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Persson Rare Minerals is not only a mineral dealership, it’s a loose consortium of scientists, collectors, and mineral enthusiasts who work together to promote and enable mineralogical and geological research and the advancement of knowledge in these fields. Phil Persson has been part of numerous research projects on unusual mineral localities and occurrences in Colorado and beyond, which have resulted in a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals as well as published abstracts and articles in mineral magazines.

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Need an Appraisal or Consultation About the Value of Your Mineral Collection?
Need an Appraisal or Consultation About the Value of Your Mineral Collection?
Persson Rare Minerals
Phil Persson - 7/16/2021
Persson Rare Minerals is excited to be “hitting the road,” which we started in the spring of 2021. Semi-annual road trips will cover the West Coast, the Midwest and southern, and East Coast of the United States. Typically these are 3-week trips that ...
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