2018 Vendors (41):

Denver Wholesale Show
Location: NWC-C4
Abde Laaziz
Location: NWC 99
Afghan Gems / Asad Khushhall
Location: NWC 25
Products: Jewelry
Aloisio Stones & Filhos
Location: NWC 16
Armando & Sons Custom Rock Cutter
Location: NWC 76
Products: Jewelry Craft Cabochons - Mata Ortiz Pottery - Stone Carvings
Atlas Selenites
Location: TBD
Avant Art Stones
Location: NWC 98
Becker Stones
Location: NWC 5
Products: Homedecor Amethyst Specimens - Uruguayan Amethyst - Wholesale Geodes
Blue Crystal Mines
Location: NWC ST-2
Products: Art with Minerals - Canyonlands Malachite - Custom Inlaid Bowls - Dinosaur Gembone - La Sal Azurite - Utah Azurite Malachite
Bookbinder LLC
Location: NWC 8
Products: Agates on Bases - Amethyst - Brazilian Minerals - Crystal - Giant Amethyst Agate - Giant Amethyst Geodes - Giant Brazilian Quartz - Quartz
Carneiro's Crystals
Location: NWC 70
Compagnie Tafilalte
Location: NWC 19
Desert Rose Designs
Location: NWC 13
Products: Iron Wood
Ezzaoui Mineral
Location: NWC 72
Foothills Boxes Inc., The
Location: NWC 11
Fossiles Et Mineraux Atlas Rachid
Location: NWC 38
Fouad Minerals & Fossils
Location: NWC 75
Products: Fossils - Meteorites - Minerals
Gemimex Minerals, Inc
Location: NWC ST-1
Products: Chalcopyrite - Chrysocolla - Hyalite
Gomes Stones LLC
Location: NWC 26/28
Products: Semi-Precious Stones
Harex International
Location: NWC 100
Products: Indian Blood Stone - Indian Metaphysical Products - Indonesian Bumble Bee
Himalayan Essentials
Location: TBD
Products: Silver Jewelry
Holguin Mexican Minerals
Location: NWC 11
Lubytar LLC
Location: NWC 14
Products: Rhodochrosite Carvings - Rhodochrosite Specimens - Rhodochrosite Stalactites
Madagascar Import SEAM, Inc.
Location: NWC 15/17

Products: Ammonites - Black Septarian - Carnelian - Celestite - Crystal Quartz - Kambaba Jasper - Labradorite - Madagascar Fossils - Madagascar Minerals - Moonstone
Mimona Selenites & Fossils
Location: NWC 39
Mineral Market
Location: NWC S3
Minerals & Fossils Tamlalt
Location: NWC 1
Mosselin Stones
Location: NWC 7
National Minerals
Location: NWC ST-10
Products: Indian Minerals
Nativa Gems
Location: NWC 24
Products: Brazilian Gemstones
Nouhayla Minerals
Location: NWC ST-9
Oceanic Linkways, Inc.
Location: NWC ST-6
Products: Pakinstan Onyx
Oura Mineral & Décor
Location: NWC 71
Ouro Preto Gem Stones
Location: NWC ST-8
Raiders of the Lost Art
Location: NWC 4
Products: Mineral Specimens - Quartz Crystals - Tumbled Stones
ROC 3000
Location: NWC 6
Products: Museum Quality Minerals - Wholesale Fossils - Wholesale Minerals
Tahiri Mineral
Location: NWC 49
Trinity Gem & Minerals
Location: NWC 9
Products: Collection Gem Pieces - Polished Minerals - Rare Minerals
Village Silversmith, Ltd
Location: NWC S5
Products: Cabochons
Western Woods Inc
Location: NWC 10/12
Products: Amethyst
World Stones & Art LLC
Location: NWC 74