2019 Vendors (293):

G&LW Tucson Gem Show / Holidome
AA Colombian Emeralds
Location: P 613
Products: Emerald Rough - Emerald Specimens - Emeralds
Aira Jewels LLC
Location: P 339/341
Products: Diamonds
AK Jewellers/Lee Gems & Jewellers Co.
Location: P 318/320
Al Ameen Gems
Location: P 543
Alaskan Gold & Gem
Location: P 130
Alben Jewelry
Location: B 57
Alexander Kalifano Belts & Buckles
Location: P 675/677
All Bright Arts & Crafts, Inc.
Location: P 653
Ambar Nacional Larimar Factory
Location: P 583
Amber By Mazukna
Location: P 214/216
Products: Amber Jewelry
Ameen Gems
Location: P 438/440
Amoracast/Stones & Findings, Inc.
Location: P 243/245
Ands Silver
Location: P 475/477
Products: Bali Silver Charms
Argent Pol
Location: P 362/364
Products: Sterling Silver
Arthur Gem & Jewellery Co.
Location: P 210/212
Products: Gemstones
Location: P 419/421
Products: Beads
Arts Kingdom Jewelry Co., Ltd. / Lucky Gems
Location: MP 96
Products: Gemstone Globes - Silver Jewelry
Ashes to Beauty Adornments
Location: P 607
Avance Accessories
Location: P 366/368
Products: Spiritual & Ethnic Jewelry
Avaniee Jewels
Location: B 65
Avanti, LLC/Tim the Jeweler
Location: B 82
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Azur Global Imports
Location: P 519/521/523/525/618/620/622/624
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
B & B Fine Gems
Location: B 70
Products: Collection Display Supplies
B & C Fine Jewelry, Inc.
Location: B 69
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
B Tiff New York
Location: P 615/617
Products: Stainless Steel Jewelry
Beads & Chips/Vigybor, Inc.
Location: P 253/255
Bear Carvings & Jade
Location: P 142/144
Products: Bird & Animal Carvings
Bell Collection, The
Location: P 559
Products: Handcrafted Charm Bell
Bescom 178 Corp.
Location: P 203/205
Products: Beads
Best In Beads Co., LLC
Location: P 459/461/558/560
Products: Semi-Precious & Precious Beads
Best In Gems, Inc.
Location: P 111/113/115/117
Products: Colombian Emeralds
Best Solution
Location: P 630
Bijou Amani
Location: P 254/256
Products: Designer Jewelry - Gold Vermeil Jewelry - High Quality Slabs
Bindal Jewellers
Location: P 309
Black Pearl Gallery
Location: B 29
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Blanc De Noir & Co.
Location: P 545/547/549
Products: Handmade Jewelry
Blue Gems
Location: P 409
Products: Jewelry
Bollywood Bead Co., LLC
Location: P 169/171/268/270
Products: Beads
Bonita Creations
Location: P 402/404/406
Products: Gemstone Beads
Bora Jewelry
Location: P 151/153/250/252
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Borun America Jewelry
Location: B 88
Products: RV Park
Bowls Sound & Craft
Location: P 535/537
Bozkurt Inc
Location: P 550/552
BSS Jewelry
Location: P 359/361/363/365/458/460/462/464
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
BV Gems, Inc.
Location: P 513/515/517
Byzade Kuyumculuk TIC. LTD. STI
Location: P 206/208
Cal Gems & Diamonds
Location: B 66
CGM Findings, Inc.
Location: B 40

Products: Beads, Chains & Findings - Semi-Precious & Precious Beads - Sterling, Gold & Gold Filled
Chadha Bros., Inc.
Location: B 94
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Chloe Jewelry & Accessories Inc.
Location: P 629
Location: P 534/536/538/540
Location: P 156/158
Products: Fashion Jewelry
Claspon-Claspoff / Bead Need
Location: P 510
Coco Loco Jewelry
Location: P 173
Colbaugh Processing, Inc.
Location: MP 9/10
Products: Kingman Turquoise - Rough Turquoise - Turquoise Strands
Location: P 643
Constantine Creations
Location: B 74/75
Products: Emeralds
Cool Seed Fashion Jewelry
Location: P 636
Cool Tool Chick
Location: P 229
Products: Jewelry Tools
Location: 532
Products: CraftOptics Telescopes - DreamBeam Light - Magnifying Glasses
Creative Beads, Inc.
Location: P 527/529
D & C International Co.
Location: MP 6/7
Products: Jade Beads
D'Amati, LLC
Location: B 62/63
Products: Fine Jewelry
Danwak Int'l
Location: B 18/31/32
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Dargan Collection LLC
Location: P 614/616
Dashrath International
Location: P 667
David Shi
Location: B 86A/86B
Products: Fashion Jewelry
Davir Gems
Location: P 108
Products: Gemstones
De Bali Silvers Co., Ltd.
Location: P 411
Designer Cabs By Ron / Angela Fowler's Wire Art Jewelry
Location: P 134/136
Diamond Cutters
Location: P 251/350
Products: Diamond Jewelry
Direct Diamond Importers
Location: P 567/666
Products: Diamond Jewelry
Dominican Gem / Caribbean Larimar
Location: P 213
Products: Larimar Jewelry
DRG Kuyumculuk San Trc LTD.
Location: P 642/644
Products: Silver Jewelry
Location: B 92/93
Products: Diamonds
Earthstone Co.
Location: P 310/312/314/316
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
Elysium, Inc.
Location: P 119/121/123/125/218/220/222/224
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Emerald Group Colombia / CATM
Location: P 152
Euro Limited, Ltd
Location: P 619
Exim Beads
Location: P 631/633
Products: Glass Beads
Fantasia Jewellery
Location: P 352/354
Federico Turquoise
Location: P 465
Fosilart/Edward Lawrence
Location: P 539/541
Products: Fossil Jewelry
Gallup Trading Co.
Location: P 673
Gem Cutters Atelier, The
Location: P 562/564
Gem Master & Sons Co.
Location: P 418/420/422
Location: P 451/453/455
Gemdek Corp / Levy Brothers
Location: P 659/661
Gems Kite
Location: P 664
Gibson Turquoise
Location: P 132
Products: Turquoise
Glitters Import
Location: P 244/246
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone
Golden Faces
Location: P 530
Golden Gate Jewelry, Inc.
Location: P 272
Products: Fashion Jewelry
Golden Highway Jewelry
Location: B 42/43
Products: Italian Gold
Goldfingers Jewelry
Location: P 103/105
Goldsheen Gems
Location: P 520
Greenleaf Diamonds
Location: P 334/336/338/340
Products: Diamond Jewelry
Hari Jewels, Inc.
Location: P 215/217
Products: Gold Findings
Haus der Steine
Location: P 467/469
Products: Carving Wood
Heirloom Enterprises Co.
Location: B 19
Products: Beads - Fossil Carvings - Jewelry
Herkimer Diamond Mines, Inc.
Location: P 149/248
Products: Diamond Jewelry
HF Houghton
Location: P 120
Products: Gold Bonded Chains
Himayat Gems
Location: P 663/665
Hippiechic by OP
Location: P 457
Hong Hua Gems Factory
Location: P 511
Image Leather
Location: P 655/657
Products: Dugway Geodes
Imagine Bliss, Inc.
Location: B 22
Products: African Jewelry - Spiritual & Ethnic Jewelry
Inca Silver & Gold
Location: P 306
India Gems & Beads/Silver Jewels, Inc.
Location: P 127/129/135/137/139/141/226/228/234/236/238/240
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Infinity Gems & Diamonds, Inc.
Location: P 211
Innovative Findings
Location: P 167/266
Intrinsic Trading
Location: P 166/168/170/172/174
Products: Stone Beads
Inventory Adjusters, Inc.
Location: P 335/337/434/436
Products: Fine Jewelry
Ioli Jewels
Location: P 518
Ivory Jack's Trading Co., Inc.
Location: P 122/124/126/128
Products: Fossil Jewelry
Jaipur Gems & Beads Co., Ltd.
Location: P 658/660
Jaipur Silver Jewels Pvt., Ltd.
Location: MP 98, P 131/133/230/232
Products: Silver Jewelry
Jay Jayson's Antiques N Collectibles
Location: P 259/261
Products: Natural Cut Gemstones
Jeman Import
Location: B 84-85, MP 15
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
Jessie K Jewelry
Location: B 79
Jewel Creations, Inc.
Location: P 346/348
Products: Diamond Jewelry
Jewelers Paradise
Location: P 551/553/555
Jewelry by Tony
Location: B 37-38
Jewelry Depot USA
Location: P 313
Jewels Of Mewar/Silver City
Location: P 569/571/573/668/670/672
Location: P 104
Products: Sea Shell Jewelry
Joan's Collection
Location: B 35/36
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Johnson Lapidary
Location: MP 5
Products: Azurite - Bisbee Azurite - Bisbee Malachite - Bisbee turquoise cabochons - Cabochons - Calcociderite - Campbellite - Carico Lake Turquoise - Designer Cabochons - Fine Turquoise - Kingman Turquoise - Natural Sleeping Beauty - Natural Turquoise Cabochons - New Lander Variscite - Patagonia Turquoise - Poseidon Variscite - Royston Turquoise - Spiderweb turquoise - Spiderweb Variscite - Sugilite - Turquoise - Turquoise- Calibrated - Turquoise matched pairs - Turquoise slab earrings - YTTRIUM FLUORITE
JPI Display, Inc.
Location: P 586/689/691/692
Products: Jewelry Supplies
JR Jewelry/Superior Gemological Laboratory
Location: B 77
Products: Jewelry
Juliet Gems & Jewelry
Location: P 200-01
Juno Star, Inc.
Location: P 563/565
Products: Designer Jewelry
JVW Enterprises, LLC
Location: P 669/671
Products: Pearls
Location: P 100/101
Kamal Gems
Location: P 626/628
Kamal Trading Co., Inc.
Location: P 323/325

Products: Beads - Chains - Clasps - Findings - Soft Flex Beading Wire - Swarovski Crystals - Tools
Kanchan Gems & Jewellery
Location: P 326
KD Gems & Beads, Inc.
Location: P 446/448/482/483/582
Products: Gemstones
Ke Bella Jewelry
Location: P 561
Kessler Mfg & Imports
Location: B 27
Kilim Company
Location: P 687
Products: African Beads
Kingman Turquoise
Location: MP 11/12
Products: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beads
LA Diamond Co.
Location: B 46
Products: Diamond Jewelry
La Nazar
Location: P 557
Products: Good Luck Eye Jewelry
Lady from Venice
Location: P 176/178
Lauren-Spencer Group, LLC
Location: P 107/109
Products: Fashion Jewelry
Lee Gems & Jewellery Co.
Location: P 322/324
Products: Colored Gemstones - Victorian Jewelry
Liliana International
Location: P 637/639
Lilly Barrack Ltd
Location: P 237
Ling Ling Co.
Location: P 112/114/116/118
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Lone Mountain Mining, LLC
Location: P 554/556
Lori Bonn Design, Inc.
Location: B 76
Lou Zeldis
Location: P 410/412
Lovely Gems, Inc.
Location: B 16
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Lubytar LLC
Location: MP 2
Lucky Gems & Jewelry Fty., Ltd.
Location: P 175/77/79/81/83-86/88/90/92/274/277
Products: Manufactured Semi-Precious Stones
Lucky Star Jewelry Inc.
Location: B 67
M Siddique Gems
Location: P 408
Maharaja Jewels, Inc.
Location: P 319
MAK Int'l Stones
Location: P 367/466
Products: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beads
Malibu Jewelry
Location: P 227
Manya Enterprises
Location: P 468
Mardoian Jewelry, Inc.
Location: P 427/429, B 57
Products: Fine Jewelry
Marina Diamond And Jewelry
Location: B 33/34
Products: Fine Jewelry
Metal Studio Jewelry
Location: P 160
Mexican Amber
Location: P 662
Michael Connor
Location: P 155/157
Products: Drusy Jewelry
Michael Gems Co.
Location: P 700/701
Products: Fire Amphibole
Michelle's Shellcraft
Location: P 154
Products: Mammoth Ivory Pendants
Mikala's Designs Inc.
Location: P 267/269/271
Products: Silver Jewelry
Min Ngai Arts & Crafts
Location: P 148/150
Modern Opus Fashion
Location: P 531
Modern Tibet, Inc.
Location: P 575/577/674/676
Products: Tibetan Jewelry
Monalisa Gems, Inc.
Location: B 52/53
Products: Emeralds
Mondrian Collection
Location: B 21/23
Moo Moo Designs
Location: P 204
Moonstone Gems Exports
Location: P 447/449
Nacre Designs
Location: P 566/568
Products: Custom Made Jewelry
Namaste America, LLC
Location: P 609
Nanosital Co.
Location: P 634
Nasip Jewelry
Location: P 413
Nativa Gems
Location: P 401/500-01
Products: Brazilian Gemstones
Natural Creations/Vikas Gems, Inc.
Location: MP 13/14
Products: Silver Jewelry
Natural Gems Co.
Location: MP 97
Products: Gemstone Carved Animal Figurines
New Star Gems
Location: P 579/581/678/680
Products: Semi-Precious Stones
New York Stone & Silver, Inc.
Location: P 417
Nida Amber UAB
Location: P 474
Location: B 91
Off Price Jewelry
Location: B 26/54
Products: Semi-Precious Stones
OJI And Son Corp.
Location: P 321
Products: Engraved Beads
Opals Mine Factory, Ltd.
Location: P 317/416
Products: Gold Australian Opal Jewelry
Opex Opal
Location: B 68
Products: Rough & Cut Opal
Orbis Carto Numis
Location: P 257
Products: Ancient & World Coins
Origems Brazil
Location: P 454/456
Oscar Expo Design LLP
Location: P 424
Products: Silver Beads
Oshi Jewels Co., Ltd
Location: B 50/51
Paramount Wire Co. / Parawire
Location: P 635
Paris Station Estate Jewelry
Location: P 638/640
Peggy V Designs
Location: B 30
Products: Gemstone Jewelry
Peruvian Tradition
Location: P 138
Products: Turquoise
PG Emeralds Inc.
Location: P 375
Plum Colors Co., Ltd.
Location: P 360
Posh Silver Palace
Location: P 516
Products: Semi-Precious & Precious Beads
Prime Mountings, Inc.
Location: P 159/161
Products: Diamond Jewelry
Primitive Earth Beads & Chains
Location: P 403/405/407/502/504/506
Products: Leather Goods
Princess Jewelry Exchange
Location: B 47
Products: Platinum Jewelry
Purity, Inc./MVP Exports
Location: P 351/353

Products: Metal Beads & Findings - Natural Gemstones - Sterling Silver & Bras Chains
Radiance of Hope by Maya Caroleena
Location: B 81
Products: Italian Sterling Silver Jewelry
Rainbow Jewelry Co
Location: P 207
Products: Silver Jewelry
Rainbow Mineral & Crystal Co., Ltd.
Location: P 426/428
Products: Cabochons
Regal Gems, Inc.
Location: P 202
Rewind Jewelry
Location: P 356
Products: Rewind Vintage Jewelry
Rincon Trading Co., LLC
Location: P 140
Products: American Jasper Beads - Designer Cabochons - Gemstone Carvings - Lapis Beads - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beads - Sonoran Blue Turquoise - Turquoise Beads - Turquoise Cabochons - Turquoise Jewelry - Turquoise Nuggets
Rishabh Enterprises
Location: P 533/632
Products: Refining
Rita Sterling/ AY Design
Location: P 301/400
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
RMC Gems Hong Kong Co.
Location: P 430/432
RMC Gems Thai Co., Ltd.
Location: P 327/329
Roberts Jewelers
Location: P 273
Rock & Gemz
Location: P 450/452
Products: Fashion Jewelry
Rock Paradise
Location: P 650/652/654
Rocky's Designs
Location: P 163/165/262/264
Rose's 925, LLC
Location: P 415
Rosny & Co., Inc.
Location: P 303/305/307, B 56
Products: RV Park
Royal Beauty, Inc.
Location: P 479/481/578/580
Royal Int'l Enterprises
Location: B 87
Products: Jewelry
RT International/Research
Location: P 645/647/649/651
Rubin's Gem & Jewelry
Location: B 20
Products: Diamonds
Rusty Cowgirls
Location: P 625/627
S Georgios, Inc
Location: B 58-59
Sal Jewelry
Location: P 239/241
Products: Fine Jewelry
Sami Gems & Jewellers
Location: P 526/528
Products: Silver Jewelry
Sarda, Inc.
Location: P 231/233/330/332
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Scenario Gems / California
Location: P 646/648
Schandra's, Inc.
Location: P 311
Seattle Silver Accessories
Location: P 102, 585
Products: Jewelry Cleaner
Sehgal Diamonds, Inc.
Location: B 95
Products: Diamonds
Sensational, LLC
Location: P 302/304
Products: Multi-Stone Neckpieces
Shafi Imports, Inc.
Location: B 80
Shakeel Arts
Location: P 508
Shanghai Jade Gems
Location: P 377/379/381/476/478/480
Products: Cabochons - Carvings - Semi-Precious Stones
Shreenath Gems
Location: P 574/576
Silver Gallery
Location: P 463
Silver Magic
Location: P 369/371/373
Products: American Indian Jewelry
Silver Star Jewelry, Mfg.
Location: P 423/425/522/524
Products: American Indian Jewelry
Silversmiths Inc.
Location: P 509/608
Silvex Designs, Inc.
Location: P 162/164
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Simp Q Photo Studio
Location: P 679
Singh Designs, Inc.
Location: P 219/221/223/225
Products: 10 & 14 Kt. Gold
Sky Way Trading Co.
Location: B 44/45
Products: Indian Jewelry
Som's Int'l Imports
Location: B 24
Products: Thai Silver Jewelry
Sosie Designs Jewelry
Location: P 358
Sparco International
Location: B 25
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sparkles, The
Location: P 512
Special Concept, Inc.
Location: MP 99
Stems & Gems, LLC
Location: B 60/61
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling Stones, LLC
Location: P 258/260
Sunshine Wholesale Jewelry
Location: P 209/308
Products: Diamond Jewelry
SVG Jewels
Location: P 441
Swan Lake Art Studio
Location: P 621/623
Products: Amber Jewelry
Sy Song Trading Inc.
Location: P 414
TA Pearls
Location: P 503/505/507/602/604/606
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Tahzeen Int'l
Location: P 235
Tai Chung Jewellery Co.
Location: P 275/277/279/281/374/376/378/380
Products: Lapis
Taj Company
Location: B 17
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Tandon Gems & Jewelry, Inc.
Location: P 471/473/570/572
Products: Semi-Precious & Precious Beads
Terry Glockner/Artist In Stone
Location: MP 1
Products: Sculpture
Terun Trading, Inc.
Location: P 343/345/442/444
Products: Colored Gemstone Jewelry
Thomason Stone Supply
Location: P 342/344
Products: Findings Supplier
Tibet Craft, Inc.
Location: P 180/182
Products: Artifacts
Top Dragon Int'l., Ltd.
Location: P 331/333
Tosco International
Location: P 355/357
TPH Lapidary
Location: MP 4
Products: Designer Cabochons
Treasure Of Tibet
Location: P 145/147
Products: Himalayan Sterling Silver Jewelry
Tres Mois Accessories
Location: P 656
Tresor Jewelry, Inc.
Location: P 283/382-83
Products: Bali Silver Beads
Trilogy, LLC
Location: P 370/372
Products: Collector Quality Minerals
Unique Design Jewelry, Inc.
Location: B 78
Uruguay Minerals LLC
Location: P 470/472
Products: Amethyst
Vera Wolf
Location: P 263/265
Products: Custom Made Jewelry
Vic's Fine Jewelry & Diamonds
Location: P 300
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Victoria Gems & Beads, Inc.
Location: P 601
Vinod Kotahwala, Inc.
Location: MP 3
Vintage Collections
Location: P 435/437/439
Products: Diamond Jewelry
Wayne Locke Antique & Estate Jewelry
Location: P 641
White Cloud Co.
Location: P 143/242
Products: Sterling Silver
White Knights, Inc.
Location: P 146
Products: Artifacts
Wimberly, Inc.
Location: P 681/683
Wu's Original Tradings, Inc.
Location: P 443/445
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Yongjia Co.
Location: B 83
Products: Gemstones
ZB Gems Co., Ltd
Location: P 315
Zeppo Merchandisers, Inc.
Location: P 247/249
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
ZeyZey Jewelry
Location: P 610/612
ZJ Fancy Diamond, Inc.
Location: B 48/49