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Frank Wang
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J.K. Stone is a rock and mineral wholesaler specializing in high quality rainbow fluorite, polished stones, rough stones, raw crystal points/clusters, chakra/healing stones, fossils, crystal singing bowls, auralite 23, selenite, and much more! We import mainly fom Madagascar, Brazil, China, and Morocco. We pride ourselves on our dedication to warm customer service and cultivating lasting business relationships. We have two locations which are open year-round in Colorado, where we welcome in-person shopping as well as video sales services. We invite you to visit us each year at our Tucson Warehouse during the annual Tucson Gem Show and at most major Gem Shows throughout the year. Must have valid tax ID to shop. 

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Affordable Minerals - Agate - Amethyst - Ammonites - Auralite 23 Crystal - Beaded Bracelets - Bismuth - Bracelets - Brazilian Crystals - Crystal tuning forks - Elite/Noble Shungite - Fluorite - Fossils - Gemstone Carved Animal Figurines - Labradorite - Madagascar Minerals - Metaphysical Crystals - Metaphysical Products - Moroccan Selenite - Ocean Jasper - Petrified Wood - Polished Stones - Quartz - Rough stones - Selenite - Shungite - Singing Bowl - Spheres - Tumbled Stones - Wholesale Crystals - Wholesale Stones


JK Stone USA at the Colorado Mineral & Fossil Fall Show 2022
JK Stone USA at the Colorado Mineral & Fossil Fall Show 2022
JK Stone USA
R. Ford - 9/17/2022
#GemAd Member - Denver Fall Showcase J.K. Stone USA is in Tent 158 The RMGM Promotions Colorado Mineral and Fossil Show. Colorado Mineral and Fossil Fall Show, September 9-17, 2022 is open daily at The Crowne Plaza Hotel & Convention Center in Denver...
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