
All That Glitterz
Location: E417-E420
Location: W408, 410
Products: Baltic Amber
Anavia Jewelry & Gifts Inc.
Location: W515
Another Time And Place
Location: W213, W215, W217
Products: Fine Jewelry
Artesanias Urin Huanca SA
Location: W521
Astrabrands LV
Location: W10
Avance Accessories
Location: W709, W711, W713
Products: Spiritual & Ethnic Jewelry
Balaam Design LLC.
Location: W5
BB Zaveri Inc.
Location: W608, W610, W612
Bead Resources Corp.
Location: W216 - W226
Beads Creation
Location: W311, 313
Products: Beads - Findings
Bennett Imports
Location: E413-E416
Best In Gems, Inc.
Location: N17-18
Products: Colombian Emeralds
Blake Brothers
Location: BR W2
Products: Silver Jewelry
BMG NY, Inc.
Location: W7
Boys Silver, The
Location: W409, W411
Products: Silver Jewelry
Brilliant Design
Location: W508, 510
Products: Fine Gems Jewelry
Buddha & Beads - BDShows
Location: E305-E312
Charles Albert, Inc.
Location: W4
Chinese American Art Craft
Location: W9
Products: Chinese American Art Carvings
Cold Creek
Location: W517
Corporation Angelli
Location: W223
Location: W501
DC, Inc.
Location: W6
Desi Mall LLC
Location: W425
Location: TBD
Enchanted Designs Ltd.
Location: E11-12

Products: Ammolite - Ammonites - Fossils
EnjoyaBowls LLC
Location: FC
Fashion Jewelry LA
Location: W13-14
Products: Designer Jewelry
Feng's Trading
Location: W400, 402
Fivestar Jewelry Inc.
Location: W715, W717
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Forever Young
Location: W503
Good Medicine Shop, The
Location: W919, W921
Guangzhou Kahkashan Jewelry
Location: W522
Hezekiah Pool
Location: W618
In Style Trading
Location: W321, W323
Products: Septarian Nodules - Sterling Silver Jewelry
India Gourmet
Location: FC
Indian Touch of Gallup
Location: W219, W221
J & S Fine Imports
Location: W422
JAA Silvergems
Location: W611
Products: Handmade Jewelry
Jackie's Food Court
Location: FC
Janice Evert Opals
Location: W716, W718
Products: Austrailan Opal - Australian Crocodile Leather - Kangaroo Leather Products
Jay Laxmi Gold & Silver Shop
Location: TBD
JBC Trading
Location: W324, 326
Products: Silver Jewelry
Jennifer Beads
Location: W710-W714
Location: W3
Jewelry Sky Diamond LLC
Location: W322
Judy Brandon Jewelry
Location: W423
Kameyab Imports, Inc.
Location: W916, 918, 920, 922, 924, 926
Products: Lapis - Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
Ken's Hardwood Barbecue
Location: FC
KI Import
Location: W623, W625
Kim Fox Jewelry Design
Location: W502
Kings Beads Inc.
Location: E517-E522
Kybele Sterling
Location: W11
Products: Handmade Oxidized Sterling Jewelry
LP Turquoise
Location: E10
Lulu K. Designs
Location: E9
Majul & Co
Location: W619, W621
MAK Int'l Stones
Location: W424, W426
Products: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beads
Mariam Dundua
Location: W822
Mariano Gems
Location: W420
Mazhar International
Location: C2
Products: Lapis
Momeni Gallery Inc.
Location: E403, E404, E503, E504
MS International, Inc.
Location: W320
Location: W12
Nadri's Gems
Location: E505-E512
Nativa Gems
Location: E409-E412
Products: Brazilian Gemstones
Natural Creations
Location: W600, 602
New Century Int'l Wholesale
Location: W303, 305, 307, 309
Products: Beads
Oh My Druzy
Location: E405-E408
Ole Trading, Inc.
Location: W723, W725, W624, W626
Oriental Crest, Inc
Location: W416, 418
Panda Express
Location: FC
Pandora's Box
Location: W604, W606
Paris Station Inc.
Location: N15, N16
Pasha Kebab & Grill
Location: FC
Pedras Brasil
Location: W407
Pema Arts, Inc.
Location: W624, W626
Petri Gems Inc.
Location: W2
PG Gemstone, Inc.
Location: W923, 925, 824, 826
Products: Beads
Posh Jewels Worldwide
Location: W520
Purity, Inc./MVP Exports
Location: E513-E516

Products: Brass Chain - Metal Beads & Findings - Natural Gemstones - Sterling Silver
QQ Gems
Location: W401, 403, 405, 620, 622, 719, 721
Queenly Global Trading
Location: W720, 722, 819, 821
Products: Crystal
Rainbow Gems, Inc.
Location: W523, W525
Products: Gemstones
Rare Stone
Location: E8
Red Bay Berry, LLC
Location: W8
Ricuras de Venezuela
Location: FC
Road Running Wood Fired Pizza
Location: FC
Sam Davis Designs
Location: W509, 511
Products: Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewelry
Sanchi & Filia P Designs
Location: W316, W318, W415, W417
Products: Amethyst Jewelry - Casting Jewelry - Larimar Jewelry
Sandy Schor & Co.
Location: W315, 317, 319
Products: Vintage Beads
Sarah Cavender Metalworks
Location: W519
Singing Bowl Sound & Craft
Location: W823, W825
Sino Arts
Location: W210-W214
Location: W724
Spiritstone Gems LLC
Location: E317-E323
Location: S16
Starborn Creations
Location: W816-W917

Products: Amber - Artistic Jewelry - Blue Amber - Coating Services - Crystal Quartz - Designer Jewelry - Drusy Cabochons - Druzy - Druzy Cabochons - Fossil Jewelry - Fossil Shark Teeth Jewelry - Fossils - Gold Jewelry - Handcrafted - Handmade - Handmade Jewelry - Lamps - Larimar Jewelry - Lighting - Loose Stones - Metaphysical - Metaphysical Jewelry - Meteorite Jewelry - Meteorite Watches - Meteorites - Moldavite - Moldavite Jewelry - Natural Quality Gemstones - Natural Stone Jewelry - One of a Kind - Peruvian Opal Jewelry - Rare Gemstone Jewelry - Rare stones - Rough Amber - Shark Teeth - Stone Coating - Sumatra Amber - Tanzanite Jewelry - Tourmaline Jewelry - Turquoise Jewelry - Unique Jewelry
Sunshine Wholesale Jewelry
Location: W1
Products: Diamond Jewelry
Sunwest Silver Co., Inc.
Location: W300, 302, 304, 306, 308, 310
Products: Silver Charms
Super Time Int'l, Co.
Location: W404, 406, 505, 507
Products: Cloisonne Beads
Tikka Opals
Location: W616
Products: Black Opals
Twin Palace, LLC
Location: W504, 506
Products: Charms
Viet Gift
Location: W419, W421
White Star
Location: W500
Wild Things Beads
Location: W609
Products: Czech Glass Beads - Czech Glass Buttons - Czech Glassware