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G Moses Samora
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Samora Minerals is owned by G. Moses Samora, who has publicly offered unique minerals specimens, amber and jewelry since 2004. After having collected minerals and jewelry for over ten years, Samora traveled to Mexico where he met with mine owners and silversmiths. At this source, Samora observed firsthand the passion and effort each mineral extracted and each piece of jewelry created embodies. It was this enhanced experience that he wanted to share, but not only with the elite. Ever sharpening his business acumen, Samora realized he could offer these beautiful goods to the greater public at fair and reasonable prices. Orders of all sizes are welcome. Whether your order is small or large Samora Minerals can accommodate. If you are looking for raw amber, polished amber, or amber jewelry in wholesale quantities please email or call for specific pricing. Due to a close working relationship with amber miners and mine owners any special request can be met. Many museum quality specimens pass through the hands of Samora Minerals and could easily become a center piece of your collection or inventory. Our inventory extends beyond online store’s contents alone. If you have your own designs, Samora Minerals can work with you bring them to life and to your door. Whether orders are wholesale, custom, or simply one from our online store, Samora Minerals will work with you to ensure that your experience – and not just your purchase – is a lasting one. Travel to the region occurs regularly, so please do not hesitate to request special items. Inquiries are always welcome, as are new opportunities.

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Samora Minerals/Hidden Gem Gallery at the Denver Expo Gem Show 2022
Samora Minerals/Hidden Gem Gallery at the Denver Expo Gem Show 2022
Samora Minerals / Hidden Gem Gallery
R. Ford - 9/15/2022
#GemAd Member Samora Minerals and Amber Co can be found in Space 10 at the Denver Expo Gem Show through September 18th. The show is located on the second floor of The National Western Complex. The show is free & open to both wholesale and retail sale...
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