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Joe Dorris

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Pinnacle 5 Minerals is the leading producer of fine Amazonite and Smoky Quartz combination specimens and Colorado Topaz in the United States. As a family owned and operated business, Joe Dorris, his lovely wife Susan, and their three children- Scott, Tim, and Krystle, all work for the company. We have over 35 years of experience mining the Crystal Peak Mining District, Tarryall Mining District, and Mount Antero. Take a look at our mineral specimens and custom jewelry over in the shop!

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Colorado Topaz - Smoky Quartz - Fine Amazonite
Pinnacle 5 Minerals, LLC at The Mineral City Show 2023 Tucson
Pinnacle 5 Minerals, LLC at The Mineral City Show 2023 Tucson
Pinnacle 5 Minerals, LLC
R. Ford - 1/31/2023
Pinnacle 5 Minerals LLC is a family-owned & operated business out of Colorado with over 35 years of experience mining in the state. They are the world's leading producer of Smoky Quartz & Amazonite combination specimens and Colorado Topaz. Pinnacle 5 Minerals, LLC is exhibiting at The Mineral City S...
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