R. Ford - 1/25/2023
#GemAd Member
993 S. Freeway, Tucson, Arizona
January 26 - February 12, 2023
Daily 10 am - 6 pm
The 22nd Street Show is notable for its climate-controlled hard wall tents that stretch for a half mile along I-10 near downtown. It features the perfect balance of minerals, gems, fossils, dinosaurs, meteorites, jewelry, beads, and art. The SHOWCASE tent at the south end is a finer experience with wall-to-wall carpeting, larger booths, high-end stage lighting, and 10' high art walls. That heightened elegance is ideal for mineral, gem, jewelry, and fossil dealers who offer better material than in the Main Tent. The new NORTH TENT adds 108 more booths to the show and features our newest dealers who often have the lowest prices or newest material to offer.
The most-attended show in Tucson with the perfect mix of retail & wholesale from hundreds of dealers. The show offers free admission, free WiFi, a large food court, Tucson's cleanest restrooms, and onsite $10 parking for cars. There is $5 parking on the other side of I-10 (a 4-minute walk) if you have an RV, truck or trailer.
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