Two new September shows, called HardRock Summit 2021, are being brought to Denver, Colorado, by a team of specialists, led and driven by its two founders, Christoph Keilmann from Munich, Germany, and Wolter Mehring from Los Angeles. Keilmann is manager and organizer of Gemworld Munich, the largest trade fair in Europe, which combines natural treasures, jewelry, and gemstones under one roof. Mehring is an international businessman with in-depth knowledge and experience in the U.S. market, including the development of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral show in Tucson, Arizona.

Friends and business associates for fifteen years, Keilmann's and Mehring's combined vision, knowledge, and ideas created this year’s ambitious project, HardRock Summit. Their goal is to unite gem, mineral, rock, fossil, and jewelry buyers, sellers, collectors, and enthusiasts into one community and present an unprecedented high-class platform for all interests and requirements — for trade, exhibition, commerce, and education. The HardRock Summit will bring together markets, exhibitors, and participants and create benefits for all by consolidating the entire community in one place. Information. Trade. Exchange. Learning. Business. Fun. All are included! That’s it in a nutshell! 


The HardRock Summit’s two venues are located in the heart of Downtown Denver, Colorado. Denver was chosen as the location for the HardRock Summit because it’s a beautiful city with a rich history rooted in nature, science and mining as well as a thriving business hub. Downtown Denver provides access to incredible upscale and modern accommodations, top-level hospitality, dining, transportation, parking and travel navigation.

The two HardRock Summit shows are called Evolution, emphasizing minerals, fossils and more, and will be held at the Four Seasons Ballroom at the Colorado Convention Center, and Sparkle & Joy, highlighting gems and jewelry, at the Sheraton Plaza Ballroom. The two locations are within walking distance of each other and are connected by shuttle service.