2022 Vendors (120):

G&LW Gem Show Franklin - July
AF Silver Design LLC
Location: TV #1-3
Products: Custom Made Jewelry
Agates Ocean LLC
Location: T 54
Products: Gemstone Trees - Metaphysical Products - Tumble
All That Glitterz
Location: T 116/118
Amber Dreams
Location: T 49
Products: Amber Jewelry
Amber Room dba Artistic Silver
Location: T 7
Products: Amber Jewelry
Ands Silver
Location: T 124
Products: Bali Silver Charms
Anik Silver
Location: T 124
Annie's Boutique
Location: T 156/158
Products: Fashion Jewelry
Ariel Treasures
Location: T 47
Artistic Dynasty
Location: T 182
Products: Fine Jewelry
Ash's Gems
Location: T 117
Avalon Trading Co.
Location: TV 10
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
B & C Fine Jewelry, Inc.
Location: T 181
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Bali Designs, Inc.
Location: T 191
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Balinesia Jeronini, LLC
Location: T 97
Best In Gems, Inc.
Location: T 125
Products: 14K Gold Semi-Mounts - Colombian Emeralds - Drops Pairs - Loose Gemstones
Blake Brothers - Charlotte
Location: T 9/10
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Blanc De Noir & Co.
Location: T 87
Products: Handmade Jewelry
Bora Jewelry
Location: T 151/163
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Butterflies & Myths
Location: T 178
Butterflies By God
Location: TV 16
Products: Butterflies Insects Frames - Fossil Bones - Skulls, Skeletons
C & I International, Inc.
Location: TV 8
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
Carolina Displays
Location: T 38
Products: Display Cases
Chadha Bros., Inc.
Location: T 107
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Chico Silver Findings
Location: T 137
Products: Sterling Silver Findings
Choy Int'l Gem, Inc.
Location: T 46
Products: Manufactured Semi-Precious Stones
Coffer Int'l Corp.
Location: T 184
Products: Beads
Cowee Mountain Ruby Mine
Location: TV 26-29
Products: Rough Gemstone
Crystal City Inc.
Location: T 188/189
D & C International Co.
Location: TV 4
Products: Jade Beads
Dominican Gem / Caribbean Larimar
Location: T 90
Products: Larimar Jewelry
Dorjee Design
Location: T 5-6
Products: Tibetan Jewelry
Duke of Gems, The
Location: T 174
E Mountain Gems
Location: T 109
Earthly & Divine, LLC
Location: T 157
Ebrima Kabba & Brothers
Location: T 104
Products: Ethnic Beads
El Paso Rock Shop, Inc.
Location: TV 30-33
Products: Purple Opal - Sea Shells
Elysium, Inc.
Location: T 105/129
Products: Sterling Silver Jewelry
Fine Global Arts
Location: T 148
Forever Gems & Jewels
Location: T 150/164
Fox & Toad, Gems & Minerals
Location: T 36
Gem Avenue
Location: T 26/50
Glitters Import LLC
Location: T 126
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone
Good Medicine Shop, The
Location: T 75/79
Gums-Port LLC
Location: T 64
Himalayan Essentials
Location: T 32/34/44
Products: Silver Jewelry
Holy & Pure Stone, Inc.
Location: T 37/39
Howard Schlansker Minerals
Location: TV 13/14/15
Products: Mineral Specimens
Imperial Gems
Location: T 172
Products: Bone Sculptures - Wholesale Pearl Gemstone
India Gems
Location: T 11
Products: Bracelets - Earrings - Pendants - Rings
International Gems & Minerals/ IGM/ RMC
Location: T 69/85
Intrinsic Trading
Location: T 115/119/155/159
Products: Stone Beads
Jane's Pearl World
Location: T 179
Products: Oregon Opals
JCL Wholesale
Location: T 139/175
JK Stone USA
Location: TV 17-19

Products: Affordable Minerals - Agate - Amethyst - Ammonites - Auralite 23 Crystal - Beaded Bracelets - Bismuth - Bracelets - Brazilian Crystals - Crystal tuning forks - Elite/Noble Shungite - Fluorite - Fossils - Gemstone Carved Animal Figurines - Labradorite - Madagascar Minerals - Metaphysical Crystals - Metaphysical Products - Moroccan Selenite - Ocean Jasper - Petrified Wood - Polished Stones - Quartz - Rough stones - Selenite - Shungite - Singing Bowl - Spheres - Tumbled Stones - Wholesale Crystals - Wholesale Stones
Journey There Wands
Location: T 58
JP Pearl & Jewelry, Inc.
Location: T 83
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Karma Arts & Crafts
Location: T 13
Products: Tibetan Jewelry
Keweenaw Gem & Gift, Inc.
Location: TV 22
Products: Michigan Native Copper
Kho International, Ltd.
Location: T 88
Products: Colored Gemstones
Loose Neck Land, Inc.
Location: T 42
Lovely Gems, Inc.
Location: T 166
Products: 18Kt & 14Kt. Gold Jewelry
Lucky Gems & Jewelry Fty., Ltd.
Location: T 149/165
Products: Manufactured Semi-Precious Stones
Madagascar Import SEAM, Inc.
Location: T 3/4

Products: Ammonites - Black Septarian - Carnelian - Celestite - Crystal Quartz - Kambaba Jasper - Labradorite - Madagascar Fossils - Madagascar Minerals - Moonstone
Magical Journey
Location: T 81
Majestic Pearl & Stone
Location: T 146
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Malachite & Gems of Africa
Location: T 192/193

Products: Crystals - Malachite Carvings - Unique Fossils
Mary Lou's Jewelry
Location: T 111/123
Products: Designer Jewelry
Mayan Mountain, Inc.
Location: T 8
MBTC / Qualita Italiana
Location: T 136

Products: Adjustable Chain - Black Sparkle Chain - Box Chains - Figaro Chain - Rolo Chain - Rope Chain - Singapore Chain - Snake Chain - Sterling Silver Chain - Vermeil Finish Chain
Meraki Gemstones, LLC
Location: T 183
Moldavite/TW Designs
Location: T 185

Products: Moldavite - Moldavite Incense Products - Moldavite Jewelry
MT Jewelry Mfg., Inc.
Location: T 16
Products: American Indian Jewelry
MVP Exports
Location: T 144/170
Natural Creations
Location: T 186/187
Natural Energy, LLC
Location: T 40
Natural Gems Co.
Location: TV 11/12
Products: Gemstone Carved Animal Figurines
Nature Crafts
Location: T 186/187
Nature Designs
Location: TV 23/24/25
New Century Int'l Wholesale
Location: T 14/15
Products: Beads
Noor Trading, LLC
Location: T 127
One Of A Kind Designer Cabochons
Location: T 177
Products: Canadian Ammolite Gemstones - Custom Cabochons - Wirewrapped Jewelry
Only Beads
Location: T 190
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
P & B Imports, LLC
Location: T 28/48
P Loraine Artisanry
Location: T 110
Perfect Stones, Inc.
Location: T 137
Pichincha Spirit of Nature, Inc.
Location: T 18/19/57
Poor Boys Opal
Location: T 194/195
Products: Lightning Ridge Opal
Purity, Inc.
Location: T 144/170

Products: Brass Chain - Metal Beads & Findings - Natural Gemstones - Sterling Silver
Queenly Global Trading
Location: T 113/121/153/161
Products: Crystal
Rainbow Gems, Inc.
Location: T 12
Products: Gemstones
Rosman Co.
Location: TV 9
Sanchi & Filia P Designs
Location: T 20/21/55/56

Products: Amethyst Jewelry - Casting Jewelry - Larimar Jewelry
Seeds Of Light, Inc.
Location: T 67

Products: Crystal Healing Wands - Gemstone Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry - Moldavite Pendants
Silk Road Treasures, The
Location: TV 5
Products: Ancient Beads - Antique Jewelry - Spice Boxes
Silver Star Jewelry, Mfg.
Location: T 65/89
Products: American Indian Jewelry
Silvercolors, Inc.
Location: T 61/93
Silvex Jewelry, Inc
Location: T 25/51
Simply Sacred Oils, Inc.
Location: T 27
Singaraja Imports
Location: T 30
Products: Bali Silver Beads
Som's Int'l Imports
Location: T 180
Products: Thai Silver Jewelry
Sona, Inc.
Location: T 169
Products: Gemstone Cabochons
Steph's Stones
Location: T 78
Strong Rock, The
Location: TV 20/21
Products: Fluorite
Super Time Int'l, Co.
Location: TV 6/7
Products: Chinese Lampwork - Cloisonne Beads - Jewelry Findings
TA Pearls
Location: T 29
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Taj Company
Location: T 127
Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
Terun Trading, Inc.
Location: T 150/164
Products: Colored Gemstone Jewelry
Tibet Craft, Inc.
Location: T 141/173
Products: Artifacts
TJ's Rocks
Location: T 59/60/94/95/99/100/134/135
Tosco International
Location: T 66
Value Arts Co.
Location: T 138/176
Products: Fine Cloisonne Gifts
Varshana Dholakia, LLC
Location: T 147/167
Vera Wolf
Location: T 130
Products: Custom Made Jewelry
Virgo Star, Inc.
Location: T 128
Products: Loose Stones
Vista Gems
Location: T 168
Products: Semi-Precious Gemstone
World Circle
Location: T 17
World Crystal Business
Location: T 101/133
Wrapping Rappers, LLC
Location: T 1
Ziemer Gems & Crystals, LLC
Location: T 86