Quick walk through LUXURY by JCK - this is just a quick overview through this curated wonderland of luxury vendors...

LUXURY by JCK is made up of fine jewelry brands that are carefully curated for this invitation only event. From rows of the most dazzling diamonds in every color range to some of the rarest colored gems sitting next to modern high style pieces - there is a smattering of everything at Luxury by JCK.

We all love a look behind the velvet ropes - so here you go - the "by invitation ONLY!" Walk through LUXURY!

Erica Courtney IS "Drop Dead GORGEOUS!"

OMI PRIVE -  the go to for over the top Gems blew us ALL away with this stunning Alexandrite and Star Ruby Combo!

Farah Khan's natural collection with uptown polish!!!

....and then there is DVANI by A&D Gems - a gem company that has turned out a Jewelry Collection...WOW!

Let's finish this stroll with a little Whimsy from TARA Pearls...

We will be looking at all of the shows of Jewelry Week in Las Vegas...check back soon!