Phil Persson - 7/16/2021

Persson Rare Minerals is excited to be “hitting the road,” which we started in the spring of 2021. Semi-annual road trips will cover the West Coast, the Midwest and southern, and East Coast of the United States. Typically these are 3-week trips that involve visiting collectors and museums and showing them great minerals for sale or trade, as well as providing consultation services to collectors, including appraisals, collection planning as part of estate planning, acquisitions, and targeted advice of how to improve the quality, value, and diversity of your mineral collection.

If you are interested in a potential visit, please contact me, Phil Persson, by phone or email and I would love to set something up. Typically I plan for a lunch or dinner appointment where we can go out for a nice meal, look at minerals, and chat over a several hour period. I am happy to come to your home, office, or a public place, whatever is most convenient for you. Look forward to seeing you on my next road trip!