2018 Vendors (81):

G&LW Tucson Gem Show / Holidome (Sept.)
Ands Silver
Location: BR 71
Products: Bali Silver Charms
Annie's Boutique
Location: P 230/234
Products: Fashion Jewelry
Artfield Gemstone Manufacturer Co.
Location: BR 45
Avaniee Jewels
Location: BR 44
Best In Gems, Inc.
Location: BR 25
Products: Colombian Emeralds
Bollywood Bead Co., LLC
Location: BR 19
Products: Beads
Bora Jewelry
Location: BR 55, 59
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Borun Crystal
Location: BR 1
BSS Jewelry
Location: BR 23, 35
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
C & I International, Inc.
Location: MP 110-13
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
Chadha Bros., Inc.
Location: B 7
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
China Resource Co.
Location: P 201
Chloe Jewelry & Accessories Inc.
Location: BR 22
Choy Int'l Gem, Inc.
Location: P 202
Products: Manufactured Semi-Precious Stones
Coffer Int'l Corp.
Location: P 203, 207
Products: Beads
Colbaugh Processing, Inc.
Location: MP 118-21
Products: Kingman Turquoise - Rough Turquoise - Turquoise Strands
Constantine Creations
Location: BR 40
Products: Emeralds
D & C International Co.
Location: MP 125-26
Products: Jade Beads
Location: BR 57
Products: Diamonds
DZI Creations, LLC
Location: BR 46
Products: Silver Jewelry
E Mountain Gems
Location: MP 123-24
Elysium, Inc.
Location: BR 28
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Fine Beads, Inc.
Location: BR 27, 31
Products: Semi-Precious & Precious Beads
Global Curiosity, Inc.
Location: BR 78
Products: Baltic Amber
Golden Highway Jewelry
Location: BR 14
Products: Italian Gold
GS NM Silver Mfg., Co.
Location: BR 2
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Hands Of The Hills, Inc.
Location: P 224
Products: Glass Beads
Heirloom Enterprises Co.
Location: BR 5
Products: Beads - Fossil Carvings - Jewelry
Hezekiah Pool
Location: BR 50
Ho's Mandarin Imp. & Exp., Inc. / Rucinni
Location: BR 95
Imperial Gems
Location: P 208
Products: Bone Sculptures
India Gems
Location: BR 3
Products: Bracelets - Earrings - Pendants - Rings
Innovative Findings
Location: BR 82
Intrinsic Trading
Location: BR 51, 63, 79, 91
Products: Stone Beads
Inventory Adjusters, Inc.
Location: BR 84, 86
Products: Fine Jewelry
Jennifer Gems & Stone
Location: P 209, 213
Products: Beads
Joan's Collection
Location: BR 13
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Johnson Lapidary
Location: MP 122
Products: Azurite - Bisbee Azurite - Bisbee Malachite - Bisbee turquoise cabochons - Cabochons - Calcociderite - Campbellite - Carico Lake Turquoise - Designer Cabochons - Fine Turquoise - Kingman Turquoise - Natural Sleeping Beauty - Natural Turquoise Cabochons - New Lander Variscite - Patagonia Turquoise - Poseidon Variscite - Royston Turquoise - Spiderweb turquoise - Spiderweb Variscite - Sugilite - Turquoise - Turquoise- Calibrated - Turquoise matched pairs - Turquoise slab earrings - YTTRIUM FLUORITE
JP Pearl & Jewelry, Inc.
Location: BR 8
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
JPI Display, Inc.
Location: BR 93
Products: Jewelry Supplies
JVW Enterprises, LLC
Location: MP 114
Products: Pearls
Kamal Trading Co., Inc.
Location: P 200

Products: Beads - Chains - Clasps - Findings - Soft Flex Beading Wire - Swarovski Crystals - Tools
Karma Arts & Crafts
Location: P 211
Products: Tibetan Jewelry
Kathmandu Jewelry
Location: MP 108-09
Products: Moonstone Jewelry
Lucky Gems & Jewelry Fty., Ltd.
Location: MP 104-06
Products: Manufactured Semi-Precious Stones
Malachite & Gems of Africa
Location: BR 16
Products: Malachite Carvings
Mazhar International
Location: BR 30
Products: Lapis
Modern Opus Fashion
Location: BR 38
MT Jewelry Mfg.
Location: P 237
Products: American Indian Jewelry
Nacre Designs
Location: BR 42
Products: Custom Made Jewelry
New Century Int'l Wholesale
Location: P 220, 223
Products: Beads
Nikki Beads, Inc.
Location: P 227, 232
Products: Copper Beads
Off Price Jewelry
Location: BR 15, 29
Products: Semi-Precious Stones
OP Silver MFG, Inc.
Location: BR 92
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Orbis Carto Numis
Location: P 36
Products: Ancient & World Coins
Pegasus Imports
Location: P 219
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
PG Stones, Inc.
Location: BR 96
Primitive Earth Beads & Chains
Location: BR 9, 21
Products: Leather Goods
Purity, Inc./MVP Exports
Location: BR 12

Products: Brass Chain - Metal Beads & Findings - Natural Gemstones - Sterling Silver
Rocky's Designs
Location: BR 26/32
Sam Davis Designs
Location: MP 101-03
Products: Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewelry
Shafi Imports, Inc.
Location: BR 34
Silver Planet, Inc.
Location: BR 33
Products: Silver Jewelry
Silver Vision Inc.
Location: P 205
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Silvercolors, Inc.
Location: BR 83
Silvex Images / Arvino
Location: BR 81
Simp Q Photo Studio
Location: BR 62
Singh Designs, Inc.
Location: BR 11
Products: 10 & 14 Kt. Gold
Sophie Faith Co. / Evergreen Gemstone, Inc.
Location: P 214, 218
Stems & Gems, LLC
Location: BR 17
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling Stones, LLC
Location: BR 10/20
Sunrise USA Trading, Inc.
Location: BR 64
Products: Fashion Jewelry
Super Time Int'l, Co.
Location: MP 107, 116-17
Products: Cloisonne Beads
Taj Company
Location: BR 4
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Terun Trading, Inc.
Location: BR 18
Products: Colored Gemstone Jewelry
Tibet Craft, Inc.
Location: MP 115
Products: Artifacts
Tosco International
Location: BR 56
Tresor Jewelry, Inc.
Location: BR 54/60
Products: Bali Silver Beads
Turquoise Jewelry Mfg., Inc.
Location: BR 37
Products: Turquoise
Vera Wolf
Location: BR 41
Products: Custom Made Jewelry
White Cloud Co.
Location: BR 24
Products: Sterling Silver