R. Ford - 9/11/2022
#GemAd Members - Denver Fall Showcase
Here are a few vendors at the Denver Expo Gem Show at The National Western Complex this year. On the left, Mark and Karen Havenstein, owners of Lowcountry Geologic , Booth 20. Below, Tom Orme, owner of MP Products, Booth 4. The Denver Expo Gem Show is open September 9-18, 2022, daily 9-6, final day 9-4 pm. You can get more information about the show from their profile on our website:
Lowcountry Geologic is one of the top sources of fossils for sale on the Internet. They specialize in fossil shark teeth, particularly megalodon shark teeth from the Lowcountry of South Carolina. You will find on their site shark teeth from all over the world. They carry shark teeth from places like North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, California, Chile, Russia, and other locations. Whether you need a shark tooth to augment a private collection, scientific study, or for any other reason, Lowcountry Geologic can supply nearly any species of fossil shark tooth to meet your needs. Lowcountry Geologic also carries trilobites, dinosaur fossils, plant fossils, agatized coral, land and marine mammal fossils, fossil shells, fossil crabs, ammonites, eurypterids, crinoids, fossil fish, fossil insects, fossils for jewelry, and even many different types of gems and minerals including spheres and stone carvings.
MP Products specializes in Laguna Lace agate. Laguna Lace is a variety of Mexican Crazy Lace agate. It is called Laguna Lace because it has fortified (banded) areas resembling laguna agate. Laguna Lace is a pseudomorph, agate after calcite, found in the State of Chihuahua Mexico. There is no middleman involved here, this is direct from the miner to the buyer.

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